The Core Dump

Image Centric Short Subjects

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Taking the Leap

Better to live to regret, than never live at all.

The original page, which has been sitting on my computer going nowhere for two and a half years now {a statement which is all the more ironic as another two full years has passed, since I wrote the last}, looked something like this:

The Dump

Write another book that I won't bother to market? I don't think so.

Call it an emotional purge, an honorific to A Muse who momentarily blessed me with their presence, but did not gift me with the Will to make it more of a reality, so perhaps this was all that was ever required or even desired.

!!!Insert Standard Fictional Disclaimer Here!!!

⟨ and non-standard fictional disclaimer here ⟩

Taken from life, to be sure, but twisted so much, nothing real ever remains. Photos not necessarily linked to inspiration; and more often that not shot after the fact to fit a need, to fill a hole.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Summer of 2017, which would make it the coldest winter of my life, a beautiful day, out for a walk, the fog rolling in, beauty at my side, and this image, almost looks like I am floating in space, you would not believe the vertigo

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Total Eclipse of the Truth

Ironically, once you start telling stories, it's often easier to simply hide behind the truth.

A few years back there was an eclipse, and I went to a wilderness area I had never been to before to experience it all, there was a dirt bike park nearby, so that might help placing the place, it is a nice body of water where there is not much water, a dog is retrieving his bone to the lower left
The original conception of the project is completely dead. At this point, I'm just going to post the images in this file that are worth posting and move on. And rather than telling some story, which was part of the original conceit, I will say what I like.

For instance, this image was taken during The Eclipse, the big one of a few years back. And the watery oasis shown is nothing like the surrounding hills, which I guess, is why they turned this into a park.

Anyway, I like the image. And although it might be nice to attach a story to this image, the real story for this image is that any (and I do mean, any) story I constructed for this image would either be taken at face value (by certain unnamed others, sign a release, babe) or interpreted as cover: i.e. an outlandish lie, behind which the truth could hide... for I have been known to spin a tale or two... and/or hide behind the same.

Anyhow, the total and complete story is that another (a total and complete stranger who I can remember nothing about, except for that they were likely even older than I) was walking their dog (unleashed, the law breaker), and playing fetch into the water (which was posted as harbouring some disease). And all in all, it seemed like a pretty darn good photo opportunity to yours truly.

But if that doesn't suffice, then I ran into an Alien Envoy (their spaceship being the cause of the aforementioned eclipse). And he/she/it had had quite enough of us humans by then and was spending some quality time with the planet's dominant species (the dog) or something like that.

Anyway, that's my story. But if you want the Real Story, you'll have to talk to that certain unnamed other (hey, sign a release, already), as even though they weren't there (and in fact, were thousands of miles away at the time), they're convinced they know The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth.

To which all Mulder and I have to say is The Truth Is Out There and it most certainly involves Alien Others of the most Kinky Dog Loving Kind.

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Keeping The Books

So Meta All The Time

This shall be the last of the bookkeeping posts. This project is what it is, which is a purging of old content.

Want a Self Portrait?

Here you go.

It doesn't get much rawer than this.

And as to that whole Meta Thing, I have said enough. I will leave it to your vivid imagination to fill in the rest.
Me sitting at the library, a shot over my legs, looking out over the stacks, since I am sure everyone viewing this page and reading the script can place the local, rest assured that this is far from my favourite corner, my preferred spot tends to revolve around a select few seats and I have not nestled down in this corner for ages

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More Meta

Eh, sue me. I lied.

The Best Image from Muir Beach, the others had people in the background and I do not feel like cutting, though, I really like the seagull sitting on the log by the fire pit, still, here we have a rock, is it interesting, I do not know
These first four images (in their full resolution glory... along with a few other photographs, not used) represent over 50megs of data. At this point, a major reason to be done with this page is to purge those bits from the system.

Oh, and for those (yeah, I'm talking to you, here, luscious one), who think I talk too much about writing times, data weights, and so on, what can I say? I am speaking my mind. And it (all of those its) factor more into the creation of this page than one might realize.

Anyway, I think I already mentioned (so why not mention it again) that the original concept for this page was to juxtapose images against stories.

And one can work from Image to Story. But I, also, started a Running List of ideas: i.e. Stories in search of a Suitable Image.

These, then, be my Running Notes for this project:

I like the idea of thumbnail pictures with short blurbs.

Off Phone: Use it or lose it Writing

Character with an overloaded backpack paired with...

Octopus Lady: Multiple Arms. Multiple Purses.

Spit. Handkerchief. Old folks home. "Now it's my turn."

Night Wife

On Giving Autographs: The only thing I'll sign are pictures of me [something you don't want to see, feel, or imagine; and thus, it has been tastefully redacted].

Church of the Mechanical Machine

Autopsy Auburn: "I'd like to do my own autopsy before I die."

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The End

And That's That

This image was not saved with the others. But this is as good a place to hang it as any other.

I think the locale lends itself to The Story... whatever The Story is.

And if that doesn't do it for you, I can advise that it depicts the setting for much of F-Plus: A Fun Farce of a Fantasy Fit for the Entire Freak'n Family.

So, maybe a better way of saying it all (in regards to this page) is Been There, Done That. And now, it is time to wrap these pictures up, move on, and admit (to myself and any interested others) that I don't want to layout my Web-Pages anywhere near as complicated as this.
The Old Pali Highway, it is a nice moss lined road overgrown with jungle trees

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I hope you don't feel like your time was wasted too terribly much. But then, if you got this far, that's probably not the case. Well, either that, or you know how to enjoy a good train wreck.

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2 Hours Page Layout - Sit For Two Years - Sit For Two More - 2 Hours Writing - Three Edits at 2 Hours Total (sense a theme, these are throwaway numbers): The intent it provide some sort of archival insight into the effort (not to mention, the process). But now that I am finished, I do not care about the effort. And I am most definitely not trying to argue for some sort of Valourization of the Artist's Labour, as I care not for such deng. Besides, calling this Web-Page Art is a bit of a stretch. But then, if you insist... Well, I would have to agree, this Page is as bad as most Modern Art. So, maybe it is.

Another way to view this page is as a study in Writer's Block. I cared and I was unable to move forward. And now that I no longer care one wit, the words fly out (or off) of my fingers. And in the end (very much), that is the truth about Writer's Block.

I mean, to my mind, this is a Crap Page. Nothing can make it worse. And thus (to my aesthetic taste, anyway), everything I do (even these end notes) makes it slightly better.

But enough. It is time for me to leave this page behind... and start work on the next.