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High Tea it should be...

Black White, line edge filter of the exterior skyline of The Drake Hotel, looking in from the lakeside, Hotel Signage is prominent enough towards the bottom in white

When in Rome, do as the Romans.

When in Chicago, do as the Windy City'ers.

Same filter, the Tea Room, the white fireworks like display toward the right is a flower bouquet and or plant that filled the fountain area, it was quite nice, though not being much of a photographer, I was displeased with the images I achieved, chairs and seating area, it is a nice dining room area, on the day I went, there were roughly six tables occupied, maybe a few more, maybe twenty people in all, if that, with two or three servers

In such situations, an active imagination is most helpful.

'Quite, darling. Would you be so kind as to pass the creme fresh?;
'But of course, Reginald, my dear.'
'Thank you, Tiffany. Are you enjoying your dainties?'

And so on...

A close up of the food, it came on a three tiered serving tray, which was likely more annoyance than it was worth, sure it made it look like more, but it also looked empty, if we had four or six at the table it would have been filed, with the one of each they gave for each diner, but for less, the tray was noticably empty, free refills was the standard, and before one had eaten the first, they were already asking if more was desired, more of whatever, in the end, it was a lot of carbs, mostly bread, fun bread, but bread nonetheless

No imagination need be required for such a tasty meal, snack, or whatever one desires to make of the outing.

'I say, old chap. A few more of these crab cakes would hit the spot. And for you Marigold?'
'I would just kill for another one of those roast beef fingerlings, Jenkins.'
'Best be fast, Jenkins. My Mari, does not like to be kept waiting.'
'Oh, he knows I was joking.'
'And I know you were not, my dearest sun flower.'

I love infinity mirrors, two parallel mirrors, in which one reflection goes on and on and on, though, since one has to be out of the center to see oneself, there is a limit, based on size, a limit, if I was a bit more mathematically inclined, I might take a moment to compute, something about the angle from center, so it might be a fairly easy solution, if not easy to calculate or figure out the first time

Nothing says class like infinity mirrors in the crapper... or taking your picture therein.

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So, like, I'm saying, 'Class, I have it... as far as the eye can see.'

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