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Giving Meaning to The Moment

Posted in Reverse Order... or at least, Reverse Year Order.

Though, if you start at the first (the one at the bottom of this page), they link internally all the way to the last post, which is probably located at the bottom of the listing for the current year.

And Beyond!
2023 - January: A Long Winter Nap... again!

2022 - December: Ain't Snow Great?
2022 - November: The End of Fall and/or Fall into Winter.
2022 - October: Seasons Come. Seasons Go.
2022 - September: Mantis! M-M-Mantis!
2022 - August: Spiders & Marmots; & Birds! Oh, My!
2022 - July: The Initial Adrenaline Rush Is Over
2022 - June: The Fairie Lands!
2022 - May: Have we found a final destination and/or resting place?
2022 - April: More snow than I would have expected.
2022 - March: Time Marches On... get it?
2022 - February: Acceptance... maybe, hopefully.
2022 - January: These are my thoughts. There are many thoughts like them. But these thoughts are mine.

2021 - January: I like snow. I really do.
2021 - February: And I got snow. I really did.
2021 - March: Let us solve this ethical dilemma once and for all.
2021 - April: With nary a Bluebird of Happiness in sight.
2021 - May: Very much an Indoor Month.
2021 - June: Time Marches On!
2021 - July: Endless Summer says it all.
2021 - August: I'm playing a lot of CIV, these days.
2021 - September: Depression? For Sure. But now that September is over...
2021 - October: Finally got that Texture Project off my desk.
2021 - November: Not Quite Last. Not Quite Least.
2021 - December: Finding My Religion!


2020 - 01 - A New Year
I believe this project is getting less intensive as time goes on, as I'm skipping whole days fairy regularly, now. But I am pleased with what remains. So, let us assume it is a change for the better.

Virus Watch
A Global Pandemic
These entries focus almost exclusively on the Covid Virus Pandemic and my running thoughts as the situation unfolds.
2020 - 02 - Virus Watch - Week #1: This is a thing.
2020 - 03 - Virus Watch - Week #2: The thing continues.
2020 - 04 - Virus Watch - Week #3: I'm getting used to this.

2020 - 05 - Spring
For the most, the entries in this file pre-date Virus Watch and/or mark its beginnings. Originally, I had planned to keep this file going concurrently. But as it would turn out, a Major Plague Event sort of takes over one's life and captures the mind, leaving room for little else.

Virus Watch
A Global Pandemic... continues
2020 - 06 - Virus Watch - Week #4: Just let it be over, already.
2020 - 07 - Virus Watch - Week #5: Getting My Second Wind.
2020 - 08 - Virus Watch - Week #6: A walk in the park.
2020 - 09 - Virus Watch - Week #7: Game Time!
2020 - 10 - Virus Watch - Week #8: Walkies Be Fun!
2020 - 11 - Virus Watch - Week #9: I tire of this.
2020 - 12 - Virus Watch - Week #10: Entering The Double Digits!
2020 - 13 - Virus Watch - Week #11: The Final Countdown!
2020 - 14 - Virus Watch - Week #12: Let's Change This Up.

2020 Weekly Journals
2020-06-08 - Weekly Journal: Dated on the Monday which starts the week.
2020-06-15 - Weekly Journal: I question the interest. But it satisfies a need.
2020-06-22 - Weekly Journal: Do you like reading about other people's dreams? If so, have I got a series of posts for you!
2020-06-29 - Weekly Journal: A young man shares his recollections of youth.
2020-07-06 - Weekly Journal: Happy Birthday To Me!
2020-07-13 - Weekly Journal: Slowly Falling Into The Darkness...
2020-07-20 - Weekly Journal: Second Spring! The Hot One!
2020-07-27 - Weekly Journal: Dream On!
2020-08-03 - Weekly Journal: Storm Clouds Rising!
2020-08-10 - Weekly Journal: The Basis For Polytheism Revealed!
2020-08-17 - Weekly Journal: And this week is different how?
2020-08-24 - Weekly Journal: Let's stop caring about the future and just enjoy the moment.
2020-08-31 - Weekly Journal: Winter is coming... or at least, The Fall.
2020-09-07 - Weekly Journal: Um... Er... Time Passed?
2020-09-14 - Weekly Journal: Smoke in the sky-i and groggy on the ground.
2020-09-21 - Weekly Journal: Snow Plow is born.
2020-09-28 - Weekly Journal: I am a poet. <snappity snap-snap>
2020-10-05 - Weekly Journal: Loads of Pizza! Did I mention the pizza?
2020-10-12 - Weekly Journal: Levitation Is Explained! But more importantly, it was The LeeZards Birthday!
2020-10-19 - Weekly Journal: And now, I've got other things on my mind.
2020-10-26 - Weekly Journal: The End.

2020 - December: Well, OK then. This one is The End... of the year.


2019 - 08 - Same Old Days
The entries are sparser. I am not taking as many long walks, which is primarily how this project started. Nor eating out as much, the secondary cause.

2019 - 07 - House Sitting
Hey! I left it standing, so don't look at me like that.

2019 - 06 - Days of My Life
Just the highlights, if you please.

2019 - 05 - Laugh It Up
In which, I try to track moments of Humour. The result? Comically Bad!

2019 - 04 - Party
It's a party! Woohoo! Weekend Getaway! Yippie! Yowza! Cowabunga!

2019 - 03 - Two Weeks Off
Two weeks to reset the system and figure out which way to go next. So, not normality... but a normality of its own sort.

2019 - 02 - Two Weeks On
Really, just two regular weeks... a slice of my life.

2019 - 01 - Lake Country
It was just supposed to be a quiet weekend in the woods... and it was. Though, I exaggerate about the woods part. More like, heavily forested suburbs.


2018-02 - The Diary Project is Born
Six months of stream of conciousness ramblings organized in a delightful nested outline form.

2018-01 - The Restaurant Project
Things morph. Things change. Originally, The Diary Project started as a sort of Restaurant Review Project. But that seemed sort of boring. So, it didn't last that long. Well, not that long.

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