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Emotionally, I'm on an upswing.

Let's see how long it lasts.

This is the same Duck Pond (not that one can see much, if any, water) as last week, with the flowers advancing slowly, the yellow ones in bloom, the lavender ragweed, going as strong as ever

Duck Pond Revisited


DREAM: The second layer of Preserves wouldn't fit in The Jar. So, Out Of Dream {meaning, after waking up and mulling things over}, I scraped out some of the First Layer, making room for the Second Layer. And now, a properly filled (two-layer) jar is what I see in My Mind's Eye.

No notes on the day. That's an oddity. I spent the day proofreading, for the most.

I feel tired, asthmatic, unmotivated, and like my breathing just isn't doing it.

Going to bed super early... or not.

How many phucks would your boyfriend give if your boyfriend could give phucks?

{For me, it's just a witty line... or perhaps, a not so witty line. While others (currently reading over my shoulder, as I edit, so a week after the fact, even though they were right there when I wrote the line and read it out-loud the first time around) are busy trying to deconstruct the hidden meaning and to what, exactly, I was referring. But in truth, it is simply a witty line... or perhaps, a not so witty line. Which as likely as not (as I can no longer remember) came to mind during a conversation about wood chucks... or some equally tedious subject.}

And The World Wept

DREAM: If my finger is pricked, do I not bleed?

DREAM: Dirt Biking!

Up early.

Back down. My time in bed was filled with Visions. But at this remove (hours later), I remember little. OK. None.

MEDIA: Man Down - Season Two: I think we started this yesterday.

WRITING: Gay Day and Last Week's Journal were added to my Code Repository.

FOOD: Leftover Pizza! It's lasted awhile.

EYES: There is a definite Haze. But it's a Clear Haze, lighter than it's been. So possibly, Allergies have lifted. But a Cataract remains. Whatever the case, I will be taking an Allergy Antihistamine Pill, tonight.

WALK: Long. Hot. Tired. Nice Cool Breeze in The Shade.

FEEL: Maybe (at this point), I just need to feel some Anger for it to be a complete day.

MEDIA: 1917: We'll be starting later. But I feel like recording things, now.

EYES: My Eyes are doing really well, today... in a relative way.

MEDIA: 1917 was filmed in what I like to call Naus-O-Rama. After a mere twenty minutes with my eyes mostly closed I feel sick.

FOOD: Duck Feast! Happy Birthday To Me!

MEDIA: Man Down - Season Three

FOOD: Ice Cream w/ Homemade Butterscotch Sauce

FEEL: A Nice Even Rage.

Almost. But then, a miss might as well be a mile. Huh. Come to think of it. It does sort of feel like we missed by a mile. Oh well.

May Audun Rule

DREAM: Construction Site Work sort of morphed into filling Sofas with Concrete, Dirt, & Fill {springs, nuts, and such if I remember correctly} in order to get the padding right.

DREAM: Parking is indeed quite difficult when The Brakes don't work. I slid down in the seat to push harder on The Brakes only to have the scene change upon sitting back up... from Parking Lot to Dockside.

DREAM: The Game was Doubles on Dice First to Ten Wins. The Bet was $10. But now that I'd gotten Double Fives {worth five}, if I lost would I owe $5 or $10? My opponents couldn't (i.e. wouldn't) tell me. I should engage as many as possible while In Dream Land in conversation... maybe, The Real, as well.

DREAM: I was in The Lobby of a Huge Mammoth Hotel. It might as well be the same one as always, as there are multiple Lobbies. I was told there was an Open Room (like a model) to look at, but never could find it. I should have asked directions. I went back to the same place twice and even followed another who was told about the room. But all to no avail.

WRITING: I am reformatting Anger Mode so that it is postable {i.e. scrubbed clean of any Real World detail}.

WRITING: I am starting a Note File called Koan Krazy, which I intend to contain my side of a correspondence... and then, some.

WALK: The Standard Four Laps.

I'm ready (or in the process of getting ready) for The 'Morrow. I really like that turn of phrase: The 'Morrow.

Rent Success!

FOOD: Leftover Duck!

I was a Hippy back in the day. I watched The Monkeys.

{This entry is very much akin to the one about Ground Chucks Giving Phucks.}

Oh, I bought some Alcohol Stocks (i.e. Stocks in Liquor Producers) last week. I think it was last week. It's been on my TODO List since The Second Week of The Lock-Down. So, I'm on it. Getting 'er done.

Boyz In The Hood (by Easy-E and as appropriated) by Dynamite Hack is an awesome song. Oh, right. It's not in a MUSIC Tag, as someone was singing in the shower.

Day Of Audun's Day Star
Eh, Probably Too Complicated
Especially For The Son Of Odin

DREAM: The Drive-In Theater had two sets of Triple Screens placed perpendicular to each other. We were in the adjacent field cutting across towards The Road. I have no idea why. We were in A Car, a 280-Z Pretend-To-Be. The Field was tough. And clearing The Ditch would have been difficult had it been normal size. But during the jump (as in, as we jumped it), The Ravine widened and The Car fell down into it. I got out not wanting to drown along with an unknown other. But The Driver managed to maneuver The Car to the bottom of The Waterfall, where we all got back in and drove away... to destinations unknown.

9:31AM: 25 over the course of the day. Let's do this!

TALK: I care not for Politics. Political Theory is all that matters to me.

If one can Lie With Statistics, I'm sure they can Lie about everything else, as well.

{This last is in regards to the News Media. Can we tell a story in multiple ways, spinning different scenarios or highlighting different facts? I am sure that we can. And therefore (by default, as a matter of necessity: i.e. as a requirement of telling a cohesive story), The Truth is massaged one way or another.}

MUSIC: Progressive PsyTrance Mix - Karma: I am this. I am that. I am me. I am you. We are we. I like that beginning.

My mind is empty, this time around. No. It is more practically focused with little needing the attention.

Things Daddy's Say: I intend this as a book title. But it is similar to The Band Names that get thrown out every once in a while. Anyway, don't be surprised if I start calling out BOOK or BAND Tags. {Or maybe, a TITLE Tag would be more appropriate... or just let them hang.}

6:26PM: Looks like I'll only get to 17.5 w/ the last in at around 3:00PM

EYES: I tried to find Eye Pain and/or Annoyance and could not. The blur is there. But (for a moment, anyhow) there was no complaint at the ready.

We know (Full-On Immersive) Hypnosis doesn't work. If it did, everyone would do it (in lieu of Drugs, Adventure Travel, Pornography, or anything of the like). It's basically how we know Magic either Isn't Real or Isn't Effective. It would be worth much more than it is (in The Market) if it was. Of course, this last is easily refuted by The Conspiracy Theory of your choosing.

Living The Dream

DREAM: Slip-Sliding Down Stairs. I just kind of touch them as I glide down. It's very fast. {I am unsure if I ever did anything like this when I was younger back in The Real. If so, it would have been unto a controlled fall. Eh, the more I think on it, the more I am convinced the specific act (as dreamt, as conceived) is limited to The Dream World.}

DREAM: A Trip across The Country led to Maine (these are just names), where the plan was to take one Mountain Range up and one down... or really, one road in and one road out. I sort of do this loop often. Not this exact loop. But some travel loop across The Country... or some locality such as this. {The Back Roads of Arkansas is a favourite.} We didn't plan it right and could not complete the loop in a day. So we decided to stay at a Cabin by The Ocean (more like a lake) possibly with a Church Group. Black Bears went into The Cabin as we checked out, looking for food. In fact, many adventures focused on This Retreat, but My Memory Fades.

I am going on a Car Trip, tomorrow. So today, I will refresh My Website... lest I die with work left unpublished. Eh, plenty will still be unpublished. But no sense not pushing out the door that which is ready to go.

WRITING: Anger Mode has proved to be much slower going than I envisioned.

I refreshed The Website. All Source is now live. Of course, as I write, this {document} is not Source and will not go live for some time.

Let us live dangerously... or at least, without regard for the consequences our actions may bring.

Road Trip

DREAM: There is this Train Station that I find myself at, now and again. There are many Tracks (say five) with Full (tiled brick) Walls between The Tracks that are solid and only have cuts (i.e. Openings) where The Train Doors open. It's very dangerous. One cannot see approaching Trains on account of The Walls. And The Trains go screaming by. Oddly, to catch A Train, one must stand right where they come... in the middle of The Track between The Protective Walls. So, there really aren't any Tracks, just flooring. Today, I noticed lights, warning of approaching Trains {at The Corners of The Walls}. Previously, it had always been a bit of a Crap Shoot looking around the corner or stepping out.

DREAM: The Walls of The House (that I grew up in) breathed air (most foul) before seeping water {as a torrent, leaking like a sieve... as the basement walls of the old house were prone to do, only to a much lesser extent}. Lord knows how this led to standing in a queue grabbing bits of wire (for collection of ions {i.e. to hold a charge}) prior to walking through a Force Field. The process seemed Highly Metaphorical of a Calcium Dump in a Neuron. But why The Brain would have a Built-in Metaphor for a Neuron is beyond me. Carrying on, rather than going down the inside of The Metal Tube Slide, I slid down The Green Felt Mossy outside. Towards the bottom, the way turned steeply vertical and I started dislodging stuff from the hand holds (very much like Drawers or Cubby Holes). At the bottom, I collected (and/or picked through) the loot. I do like translucent semi-ivory knick-knacks. It was a nice stack of rather precious items. Don't ask me why I didn't take it all. There was a collection of large (they'd grown) Oriental Type Butterfly Screens (room dividers of sorts, but much smaller) that I didn't take. I wasn't really interested in them. But apparently they were worth a fortune.

DREAM: He asked me what my Five Favorite Books In The Library were. And told me he was into Contemporary Art. His intent was to strike up a relationship (call it a friendship) of sorts.

Two Hours There.

Two Hours Back.

Non-Stop Talk In-Between!

FOOD: Sandwiches

FOOD: Mediocre Drive-In Burger complimented by Mediocre Drive-In Ambience. It's not a complaint, as I enjoyed my time. It's merely an accurate description.

TALK: Optimum Breeding Strategy For Humans. God or Not, Live the Good Life... with Good transcribing to Prosperous, Successful, or Self Actualized rather than Holy or Morally Upright. Lots of laughs. Good Times... So, was it "Good"?

A Vertical Rainbow and quite The Sunset as seen from The Road as we travelled along, providing numerous Prospects, Angles, and Vistas.

{My photographs of the Vertical Rainbow did not turn out. Otherwise, they likely would have topped the page. But the images were too washed out and devoid of contrast to be interesting. Nevertheless, the actual sight was quite impressive, consisting of a pillar of colored light, which hovered halfway between the ground and the clouds above and was full of colorful intensity just like a full-fledged rainbow.}

Time Drifts By

DREAM: For a mere $1.50 (on sale), I think it makes sense to buy The Leather Bow Tie that matches The Faded Distressed (light-brown to beige) Boots (also leather) already in My Shopping Basket.

DREAM: A slice of Brain being all that remains is a definite vote against. While A Few Laps around does seem to be arguing for.

11:39AM: It Begins!

WALK: It rained. Nice. Fun to be outside {hiding under a tree} during a short shower.

FOOD: Leftover Duck!

MEDIA: It is time to find a new show; hopefully, a movie.

FEEL: Severely Content!

My Life Horizon seems much longer. Or in other words, death doesn't seem so imminent.

I've got My Dice out. They feel good in my hands. But I'm hard pressed to come up with a project.

FOOD: Spaghetti

R&R: 17.5 on The Day.

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