Wands are Magical

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Figures, painters have all the luck.

Caligraphy Brushes
More Caligraphy Brushes

These are calligraphy wands. Er, rather, that is to say, they are calligraphy brushes. Pretty cool, huh?

Artist paint brushes
More Paint Brushes

These are standard oil and acrylic brushes. Boring!

Stickers - smiley faces, etc
More Stickers for Stationary

Might as well use stickers

Aisle of Stickers

They've got aisles of those.

Close Up of Calligraphy Brush
Close Up of Round Calligraphy Ink Block

I say, take another look at those Calligraphy Brushes. 

Antique Calligraphy Brushes

Want to pass on the love of painting to a youngster?
Give them one of these.
If you have to, tell them that they're magical wands with untold powers to boggle the mind and create magical worlds.

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Almost makes me wish I were the collecting sort.
If so, I'd start collecting Caligraphy Wands today.