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Weekend Getaway

...a place they'll never find us...

This is an old loft apartment I used to have in Walnut Creek and the Sequence of events and or images is what I sent to my mother on mothers day, this is an establishing shot of the stairway, leading up to the second level, the item of interest is the small house on a pedestal, call it art, scattered about are the library books I was reading att the time, chair, fur, reading place basically, lamp, plenty of light from the two story windows... that is a vacumn cleaner dressed as a maid, and the desk next to it had a wonderful story, it came with a fake diamond ring and a semi will, so from an estate, with notes and history, Doctor Something Dresser, it was haunted, in a good way

Stopping at the foot of the staircase, our cottage for the weekend in the distance.

The house in more detail, the books I was reading, six in view, on the step above, just out of view, probably leather work gloves, a table full of greenery, a wonderful diorama, very nice

A little closer, it may look small, but it was amazingly spacious and cozy on the inside.

I like to think that I am the main subject of this photo, wearing a purple shirt, that, what, four or more years later is only now falling apart, I do not note the stains in the image that it has now, some bleach marks in front, on the step are giant hooks Aubrey Hooks from Restoration Hardward fifty plus bucks each, but I was flush and they were worth it, I think I am wearing those same glasses right now, computer reading glasses, good for close in work

Pretty cool special effects, huh?

I look like a giant.

This must be how the cats see me.

What a view, such clouds, and the waves, could of sworn it was a nearby highway interchange that I had been hearing, but the low roar does sound about the same, the lights are Holiday, Christmass lights, I think Chirtmass Lights first, it made a wonderful view when all the other lights were out, you know, except for the glow from the electronics

The Astral Sunset.

The day was getting long; the light, dark. But you can still see the double reflection of the chromatic palm fronds in the twilight sky.

Well worth staying up for.

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