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It's how favours are repaid.

a big heaping pile of Trader Joes 72 percent dark chocolate, nice, satisfyingly large pile, should last a day or two, maybe longer, rest of the images are same bars of chocolately goodness, arragned in different ways, as in, I like to play with my food

Thank you.

There really is nothing else to be said.

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Wait, thank you? It's seems so weak, apologetic, like they were doing me the favour. Ah, I know. 'Well, I guess if that's the best you can do, you're welcome.' There! Conveys the proper attitude much better, I think.

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Just like in a bond movie where the casino markers are worth so much they are rectangular, just like bars of chocolate, obviously Ian Flemming grew up in a classy neighborhood like mine
they will never take us alive, sir, now all I need are hershey kisses to use as cannon balls, or MMs for buckshot
a closer view, a better picture, but lacks the overall feel of the scene
candy bars all laid out nice and anal retentive like for you OCC fans out there, eh, probably not arranged neatly enough
Its all fun and play until a bar of chocolate gets its edge bent out of shape, the failed card house tower made of chocolate bars project is likely to blame for this