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Alien Squids

the next three images are self portraits taken in quick succession, I was riding a train, sitting behind some joker, for I assume he was funny, taking selfies, so I decided to take a selfie or two, and these are what I came up with, looking at the camera Looking out the window, thinking... or so, I would have you believe Looking back down, for it is an upward shot, face resting on hand, full beard, mustache, grey hair, lots of grey hair, glasses, black hoodie and army jacket, a typical look of the day

Do You Know?
Do You Think You Know?

Here we have a jellyfish, perhaps my favorite representation of alien life, sure, I call them squids, but I am no biologist, its the appendages which I find cool, and in this image, the flourescent light does a subtle line dance across this image

I'd say that's all there is to know.

Me again, in siloette, black shadow features on an orange background, this was a video installation, in the rewind, reset phase

But then, what do I know?

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It's really just an unspoken mystery... and nothing more.

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