The Diary Project

I have a beard of sorts in this picture, or at least, I am not shaving, the background is library books from the business section, random

A New Year

A New Face
A New You

The joke goes that Employed Programmers look Unemployed. Whereas, Unemployed Programmers trim their beards, cut their hair, and actually wear decent clothes. I'm Semi-Retired (and have never been much of a Programmer), so I do what I want, which at the moment means a mixture of the two.

For those not familiar with The Diary Project, as follows are short observations, regarding those moments in the day, which I found worthy of comment: i.e. about which I felt compelled to comment. They consist overwhelmingly of those times when I wished to make note of reality, through habit of time and space or peculiarities of the moment.

Oddly enough, understanding (at least, accurate understanding of the reality of the moment) is not important. Truly, it is the recording that counts... and the remembering.

Don't ask me what another can get out of such entries... perhaps a little voyeuristic pleasure... perhaps a bit of boredom or relief of same... or mayhaps, a bit of perplexity as one wonders what in the world such entries are all about.

But then, as to that last, I hope I have already explained: I am doing what I want.

No relationship to reality is intended. After all, I am not a particularly astute observer and this is more about my subjective experience than anything else.

White marker paint on a glassy black background topped by three pinkish splotches of reflected light, this is graffiti, which reads... Thank You Chicago
Though, this image is selected based on the text which follows, none of these pictures, as yet, correspond to the moment, this is an iced over pond, very nice, the sun reflecting off the ice, a ring of leafless trees surrounding, blue sky above, a nice day, the end of the winter, this was
Train station at sunset, the lower half of the picture shaded out, colorful sky, crossing guard to the right, tracks drifting off into the sunset and whatever metaphor that image alludes, the reflected sky shining on the tracks is one of the most pleasing parts... after one has stared at the image for awhile
The old and the new, The Hancock Building, or what used to be called The Hancock Building, standing behind the water tower, peaking between two towers, a nice blue sky, so a stone buidling in the foreground and a glass steel tower in the background, I was downtown on the day that follows, but nowhere near this local, in fact, this image is from almost a year ago
This is a fingerpainting that I did a few years back, it is on my todo list to do a few more, but not yet, this is a picture of a distorted pink faced monster, yeah, that is a pretty good description of it, it reminds me slighly of a Technicolor Close Up of Where The Wild Things Are, yellow eyebrows, jagged tooth claw, sparkly eyelashes, weird nose, total distortion,
Taken from State St Bridge or so, just a few weeks ago, looking west towards the junction, up the river, the sun is setting, but the real trick is the reflected light off the buildings, which cause streaks on the water below

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Thirteen Days (such an ominous number) into the Next Diary Project and Virus Watch began. So, entries during that time period will be split between two files.

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