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It weighs heavy on me.

The Classical Theory

Matter is attracted to and by matter, as in, like attracts like

Two objects (drawn to exacting detail) are attracted to one another through a force called gravity.

The Correct Theory

The Void abhors anything that challenges its vacumn, hence opposites do anything but attract

The Void (a phrase which must be said in hushed tones and with all due reverence) repels matter.

The Contradiction

Space time emerges from the void and dissapears into matter, which as we all know on the sub-atomic level is pretty much the void, so it is a conveyor belt to no where

Classic Theory: matter attracts matter.

Correct Theory: The Void repels matter (as it rightly should, nasty stuff that matter).

Here on Earth

Gravity is the flow of space time, from the void to creation, deal with it, that is just the way it is

This is where the theory gets fun.

Gravity is how we feel the flow of Space Time.

Space Time originates in The Void (that's what it's there for, er, that's what it's not there for) and as Space Time flows past (carrying all with it) we experience this (and/or call this) gravity.

So, really, rather than a force that attracts, gravity is the side effect of the flow from nothing to something the Eternal Cosmic Renewal (another one of those phrases which must be uttered with profound reverence and religious respect).

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You say 'Potatoe'.

I say considering two dissimilar theories, which both model reality, can lead one closer to The Truth, a term, which for the love of your everlasting Cosmic Soul, I hope you read with your eyes lowered, showing due awe and respect for the exacting Science involved.

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