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A Whole Bunch Of Them
Some Even Good

This page represents about a year's worth (I think, I'm guessing, I don't really keep track) of random ideas. Some good, some bad, but all of them worth writing down (to me, at least) in the moment.

As a general note (call it a disclaimer) the ideas that follow are just that ideas, suppositions, proposals of the possible, but are in no way intended to be transmissions of truth. Rather, they are musings, which by definition are those little word nuggets that a Muse whispered into my ear and which I found pleasing enough in the moment to write down.

A Buddy Story
If I were my own best friend...

Blood Brother
I always wanted a brother. It doesn't much matter if he were older or younger.

@# Silly Writing Prompts
You Blog You! And I'll Blog Me!

The Next Big Thing
The Girl who was Mentioned in the Title of a Book

The Written Word
I am sure I have mentioned this before. I get a huge share of my social contact through and from writing.

Switch It Up
The low tax rates for capital gains and higher tax rates for labour (earnings) should switched. Without labour, there is nothing. And discouraging full employment is a grave mistake.

I've Been Doing It Wrong
Unfortunately, it is the quality and quantity of readers which (most) defines a work, not the writing itself.

The Non-Entity
I'll be the spokesman for folks who don't want any spokesmen.

The True Definition
As an Artist, I share my play with others.

Go! When the Fighting Began.
An end of the world zombie book, without the zombies. Just a lot of killing.

Let's Go. Onward!
A dream in which a Programming Job involves the assimilation of Goblin Lands (a metaphor for new discoveries), which happens when the goblins, fighting among themselves all take on the same appearance. That little nugget (if it is, indeed, a nugget) is coupled with why all inventions must look the same. In that, the White Man's View of Money transforms other ideologies into the same. I will need many more dreams of this ilk to make any story work. However, on this night, my dreams seemed highly integrated. Technology was very much a Make Manifest sort of thing (similar to Prosperity Gospel, I am sure). In fact, at one point, I explained to a fellow programmer that I was right, because I cared more and the universe would bend to meet my will, because of it.

The End Is Coming
I wonder how many (so, I am looking for a National or Worldwide count of the) bodily systems (as in, the systems which comprise a human body, so physiological functions) which fail for simple, easily preventable reasons: not enough water, too much sugar, or hyper-sedentary lifestyles, just as a few for instances.

I Need This
If the local library rented (overnight storage) lockers (like we had back in high school... or as available at your better athletic clubs), I wonder how much I would pay for the privilege?

Train Wreck
The face name for my new Social Media account, wherein we do great things (like cooking sumptuous lobster and steak dinners), but the background is totally F'd! Of course, I'll never buy/accumulate all the crap needed to make the pictures work. Um, that was probably not very clear... or at least, I feel like it was not very clear. So, please let me restate the mission as curating images with a high-tech super-fashionable focus, but surrounded and permeated by an over-arching low-brow aesthetic: e.g. a great meal cooked in a totally destroyed kitchen the actors frantic, the locale a mess.

Does anyone really care?
From the caterers who brought you Suki Kamasutri: Queen of the Galactic Frontier and the key-grip turned walk-on-extra who almost got a role in Rigor Pass 1866: The Mana Boom Years comes the latest dietary trend that is sweeping the nation Hardcore Hydration™: Get Your Water On, Today!

Random Value
What will I say next, computer? The truth is, even I don't know.

----- aren't real. But they might as well be. From a crumpled up piece of paper I found in a dream. I can't remember what ----- was. Thoughts? Dreams? Memories?

The Allure of Travel
A certain sort of magical feeling requires uniqueness, a singularity of experience. As in, new locals evoke new feelings... making the chase a quest for excitement in the self.

And Then...
Can you imagine reading a Mystery, in which the murder was never explained or solved. I want this sort of completeness of story in any piece of fiction that I read. Otherwise, I feel cheated. Or here, its like the time a clown, a nun, and a travelling salesman walked into a bar... but then, I was just leading you on, because I haven't figured out the punchline to that particular joke; and likely, never will.

Ha! Ha!
I laugh at myself often enough that laughing at others is a refreshing change of pace.

So, The Indulgences Of A Capitalistic System?
Trademarks are nothing more than a tax on a word phrase. It is best to think of them as leases paid to the government for exclusive use of a particular string of words.

Prayer Answered
If you're going to commit suicide, do it with a smile on your face. You're finally getting what you want.

I'm not saying I'm wrong. But I've learned not to trust my opinion when it comes to these things.

I Need a Tribe
That End-of-Movie Emotional Flow (the tears) come from knowing my life could be better. I could be nicer.

Embrace The Moment
The less I care about death, the more I can care about life.

And He's A Bit Out Of Touch With The Times
The person whose opinion I care most about is my past self.

Ginger Bread Man
I will never be caught.

The Curve of Cool
Your father's, your children's, and your own ideal of cool will never be the same. Time moves on.

In Graph Form, If You Please
How many fictional characters have booked passage on the Titanic? What is the rate of passage (i.e. the trip rate, the number of passengers) per year? I assume it is increasing. But at what rate?

No & No
Am I good? Do I even care if I am?

On Existence
Am I even?

Big Meanies
Narcissist, Psychopath, and Sociopath (among others) are overused terms. Being a Miserable Piece of Crap is not a Diagnostic Condition. It's a failure of Ethics, not the mind.

Self Defence
If action is appropriate, the appropriate action is calling the police... or running away. I mean, it never hurts to run away.

And Now For Something Completely Morbid
Settling into the warm embrace of Death.

Purse & Hat
Blackie & Redd.
Rusty & Redd.
Black & Blue;
But Purse & Hat is what I settled on for the names of an Anonymous Social Media Duo, recognizable by the ever-present Purse & Hat in the foreground and such things as the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Wired Deep, The Transition Ended Abruptly!
Wired Magazine's Last Word is a user supplied story with a length of six words.
Braincells Deployed Elsewhere! Reboot With Alcohol!

This Is It
We exist in Purgatory. We are the murderers, rapists, and thieves of a prior existence. Can we redeem ourselves? Do we care about ourselves enough to even bother to try?

Patriarchal Census
Men or Other. White or Other. Group 'em all together.

The Solution
All problems are caused by either too much or too little cocaine.

Life... Death
I've made it this far. I'll probably make it all the way to the end... probably.

Meet The Author
People quietly ignore me. And I quietly ignore others.

Charles Bukowski
He's an author, a poet. I want to give him a shout out. I doubt he will get any other credit from me on this site. Oh, right. I should also say, "Don't Try." He wouldn't.

Reading List
At the start of the month (along with everything else), I should list out my current books and other items that I claim to be reading. Much slips through the cracks. Much still will.

Never Do
"I don't know exactly what's happening tomorrow."

True Dat
Good questions can often be better than any possible answer.

It's Like That
I thought we were close. We don't talk anymore. I guess we weren't close enough.

Career Advice
Stick with me. You'll go a long way... in the wrong direction.

Jazz Typing
Free-Form Poetry. Dig it, Daddy-O!

Baddest Street Gang Ever
The Sliding Thumbs! "We've got your nose!" Um, sorry. Now, we're called the Disjointed Thumbs! It's edgier.

Executive Summary
If that's all one is going to read, they have no business being an executive.

Andy Warhol
He's a Commercial Artist that the Fine Art Establishment has decided to embrace as one of their own.

Ignorance Is Bliss
I believe I am more tolerant of social faux pas while travelling, as I am unsure about the cultural norms.

Up is Up
Sometimes, more work is made by avoiding work... or more colloquially... you sometimes make more work by avoiding work.

A Division of Co-Z Enterprises! We relax, so you don't have to.

A B!tch, C^nt, & D@rk

A good life inspires, as does a good obituary.

Want to Play a Game?
I question whether there is any point to competition, unless one is willing to pull the trigger.

Here, Now
There's nothing anywhere else. Shall we embrace The Void?

Giving Back
I read that and thought about taking more.

The Media Age
God is my Audience. And I am God's. Or in other words, God Witnesses My Witness On A Daily Basis.

Girschwin's Law
The rate of a sub-atomic interaction decays at 1/t^2, being the inverse of the speed at which new interactions ramp up. Yeah. There's nothing quite like giving an oral report in my dreams to fix an idea in my head.

I am not a witness to your life. I am not a keeper of your dreams.

You have your emotions. I have mine.

Things Change
I was ---- --- for a long time. That time has come to an end.

Being afraid of death, I made a fetish of life. No longer caring about life, I have started to fetishize death.

Meaningless Entities
You are not part of the problem. You are not part of the solution.

You Are Dismissed
I have told you things that you did not believe. I tire of telling you more.

Money earned equates to destruction of the earth at another's behest. And when one spends that money, the world is destroyed ever further, as one furthers their own agenda. There are exceptions, of course. But the vast majority of monetary transactions follow these two simple rules.

Fortune Cookie
Eat the cookie if you want the fortune to come true. Otherwise, don't.

Evil in pursuit of Evil is still Evil.

Population Control
Hey, you! Yes, you! AI Idiot! The World Population is currently 7,500,000,000. A good target is more like 7,500,000.

Trend Setters
'I knew them before they were trending.'
'But here you are still talking about them. So clearly, trendy you are not.'

These Changing Times
For all you transgendered folks out there, I like the idea of giving a funeral to ones old gender identity with the new gendered individual hosting the festivities. Please keep in mind, this is not something I will ever be doing.

I will take it as a given that a Probability Function of a Probability Function will yield a Non-Deterministic result.

Random Numbers
Traditional Computation is Deterministic. And it is not possible to get a Stochastic Result (random in this context) from a Deterministic Process.

This Is The Unstated Secret
Quantum Computers utilize Stochastic Processes that yield (Non-Deterministic) Stochastic Results.

Garbage In
Forget about the previous (three up, the self titled Stochastic entry) concerning Probability Functions. The Result of a Deterministic Process is Deterministic, while the result of a Stochastic Process is Stochastic.

A place like this will drive you completely insane in 75-100 years, which is why that's about how long most folks live.

Facts Be Facts
Men rule the world, because they are better at killing.

Capitalism requires winners and losers. Otherwise, there's not much point.

"It's good for the skin and everything within."

Fashion Layouts
The concept should be self explanatory. Or if not, it's an idea for yet another project on my website (fashion self-portraits or the clothes only, maybe on a mannequin, that could be fun). Of course, rather than pursuing this idea, I seem to be transferring it from list to list. And as such, here it shall reside... until I read this page at some future date (something I almost only do when I am bored or depressed and need a pick me up) and think to myself, "Yeah, I should do that. Why didn't I ever do that?" And then, the logistical problems will all come flooding back... or Walla! Content Out the Door!

Good vs Evil
My hands are amoral and will do whatever I command.

Seasons Greetings
If you want a relationship with me, you're going to have to work harder than that.

The Nuclear Option
Maybe, I will run for president. My platform will be Nuclear War! Death To All!

My Religion
Bearing Witness to no one for no one.

A Hopeless Case
Without a plan for the future, there is no future.

The Typewriter
"Whoever this is, stop using my typewriter."
"Your typewriter? Nobody owns me."

Viva La
You do realize being for the status quo is a fairly radical idea, these day.

Coming or Going
Don't do retail if you are going to have a thin skin.

I can never get these new hand dryers (as found in public restrooms) to work. Fine. I've got pants, a shirt, my hair. But why are you putting your logo on the thing? "We sell products that don't work as well as you'd desire."

I wonder if Being Honourable is just another way of saying Good at Holding a Grudge.

And that would make a Person of Dishonour someone who it makes sense to hold a grudge against.

The Anti Spam Vow
I will not do business with spammers. Never. The real problem is once I start doing business with anyone (absolutely anyone), they seem to want to spam me. All of which means I need some sort of spamming project. Maybe poetry.
Johnny wants to sell me siding.
Mary is a great big slut.
Jimbo thinks I smoke cigars.
While Anita's got a great big butt.

Interesting Answer
Q: And how are you feeling?
A: A litany of (escapist) social activities.

If one thing can be said to be real and another less so, then the less so option isn't real... or as real. For a trivial example, there are first run comics. Reprints are a pretty good alternative, but they are an alternative. Pure and Simple. This is pretty much how feel about the whole trans movement. I mean, do what you want. But you'll never convince me there isn't a difference between a kit car and the stock model.

The Audio Recording Project
Before I go blind, I find myself wanting to record my voice... for the obvious text-to-voice and voice-to-text training, ... but also, as a personality base. I do not know what equipment I would need... or even if better equipment (than my phone or the digital voice recorder I already own) would help. Perfect being the enemy of good enough. Getting anything done is hard enough as it is. I should find copyright free works to read... along with my own, of course.

Wins Again
My iPhone (for whatever reason, user error as likely as anything... or simply superior engineering) outputs way better audio recordings than my Android Galaxy.

A Utility Function
I deny the intrinsic worth of Human Beings. Cows are slaughtered. Humans are slaughtered. I lose sleep over neither. But there are bonds, human relationships... and cows which are pets. And these have meaning. And these are what we care about. Some are willing to generalize from the subset of those they care about to all. But I am not.

When is a Cow not like a Bull?
In a Pure Capitalistic System, Profits tend to shrink towards Zero. That is to say, in Capitalism, Capital is squeezed out and Labour Dominates. Thus, if Capital Dominates, the System in question cannot be properly called Capitalism. Um, maybe I should replace Capitalism with a Free Market Economy in much of the above, making the real insight a need for a philosophical distinction between Capitalism and a Free Market Economy.

Lets Try Again
In a Free Market, Profit tends towards zero and Capital tends towards its Replacement Cost with the Replacement Cost tending towards the Cost of the Labour Involved. In other words, in a Free Market, Capital is Dependent upon Labour (it is not an Independent Variable) and the differences between Capitalism and Communism become ideological and unimportant.

Safety In Numbers
One reason I don't care whether my ideas are extreme or not (for the most, I don't think they are) is because I expect them to be mitigated and softened by others prior to implementation.

In the Faith vs Works debate, I come down squarely on the side of Works. Works are how one expresses their Faith. Without Works, one has no Faith. By the same token, Wokeness is empty without Action. Caring is meaningless. And it is not possible to be a Social Justice Warrior without fighting the good fight.

Art And A Forty-Five
There's a potential there. All one (meaning I) need do is acquire the Forty-Five, add in a few watermelons, gallons of paint, and a strobe activated camera, and one (meaning I) has got themselves an Art Project.

Modern Art
I think I might sculpt a ---- out of used prophylactics. Well, it's that or flinging them against the wall.

Content Quest
How can I turn this moment into sell-able (or at least, desirable) content?

Public Water Fountains
As I look to Social Media, I think of things to sell or focus on. And one idea is to push Water Fountains... or Twelve Drinks a Day.

Often, for (self) justice to occur, a person who has done wrong would have to admit that they have done wrong. And where's the motive in that.

The Real World
Reality and importance (call it Existential Meaning) are relative. I spend huge amounts of time on the computer... working on projects... like this page. Part of the reason is because it feels more permanent... and certainly, has a better chance of reaping some kind of reward (however small or tangential) than the alternatives. In the future, folks will treat VR (whatever that might mean, like the written word isn't VR to some degree) more-or-less the same way. To wit, "I don't like unplugging. I like staying emerged in The Real World." Let us assume that a thousand years ago this is how some folks thought about chanting... or reading The Bible.

Pinko Commies
A True Psychopath (of the can fake love but can't really ever feel love variety) has a vested interest in appearing warmer than they actually are. Thus, to pass as Socially Conscious (and thereby, appear to be more empathic than they are), Psychos will tend to lean left.

Sharpen pencil in wall mounted sharpener until pencil is gone. Empty contents into fan placed in front of water soaked canvas.

Chain-Mail Helmet
As far as CosPlay goes, I think the headgear is the most important part for me. It puts the play central to my being. It's there. I've thought of horns, but some sort of draping chain-mail head-wrap might work best.

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