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Virus Watch: Week 9

Ironically, I think I tire more of this Particular Project than the Lock-Down in General.

A nice green lawn with a sharp contrasting shadow of a palm, I would scurry from shade to shade as I walked, scurrying being a bit of hyperbole, anyway, stay in the shadows, one has maybe a half hour prior to being burned if one has not built up a base tan, and that is a 30-60 minutes over the course of the day, so use it to cross the street, looking out at the ocean is a shade hugging occupation, for me, anyhow Taken down at Volcanoes, there a place to stay with a flagpole in assembly field, the linear shadow is from the Flagpole, I believe, it has been a long time, the grass sparkled in the moring dew, now that I notice, this shot is at sunrise and the other later in the day, so they may be reversed in time

How about some old vacation photos to lighten the mood?

From The Big Island of Hawaii a good decade ago.

Fine! These aren't vacation photos. I used to live there.

Hedonism At It's Finest

As I wake, I'm as groggy as can be.

Wow! Those are some good smelling dirty dishes. That meal last night was probably even better than I remember.

My Darling talks to herself non-stop. It's endearing. I take cues from context, as to whether a response is appropriate.

I hear tell that due to a Covid Outbreak at the facility, the local Nursing Home (it's a big one) gave a 24% (an oddly specific number) Pay Raise to its employees to avoid a Mass Walk Out.

Walking about, I can't say it seems like anyone cares about Social Distancing.

Mr & Mrs Duck are proud parents. Those little ducklings are fast. And they don't seem scared or uptight. The family was all spread out. And Mom & Dad followed a little one to the shore near where I was standing. Well, not near, not close. But closer than the squirrels seem comfortable with.

Let's Visit The Ducks

Two walks, today. It would seem that is how I am defining the day in regards to this project, as I can't be bothered to read or think about The Virus.

An Ice Cream Truck was out and about. But that's not the worst of it, a huge front yard Costume Birthday Party (I presume) was taking place. And I cannot begin to tell you how many mixed or multi-family groups I saw.

I mean, it makes little difference. I care less and less about closer and closer contact. And by all appearances, everyone else feels pretty much the same.

A football receiver was practising, today. He looked pretty good... full of energy.

As to the last group I noticed, I'm going to assume it was a full on Divorce Party. "F! Your Rules!"

In truth, from a philosophical point of view, my dreams have moved front and center. So, there's little room in my mind left to think about a Real World Pandemic.

Ribs for dinner.

It would appear (according to the reading others are doing), nicotine interferes with ATC2 Binding. And as such, smoking interacts with The Virus in unforeseen (to me) ways.

Hopefully, it will be early to bed, tonight.

Momma's Day

Taking a Holiday!

It's a Day Off.

I am sure I have spelled the name wrong, it is a Valley going on the Windward side of The Big Island, North of Hilo, West of Hiwa, probably spelled that wrong somewhere, too, coming to the outlook was a fairly common experience, I made it into the valley, once, oh, when I said these were vacation pictures, that was a bit of a misnomer, I lived on The Big Island for a few years, so these would be like mini-vacation day outings or weekend getaways, being a tourist was almost a daily activity

Such a View!



Maybe, I'll start again, tomorrow.

I liked Akaka Falls better, the walk was more fun, it was more touristy, the buses stopped there more frequently, but this was the second best, or best, falls on the island, a little before noon it was rumoured that the mist would form or could form a nice rainbow, I never saw it, there was also a nice grove of trees, and it had the bonus of very often only having to share the place with another couple or two, I had that forest to myself at times

But I spent more time staring at this particular view.

Moving On

Was the flooding in my dreams linked to The Covid? A Tidal Wave of epic proportions playing the role of a Plague?

Lots of folks out and about.

No ducklings. Plenty of ducks. But no ducklings.

LA County is rumoured to be extending the Lock-Down until the end of July. As much as anything, I think this means the beaches will be closed.

Mostly, Playing Games Today!

I'm not very good... or maybe, every game I want to play a little better than the last.

Since I do not believe The Vid will be eradicated, the Lock-Down does seem a bit silly.

To My Friends in India, Black Plastic is better than Clear Plastic.

Oh, Nicotine may mess with ATC2 Binding. Though, I think I may have mentioned this, already.

I do not trust the numbers coming out of India. Though, we can assume the powers that be have more important concerns at the moment than reporting to the International Community.

{I briefly tried to ascertain the true Death Toll in India. But that particular point fact is not that important. In the end, I find it hard to believe the USA is being hit harder than both India and China combined. It seems more likely we are simply keeping better records, being more honest.}

Sore Throat

I awoke in the middle of the night with a sore throat. I blame pollen and hay fever. But one never knows. I've had precious little exposure. But it's not been zero. I can trace contamination.

I will be blaming hay fever. My throat is about the same. Counter-Intuitively, I have symptoms of light-headedness and slight muscle ache, as well.

At the onset of symptoms, I could detect a bit of sadness. All things considered, I'd prefer keeping-on keeping-on, even if I'd prefer being emotionally neutral concerning death... yours, mine, whoever's.

Man, there's is something about today (it's sunny, I have a foggy brain from hay fever, and/or I'm bored with my projects), which makes me want to go to the library.

Maybe, I'll take a long walk.

Do you spend any time wondering what it would be like to be a Vampire? I'd probably, at some point, sink into an easy chair and not move for a century or two until all that remained was dust... and just sit there until some sprightly young thing (of the female persuasion, no doubt) sat down in my dusty remains to rest (taking a break from touring an old castle or house for sale, if I had to guess) and I was awakened... with a new-found zest for life... and/or death, as the case may be.

The ducklings were out and about, all six of them. They were quite the draw. Can't keep a good crowd down.

On the walk, in another yard, a child had turned the crotch of a tree trunk into a fort for his action figures. Fun Stuff!

4:20... again.

{This isn't code. It is awareness of a code and noting that the current time matches the code. Irony. Nothing more. Also, marijuana is completely legal where I am... completely... or so is my understanding. So, no reason to obfuscate.}

Time for another walk.

And another after that. No ducks. But others saw bats. There are way less people out after twilight.

Political Discussion! Making the hard decisions for others that they are unwilling to make for themselves. If only they would listen...

Vitamin D3 & K2 are rumoured to help against The Virus. Good thing we are already on The D... Yuck. Yuck. And maybe, I get the K in my daily Hot Chocolate, as well. Rumoured in this case (as in most every other case) means this is what someone else told me. Eh, I guess rumoured, also, means I may have read the 'fact' in question, somewhere. Who knows where? But in this particular instance, I am referring to the informal (verbal) rumour mill. It doesn't matter. I doubt my Vitamin Intake would have changed regardless. I really don't care (about vitamins, supplements, and all that). And if I did, I'd likely take a Mega Vitamin. Time was when I'd do a Gummy or two on a daily basis.

Just by-the-by, I delegate my vitamin taking decisions to a lovely other, who was thoroughly unimpressed by my new-found knowledge.

Rain Day / Game Day

I spent 1-2 hours programming.

Most of the remainder was spent playing Civilization IV.

I'll have to pad my write-up for this week something fierce with old photos... maybe, some from Hawaii. I've got a few I've been wanting to post. And one comes almost immediately to mind. So if not posted already, it's going here.

Actually, I do not remember the number, the number was not important, it was called the upper road, from Waimea to Havi, I might have spelled that last wrong and consisted of three principal stages, winding up the side of the hill from the dry side to the often fog shrouded wet, going through a wind swept forest which is the subject of the next picture, and then across verdant fields twinkling in the sun flipping between full sun and fog, and then, finally, a four stage as one wound into town, but by then the drive was over Well, this was in the forested part and the sign clearly says 250, but as this is by a road that swoops down to the coast, one never really knows if the sign is for this road or that, I loved this stretch of road, it was a wonderful drive, you know, back when I drove

One of the Greatest Highways in the World.

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