Haole For Life

Iolane Palace

364 South King Street
Honolulu, Hawaii

The $14.75 entrance fee I paid on 12-30-13 was far too steep.
Still, I probably should have stayed longer...

This is a conversation retold amongst my aquantance.
Father: 'Want to go to a castle?"
Son: 'Does it have furniture?"
Father: 'No.'
Son: 'OK, I'll go then.'

The Iolane Palace is one of those Castles with furniture.  Actually, it's not a castle, rather a palace.  Though it might be even more accurate (from a tourist destination point of view) to call it a grand home of old.  I stopped by for an hour, as that's all the time we had.  And for most of that time, I was thinking to myself, 'This ain't worth $14.75.'  Still, I've stayed far longer at worse places (recently in a movie lobby for an hour and a half rather than watching Captain Phillips as the jerky hand-held cinematography gave me motion sickness).  And likely, if I wasn't thinking about the money, I would have enjoyed myself more, so my loss.

Highlights include (and/or pictures I shall refrain from posting as it does not appear that the Iolani Palace wants others to distribute their content for free on the Internet) include:
The rooms are appointed nicely and if one is into old furniture, etc., they should please.

There was a docent guided tour available, which I didn't take, though I have been told the guides can be plenty fun, which is another way of saying that I once went for a horseback ride on the Big Island, and halfway through the ride, while the horses were taking a break and getting a drink, the lead 'cowboy' proceeded to 'share' his 'opinions' about Hawaii History, the state's forthcoming succession from the Union, and how Haoles pretty much ruined everything when they showed up, which, of course, is true.  Don't believe me?  Then check out the Iolane Palace and see how westernized the Hawaiian Monarchy had become prior to its fall.

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Last I looked, I couldn't find the fee schedule on the Iolane Palace website.
Perhaps, they think that they're charging too much, as well?