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Roaring in the Spring

The first twelve images are all of dandelions, basically four separate groupings of three, though I am not sure if the last two groupings were all shot at the same time or place This is the first bloom, all yellow, quite dramatic, a full field of them, maybe an even acre, all out in the open blooming at once, quite dramatic One of these days, I am going to have to pick a boquet


I shall talk of Spring.

The flowers lasted maybe a week, maybe less Very fast, and right after the first went to seed, the second wave cropped up This was my plant of choice, of notice for a few weeks, the field is not as dramatic anymore, actually that whole first few weeks of sping were quite dramatic

The leaves coming in, all fresh and green, I almost want to say minty. It was wondrous, so light and airy, so clean. I knew it wouldn't last, so I took many a walk (and many a picture) those first few weeks, those first few days.

Um, more dandelions, more seed puffs mixed in as we go down, I did not include the image of all stems I had the hardest time remembering that they were called dandelions, in fact, I always found myself going through the same mental steps, cannot remember what I knew was wrong, knowing it had to do with that writer guy, farenheit, ray bradbury, and then, dandelion wine I like the idea of dandelion wine, though I doubt I will ever make it, however, I can see it as a saying for bringing in the spring, dogwoods in some parts are the first to bloom, here dandelions were

I don't have a single photograph of the tree leaves coming in. But this field (all the images are likely of the same field) was simply wondrous, magnificent, as if, in itself, this lone field captured the full essence of Spring.

I will not say the season is over, per my recollection of youth, the weeds, lasted all summer, but this is likely the first big bloom I did not pick a flower... or puff on the seeds Maybe I should have

It happened all around Easter time, so I guess those ancients knew what they were about.

Taken in Chicagos Grant Park, they cannot possibly be there still, but for the start of spring, they were great flowers Hmm, a flower box, but where, let us guess it was the Chicago Arboretum These white thingies, and yeah, my descriptions suck at times, white flowers, what more do you want, they look odd, non standard, like tulips with points, I have not the slightest idea what they are called

Of course, I'll juxtopose that last statement against these modern man-made wonders.

Ha, I am reading about Empire of the Petal throne as of late, well, here and there, among other things, and the name is rapidly brought to mind by this image

And then, the seasons changed; and now, it is summer.

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I hope you enjoyed the show, while it lasted.

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