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Python Master Thesis

The steps to becoming a Master Pythonista

This is just off the cuff (not very refined), but a sort of personal go-by on the steps towards becoming a Master Python Programmer.

Obviously not in order, as it could be hard to get to the fourth step without already having an IDE in place, but it gives some idea as to where I am and where I'm going.

I've been puttering around with programming rather seriously for 2+ years, and only settled on Python in the last two months. There's lots to be learned in other places, but where I am now, most of it I can learn faster, deeper, and harder by sticking to one paradigm and for me that paradigm shall be Python.

And no, I'm not planning on contributing to a library for years and years and quite possibly years to come. I haven't even scratched the surface of what's already out there. So at a guess, I'd say working seriously on a library now would be premature (for me, you, anyone with my level of experience) by something on the factor of ten years.

But hey, who am I? What do I care
This is my roadmap for myself.

And if you take nothing else away from this, take a look at List Comprehensions again (or Regex's or just the standard library), I'm guessing you'd be suprised at what's in there, off the rack, ready to rumble.

Oh, yeah, this being a rant about Python, I probably should throw some code in here. My favorite function of all time. I use it way more often than you might expect.

from somebodyElsesLibrary import timeSavingFunction

solution = timeSavingFunction(problem)

Short but sweet, just the way I like it.

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