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Winter Lights

So bright, you'll sear your eyes out.

Faded out with a light flood posterize technique, which really just means, the colors are lumped together, as they are shifted towards white, it is night in the big city, so Bright Lights, Big City, would be the term i am searching for below, and this is a view of the crowd and the lights in the tree, all washed out, but nice enough with the buildings in the background, looks a lot warmer than it was, had not gotten the cold weather gear in place as of yet, for the locals, likely nice and warm, the glove wearing fools

I think that about sums up the evening: Bright Lights.

Bright Lights: almost nothing else is worth remembering, worth showing, worth noting.

There was the hamburger off the main drag, in some dive bar, huddled close for warmth with the one that you love, hands shaking from the cold, digging into that burger, why hadn't we packed any food, and the heat from the grill, so warm, so inviting, with the night so cold, yet inside this restaurant, this hole in the wall, so warm, so cozy, such a nice respite from the bitter chill air.

And then, back to the cold, to watch the lights... sort of makes you wish you were young again, no need for a washed out image filter, to put on the show.

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