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Let's knock out last year before the new season is upon us.

The Christmas Banner reads Sleigh LL Day, so it is spelled wrong

To Always Be Maniac
One Must Slay All Day

It is not possible to achieve perfection, so the real joy is in embracing what is.

It is an image of a green tree stand with a solid white background, I am pleased how white that background is, the stand contains soapy water, and I can see a bust like silhouette in the water, maybe it is just me, but then, that is good enough for me

A Happy Happenstance

In washing the tree stand at the end of it all this face appeared. It is so completely unimportant... and yet, what I wish to preserve.

Tree lights glow green backlit by a grey sky, they glow, that is the important part, they glow

Cool Lights, Bro!

For me, an important part of celebrating the Holidays is venturing forth into the world and viewing the trees, going to celebrations and watching fireworks (two cities, two sets), and shopping, I like to shop... or pretend to shop... or more accurately, if I am in a good mood (not so much these past few years), being surrounded by other humans is a delight... and if I can trip a toddler or two in the process, all the better.

As odd as anything is my choice of images for this write-up. I do have plenty of firework shots. But as far as firework images go, they are quite mundane. And at one of the Tree Lighting Ceremonies, I was handed Prismatic Glasses, which made a nice optical filter when placed over my camera lens. But even after saving all of those tricked-out pictures for an entire year, I do not feel like posting any of them or saving them any longer. In the end, they were images in search of a purpose, which was never found.

So sad.



One final thing I will say in regard pictures, my photographic activities come and go. I get overloaded by the backlog and the desire to shoot new imagery diminishes. And as the old is used up, I start shooting again in a flurry... ensuring I will never clear the docket completely.

a close up of a christmas tree with lights, the strand was something like 150 feet long, it was nice to go overboard with the lights


Christmas Trees need names.
And this one was named Trevor.

I have notes from The Season.

Elf Names
Greasy Crumbs
Soggy Bottoms

The original impetus was a pizza and a plate of baked clams eaten during a meal out.

Trevor Smells Good

I ended up giving a subscription to The Sun (a feel good, joy of life magazine) as a gift. One needs to say something more than just, 'Here. Have a magazine.'

The Sun: Each story a Ray of life

The Sun: Time and time again it hits with nuggets of honesty. It's like living a thousand lives in a single sitting.
It's a wonderful publication.

I have two leftover shopping lists, as well.

Gift List #1
Jimminy Cricket
Gas Mask... respirator
Air Filter
Map Cubes
The Sun
In Home Wine Sampling
Real Whiskey
French Press
Poha Berry Jam
Framed Picture

Guess which one I selected.

Gift List #2
Flowers - Crystal - Brooch
Score Four
Animal hat scarf

In the end, I opted for matching earrings and a bracelet.

I don't shop for very many people anymore.

And I guess that's what I had to say. It's odd how long it took me to start this project... and how fast it went once I did.

In closing, I will say the most pleasing/interesting aspect (of the things not really shared) was in how the presents were labelled under the tree... a tree whose name was Trevor, for those who may have already forgotten.

To Whom:
From Whom:

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