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I should write more gratitude posts. Of course, should is a word I rail against, because telling others what they should do... or more importantly, counting on others to do what they should do is the road to disappointment and ruin.

Thus, what I should do is really another way of saying what I want to do... and you can never go wrong advocating others to do what they want... or be very much surprised when they do the self-said-same.

I bought a new coat: a brand new coat. It's a marvellous coat. Shall I tell you about the coat?

First, the coat is branded. No, I will not tell you the brand, the brand is hardly the point. Besides (and more to the point), by the time you read this post (will you ever read this post) the particular coat about which I shall rave (in this here rant) may no longer be the coat they sell.

It's a mite bit too big. That is the worst thing I can say about the coat. It's too big. But then, too big is better than too small. And it's almost impossible to get these things right. Besides, a layer of fleece fits under the coat that way... all snug, as if someone had thought about it and it was sized that way. I, also, am not too pleased with the zipper. It doesn't always work perfectly (and perfection, is it not, what we are looking for) the first time, as I head out the door, preparing to battle the cold. Oh, and the front pockets aren't big enough. They could be bigger... even though they are big enough for two hands to fit in at once... with the seams showing no signs of popping under the stress. But then, some of the threads are coming loose. It was one of the comments online where I bought the coat, complaints about seams coming undone. But the seams have held... at least so far, after a month... maybe more.

See how easy it is to be negative, to compare something with perfection, and noting how it comes up short.

The coat came with a hood. I never thought I would need the hood, would want to use the hood. But for the most, that hood has made my hand knit (custom knit with love) hat and scarf set redundant. So, I guess I could hold that against the coat. But in the end, the built-in hood is really kind of nice. I mean, we haven't hit the cold weather yet. Will we hit the cold weather? But in the meantime, the hood is working out well.

The coat goes down to forty (degrees Fahrenheit) by itself; to the thirties with a bit of fleece, all zipped up; and down to twenty with added long-johns (tops and bottoms). It's all the warmth I expect out of a winter jacket. Online, someone asked whether the coat would be warm enough to wear while climbing some mountain. Let's assume he was talking about Mt Everest (mainly, because I can spell that one). And the answer is no. In fact, if I were your guide and you showed up to climb a mountain in this jacket, I wouldn't let you join my party. And if for some reason you are climbing one of the world's tallest peaks where folks die from exposure on a regular basis as they try to make the accent and your guide will let you make the climb in this jacket, find another guide. On the other hand, if you are like most folks, it will keep you warm for that five minutes until the car heater kicks in. I, actually, use the fleece alone for that, as the temperatures I noted above are for half-hour leisurely walks out-of-doors.

One of the things I really like about the jacket are the pockets:
Pockets are a big thing for me. So, I am very pleased with the array. The storage is more than I would have expected, more than I needed, and split up nicely. Furthermore, one should not read too much into my distrust of a pocket. I am more paranoid than the average.

What else is there to say?

I was so happy with the purchase, I was thinking of writing a review... and this is it. But then, I meant a real review... and this is not it. But it is as close as I shall get.

Should I go further?

One of the things about this coat worth mentioning is the branding. It's an American brand (a brand, which has nothing to do with coats, but which is, presumably, linked to the lifestyle of a Real Man... just like me) licensed by an Irish company (I like that bit of indirection) and (much like everything else in this world) manufactured in China.

I removed the brand insignias a week after the purchase, once I knew I would keep the coat. Their removal was incredibly easy: two patches sew on after the fact, almost as an after-thought... patches, which I probably would not have minded so much if the jacket weren't black and the patches white. Oh, it's not that I want to be all ninja. The coat comes with reflective stripes: the better for night-time drivers not to run me over with. So, it's not the white that bothered me, but branding that stood out and was not integrated into the product. Like, I'm OK with your luxury car (purse, coat, or whatever) being distinctive. But if the only way it is distinctive is because of a hood ornament (logo buckle, or in this particular case an after-thought of a insignia patch) then the brand doesn't much matter. So, why keep it?

And believe it or not (after all the negative things I've said), I like this jacket and felt it was worthy of a positive review... and/or gratitude post.

After all, I don't write enough praise rants.

Perhaps it shows.

Either way, there you are.

And now, having completed my objective and the reminders to write this post having served their purpose, I may now throw out the patches... and get on with my life.

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Heck! Even the patches are nice in their own way.

But really, if I am going to be grateful. I should be grateful that I can buy fancy new coats whenever I want... just as long as I don't want to buy fancy new coats all that terribly often.

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