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I've got a duffel-bag full of these plastic Bricks. And soon enough, I'll have an entire dresser full of them... sorted by color and arranged into neat little bins.

A simple close-up of LEGOs and Chess Pieces using a homemade B&W Contour Filter Same Filter of a Robot Type Dude A Castle Cast in Black by the same filter

I don't know what to say, so I will babble on for awhile. And with any luck, whatever spews forth will be interesting... or at least, short. Dare I hope for more?

I have a duffel-bag full of LEGO's.

But then, I might have already mentioned that...

Oh, hey.

Now, here's an interesting question. What is the plural of LEGO? I've seen LEGOS. But I like LEGO's a whole heck of a lot more.

Anyway, back to that duffel-bag. It's standard size (whatever that might mean), made of black canvas, and has a zipper running across the top between two canvas strap-handles. I never liked stuff-sacks (or should that be ruck-sacks). I like that top zipper. I like to be able to access all corners of the bag... relatively easily.

Inside the duffel-bag (once one opens that top zipper, destined to fail, as at least one duffel-bag, as used for travelling in years past, did in fact fail), one will find mesh drawstring bags (for which, this storage ensemble is my first major use), containing (going by memory, as I can't be bothered to open the bag and confirm the accuracy of the last few colorations and/or quantities):
All the Bricks are 2x4 (standard size), as that's what a LEGO is to me: a 2x4 Brick.

I've actually thought about making (and someday, might just might make) a set of 2x4 Bricks out of eight dots (thin round 1x1's) sandwiched between two thin 2x4's. When I envision this, it's with some sort of clear color (perhaps Ice Blue) to give a jewelled effect to the Bricks. But don't let such fancy footwork fool you, I really just like the standard 2x4 Bricks.

Oh, I've got a few specialized sets (with their endlessly specialized pieces). But they are all Christmas Promo Sets. And in fact, I'm already planning my next order to coincide with the Christmas shopping season so as to maximize the Promotional Freebies.

Of course, that's a bit of a lie, as all these LEGO's have been gifts from my Sweetheart (all but the Black ones, which came from another). But whether they come from myself or another (Sweetheart, inclusive), I am already starting to think about what I desire from this holiday season vis-a-vie LEGO's: The Premier (and to me, only) Snap Together Brick Toy.

So, see? There?

That's a whole lot of words about... almost nothing and/or my personal relationship with LEGO's.

Originally (going on well over a year ago), I had expected the pictures to carry this page. But what do you know? I have not found the trick to photographing LEGO's. Well, my constructions tend to be monochromatic in nature. So, that sort of cuts down on the visual appeal. But it's really more of a matter of my not being able to hold my hand steady and get the focusing right... or angle... or something.

And of course, some things just do not photograph well. For instance, my last castle was much bigger than the one pictured. The one shown used around 750 Bricks (all Light Grey), while the last one used 2,000 (all the Light and Dark Grey Bricks that I had). But that 2,000 Brick Castle was more Chaotic of Form; and as such, was harder for the eyes to focus upon.

And while I'm talking about taking photographs, I might as well relate how tightly LEGO's and photographs are entwined in my mind. See, I'm a big fan of what I will call output (and/or deliverables). I like to get something lasting out of an activity. Writing this page beats sitting in a chair (typically, no; but in this moment, yes), because in five years, the writing will last, but the enjoyment of listening to music (or just staring off into that space behind my eyelids) will have evaporated. And there's something about that lasting output which pulls me.

So, I like to take pictures.

But then, my pictures (of LEGO's, at least) aren't coming out that well. So, instead, I'm using words to fill the gap.

Tedious? Yes.

And that's a good sign I've said enough, filled in the blank with a little something more than nothing... just enough.

So, let's move on.

What should my next project be?
And that really is my current thinking.

As I build something (always freehand, always on the fly), I start with a base concept. But once I get rolling, it really is a matter of putting the next Brick where it ought to go.


That's not very clear.

I like the quote that goes something like "Sculpting is the process of removing all the stone that isn't part of the statue." Well, for me, for LEGO's, it's just letting the pieces call out the next move. With 2x4's, there are only so many choices. And often, one choice stands heads-and-shoulders above the rest. So, I go with it.

Also, I have found that finding The Base Pattern answers a lot of questions. And by Base Pattern, I mean some sort of Three-Dimensional Tiling Pattern I can use and abuse to make the desired shape.

But to explain that any further, I would really have to take a photograph of a few Tiling Patterns... or spend more time with a graphing/drawing program than I feel like spending at the moment.

So, I'm not going to.

Interestingly (without really considering whether this is the slightest bit interesting), I've found that selecting a Tiling Pattern can take upwards of a week (a few minutes here, and a few minutes there). Whereas a major (1000-2000 Brick) project may take 1-2 weeks (at a half hour here, and a half hour there) after I've selected The Tiling Pattern.

And there you go, my first LEGO write-up.

Let's see what happens the next time I have something photo-worthy.... which could be awhile, as currently (on my LEGO Desk), I've got a Go Game waiting to be fiddled with... a state of affairs that has lasted (empty board intact with nary a piece played) for over a week.

Oddly, the two activities are highly similar once one concedes (and I hope that you will) that both are essentially tiling activities.

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And when it comes to Playing Myself at Go, I am quite hopeless: alternately killing myself and being destroyed with little ability to effect the outcome one way or another.

Still, words. I've said enough. I hope you have found some utility in (or at least, enjoyment from) this page.

Now, I must sit; for, music and the dancing visions to be found behind closed eyelids, await.

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