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Same Old Days

I like to think of this as a minimalistic diary. These occurrences (the impetus for the words, however obscured or removed from reality) are moments in my life when memorialising them seemed appropriate... or at least, what I wanted to do.

Spaces Separate One Or More Days

This would be a view of Michigan Avenue, The Bean, The Art Institute, and so on, looking down from the 33 Floor or so, put through that Gold Filter I am a fan of these days, in other words, a flat row of buildings, and what looks to be a lake beyond, but it is a trick of the eye and the filter, the lake is 90 degrees to the left and out of frame
This image was not taken in a Cemetery, maybe not even the same state, stain on concrete, which looks sort of like a hand to me
This was a fish fry in a little Fish Monger Store, the skate looked good and was divine, simply wondrous, this may have been the best meal of the year, if not, it was in the running, in the picture we have a healthy portion of fish, upwards of a pound worth with mango salsa, sauted vegetables, and cauliflower mash, it was the salsa and fish which pushed it over the top, slightly crunchy skin, moist tender flake away meat
Gold Tone image of the Magnificent Mile, looking from the Cliff Hangers Club or Athletic Club or similar, way up in the sky, Sears Building in the background, Wrigley getting worked on in the foreground, I forget the name of the Clock Tower, but they have got a Bar up there, the river would be right below, so cut off, the scaffolding sort of detracts from the clean lines of the photo, but one works with what they have
These were from an underpass if I remember correctly, I like the weathered black and white pattern, decay

Very much, this last week can be summed up by...

If you aren't going to walk the walk, please do not talk the talk. You said this wasn't your problem to solve. I take you at your word. Please do not try.

Of course, this is the unused part of the exchange, as sometimes I compose my correspondence in advance.

Many Days Pass

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