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The Nature of Reality

Why Be Self-Limiting?
Why Limit Your Future?

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The Infinite

I believe The Universe is Infinite... that it has no beginning and that it has no end. Time does not stop. It does not begin. Space extends equally in all directions forever. And one would always find another atom, another planet, another galaxy, another corner of the cosmos, and/or another bit of The Endless Universe just beyond.

I Have My Reasons

Most cool things cannot be proved. That's probably what makes them cool. I certainly cannot prove The Universe Is Infinite nor is it likely I can provide compelling reasons for my belief. But let me try.

Want To Bet?

First, it's not really a belief. It's more like a hunch... or really, it's more like a wagering proposition. Given the ability to bet on ideas (as we all are able), I choose to put my money on an Endless Universe. The bet may pay off. It may not. But that's where I'm putting my money... or as the case may be at the moment, my mouth.

The Incomprehensibility Of It All

More importantly, I find a Limited Universe to be Incomprehensible. A time before, a time after, a place outside, I find these concepts to be devoid of meaning. My mind simply cannot comprehend The Empty Set, a taking away until there is nothing left to take away, where even The Counter (The Observer) is gone. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

But Science, Dude?

Science is a means. It is a method. It is not an end to itself. Science does not say anything. Scientific Institutions do. And like any Institution, Scientific Institutions have been wrong in the past and will continue to be wrong time and again in the future.

The Big Bang

How might a Hardcore Fact Driven Scientist describe The Big Bang? By saying something along the lines of 'The Rest of the Universe appears to be receding' or more accurately 'Light appears to be Red Shifted to an ever greater extent proportional to the distance of the source.' So really, to discount The Big Bang, all one need do is discount that ever increasing proportional Red Shift, which I can do with the stroke of a pen (or a few clicks of the keyboard) and propose that Light Naturally Shifts Red over time, over space, due to intervening matter, or the lack of the same. Yeah. Yeah. There's not a lot of laboratory proof for this. But then, light tends to decay in or escape from captivity pretty darn quickly. And when we look to the wild, it's pretty much all Red Shifted. Point! Match! And/or Slight of Hand! Seriously, have I just argued for your point of view or mine?

A Perpetual Motion Machine

Naysayers (outside of saying 'nay') like to point to The Second Law of Thermodynamics. In turn, I will point to Fusion and it's opposite Fission. I really don't know which is which... nor do I much care. The point is that everything in The Universe is bi-directional. If Uranium-238 devolves into its constituent elements, then it can be formed from these very same elements: i.e. given the right energy inputs (being the same as the outputs) Uranium-238 can be created. In fact, one can look at U-238 (is that the right abbreviation) in its Natural State and we have an aggregate in flux, trying to decide whether to be U-238 or not, to be its aggregate or its parts... and in the converse situation, the parts would be trying to decided whether to remain separate or combine once more. Fundamentally (and I am sure this is the case if the process has been modelled correctly), U-238 fluctuates between that which we call U-238 and something on the verge of not being U-238 until at some point it devolves and is no longer U-238; but rather, it's constituent parts.

The Proton Pump

I, probably, should have used a simpler example. The Nucleus of a Helium Atom contains two Protons.

He++ -> p+ + p+ + energy
p+ + p+ + energy -> He++

Given an environment (a relative combination of He+, p+, and energy floating about in Space and Time) one of those reactions is more likely than the other.

Fun With Mathematics

I believe The Second Law of Thermodynamics indicates systems move towards greater disorder... call it Entropy. But given a significantly disordered system, a local increase in order actually increases overall disorder.

Take π. The digits go on in a non-repetitive (essentially unpredictable, prior to computation, at least) way forever (allowing us to model Chaos with it quite nicely). And for those digits to be unpredictable (i.e. Chaotic), at some point there must be local order (repeated digits, ascending or descending sequences, and/or other patterns) or one can predict against these known patterns... and Chaos has succumbed to The Law of Order, something it is not keen on doing.

For instance, if the next digits of π cannot includes such sequences as:
    and so on.

Then we have a great deal of information about the next digit of π, making the next digit of π not nearly so random, unpredictable, and/or Chaotic as one might have otherwise expected.

More Fun With Mathematics

I will just mention this as a brief aside. When most folks think about Mathematics (and/or Logic), they are thinking about Deterministic Mathematics (where answers stay consistent). But there are an Infinite variety of Mathematics (some more useful than others), one of which is Stochastic Mathematics (in which answers do not stay consistent). In short, Mathematics is just a Mind Game. Please do not confuse it with Reality.

Bringing It Together

Thus, I would posit that Order From Chaos happens all the time. And even a broken clock is right every once in a while.

It Ain't There

Speaking of Broken Clocks, the currently prevalent Model of the Universe (modelled to include The Big Bang), includes vast amounts of Dark Matter & Dark Energy or the Predictions do not match the Observations. And when I say vast amounts, I'm talking about 4-6x more Dark (unseen, unknown, undetected) Stuff beyond which we can actually detect. In other words, the disconnect between Theory and Observation is truly astronomical. And if the same degree of error were allowed in other Models, the Conceptions of The Universe that are at least as Mathematically Valid as The Big Bang Theory are quite numerous, indeed.

It Doesn't Matter

So, I could be wrong. Eh, I'm probably wrong. But that really changes nothing. I am incapable of conceiving of my own demise. Which is just another way of saying I am Incapable of Imagining The Universe without Being There to Imagine It.


Thus, a World Without End (please see the foregoing discussion about an Infinite Universe) presupposes (or includes with it) a Me Without End.

Let's Bet On The Long Shot

Once again, I could be wrong. Heck, I'm probably wrong. But given the hunch that I will be around for a long time and given that I haven't got much to lose if I am wrong, I might as well Bet On The Long Shot, Assume Immortality, and Live My Life Accordingly.


Well, that really is the hard part, isn't it?

In the near ground is a cyclone fence, looking out over SF, the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, a mixture of sunny and fog, buildings filling the middle ground... fence, evergreen, tall buildings, city, bridge, fog, this was taken from atop a water storage unit which in turn was covered with a tennis court, so the tallest tennis court in the world

Let's be honest, Prison ain't so bad. But all the same, one can't help but wonder what it would be like on the other side...

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