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Fire Good!
Bonfire Better!

a big old bonfire with flames stretching to the sky in the middle of a forest smoke filling the scene

I think it was the Winter Solstice or something like that.

bonfire in background, brett in foreground, these final six images cut square to crop the crowd of people from the people, other people are fine and all, but there is decorum and privacy
where there is smoke there is usually fire, in this case, a bonfire
thumbs up, fire good

It really doesn't make any difference what the occasion. We all know it was just an excuse for a gigantic bonfire.

ashes with an ember, nice red glow
lots and lots of red embers, staring into this sort of thing is great fun, one sees all sorts of images, and thoughts of spirits and demons and such come alive
a log turmed to ember

And then it was over, nothing but the ashes, a few pictures, and a memory of a day well spent remain.

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All in all, a day worthy of the web page that commemorates it.

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