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Rolling Along

... on the train, again ...

Graffiti in the foreground, the Chicago Skyline in the backgroun, I like the image, clouds are scattered across an otherwise blue sky, smooth sailing ahead

Just like the start of a trip, it can end anywhere; often the two, being the one and the same.

These be the wheels on the train that go round and round... or clickity clack if you prefer

How does that old song go? Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Or those of your travelling companions (sleeping snoring sounds, that is).

This is the West, Big Sky Country, maybe Wyoming, we took the middle route across, Amtraks Zephyr, which nearly matches Hwy 80, so, yeah, Wyoming

But if they really wanted a starring role (full of real life intimate detail on these here web pages), they'd sign that release I keep on bugging them about. But then, fair's fair, because there is no way I would sign that there release of theirs, either (the things they would say, 'He hardly ever tells the truth, you know,' and we can't have that).

This would be a pair of those early morning UFOs that one so often sees in the desert, likely, I am sure I would be told, to be caused by the lens of my camera interacting with the polarized windows on the train, but why does the train need polarized windows, does the train even have polarized windows, you know what, I just going to assume this had nothing to do with polarized windows

I wonder if Alien Craft are protected by copyright restrictions. Probably, not. If they didn't want to be Internet Famous, they'd never do that hop-skip across the desert floor in an eternal dance with the morning sun.

A split in the tracks, what is that called, a junction, I don't know, where one track becomes too, just a cool picture of railroad tracks, I have no idea which way we went, if either

That said (and all utter insanity aside), I imagine one's final destination depends on the track one chooses: The Road Less Travelled or The One Never Taken.

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Still, we'll always have our memories... even if we don't see eye to eye on that whole Alien Hovercraft thing.

Which only goes to show how some people can be quite unreasonable, if you know what I mean.

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