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Mission Statement

Hey, if I say this project website needs a mission statement, then this project website needs a mission statement.

graffiti says ninja graffiti says goes fishing, as by some way of explaination, this website and or page could be considered a job search fishing expedition, and ninja is a term for a good programmer

I performed sales, administrative, and project management duties for a speciality construction supply firm for 25 years.

And now, I'm looking to leverage that skill base into a partnership, perhaps one that focuses more on programming, economics, fictional writing, and/or all three.

now thats a lock and a chain and a inline doornob lock and all sorts of security there... or maybe it just swings open

There's this saying: lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Innovators don't need leaders and they aren't followers by definition.

And I think it would be very rewarding to be part of a team where my job was to ensure nothing got in the way: or in other words, to be in charge of removing the obstacles to success.

the buddha behind bars, see its symbolic, unlike all the other images on this page

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I swear I no write graffiti,
just so it mesh with text.

And I no lock up
golden happy man, either.

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