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A Fireside Chat

Feel free to lean in.

Close up of the gas fire at the local library, including chain link spark curtain, which is not really needed, as it is flamed by gas, have I already said that, and in addition to the chain, there is a wall of glass, still, the ambience it created was quite nice, the chairs in front, filling up the fastest, all winter long

The local library had a fire going all winter long. Come to think of it, a lot of local libraries have a fire going all winter long.

It was really-really nice that first cold day at the start of the fall.

But as the season progressed, it became a hang-out for the local homeless population... or so, I presume, it can be hard to tell. Heck, I mean, at times, I look homeless enough. So, if for no other reason than that, I had no desire to increase the association in other's minds. And thus, the chairs in front of the fireplace became less and less desirable to me... until I finally became much more comfortable in a snug, out of the way corner.

Still, I have the image... and the memory of warming myself in front of the fire, while shaking off the cold on a cold winter's day... like so many others before me.

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Might I offer you a cup of hot cocoa to take off the chill?

Of course, before that, I'd have to gear up and get myself a Thermos.

So, note to self, acquire Thermos.

And while I'm at it, second note to self, start making notes to self...

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