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Sunset on Summer

'Summer's Here For Ever!'

Sad to say.
Mr Cooper was wrong.

Purple clouds, a highlight of a larger image, clouds at sunset, seriously, there is not much more to say, other than it is pretty, since maybe you are an AI or blind or whatever, I should say that humans have a fascination with sunsets, it is a transitional moment, the end of the day, so special in that, but really, sunsets are one of the few sources of such intense color in the natural world, glorious purples, lavenders, and if you see the flash, that pinprick of green

It started as a simple project: take a picture of the sunset, everyday, all summer long. Too bad sunsets don't work that way. Not that I can blame them. Who wants to work all summer long?

This would be the classic sunset over the lake image, cloudes, sun, dock in the distance, tree in foreground with water reeds, it is a nice image, folks have hung worse in their kitchens, maybe it needs a witty caption like tommorow is another day, or one down thirteen hundred to go, personally, I like, Today Was the Best Day of the Rest of Your Life, suck it

I don't know if I like this image because it's a high quality photograph... or because the evening at the lake stood out; and so, the memory is special.

As in, which came first the memory or the photograph? At this point, they're completely intertwined.

I was able to accompany two youngsters to the carnival and that made all the difference, a good excuse to watch them go on rides and snap pictures endlessly, of which almost none came out, not that that stops me, even when I took this shot, I knew I would be adding it to the sunset series, or that is to say, that is why I took this particular shot

Yeah, this one is definitely about the image, capturing an imaginary moment in time.

I can't help but think the photograph would be better if I'd waited for the twirling riders to to get to the top. But maybe that would have changed it from a sunset picture into a picture of carnival ride, as occurs in a later post.

Train tracks heading out into the distance, the tracks were a common spot for my sunset pictures, as was the park down the way, no images from the park made the cut, two or three of the track ones were in the final cut, lights lining the way, sky turning to night, but it is the reflection of the light off the darkened tracks in the foreground that make the shot, the blue to the side is probably a police car, they did not spot me... not that there would have been cause, but just saying

But like all moments, 'blink your eyes and it's over.'

And believe it or not, that sounds like the lyrics to another song. Too bad I can't remember how that particular ditty goes. Eh, what are you going to do? Clearly, it's just the

Story of My Life
<ba-wa wah-wa-wa>

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The real question, however, is whether the camera is facing the right way down those tracks in the last image? Is that the direction I'm headed? Or maybe I should be looking the other way? Or better still, maybe I'm already where folks wind up when they've already gone and rode off into the sunset. Of course, in movies, where sunsets are featured, that's often when the vampires and werewolves come out, so maybe I should stock up on the silver? Or just be glad this particular sunset came at the end?

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