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The most important reputation one has is the reputation one has with themselves.

a pile of used metra train tickets artfully arranged and punched by the conductor

Proving a Negative Virtue

As we all know, proving a negative is basically impossible. Don't believe me? OK. Prove it can't be done. And by doing so, you will have proved my point.

In many ways, honesty is like that, because, for the most, honesty is not so much telling the truth as it is simply not lying.

Anyhow, that's what those tickets represent to me: honesty. Only, that's not where the real honesty lies.

The following two tickets were never punched. And the next time I rode the train, I bought new tickets instead of using them. So, it's an act of honesty to me. But I could never really prove they never were used. Still, I would know.

a pair of unpunched metra ticket, never used, truthfully, I do not remember why these are sequential, I sort of remember my ticket being punched on two seperate days

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One the other hand, sometimes one has to steal just to get what they are owed.

So, you know, the world is a complicated place.

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