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In Which The Secrets Of Levitation Are Revealed

Clouds - Nice - Spreading out into the distance - they are smallish bubbly type clouds sort of eminating from bottom center - like cotton

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⟪act quick (like before I even post) lest the secrets be lost to the ravages of time⟫
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⟪⟪and it's true⟫⟫
⟪⟪⟨unless, of course, my calculations are erroneous and/or incomplete⟩⟫⟫
⟪⟪⟪but then, I digress⟫⟫⟫

Discoverer or Discoverie?

DREAM: He filled up the blackboard with fake Happy Birthday Messages.

How can I turn relaxing in my easy chair (a reclining rocker) into content... interesting content?

EAR: My Right Ear suddenly hurts again. It's not from being full. The wax seems particularly runny. So, maybe, I'm causing crushing damage in the night.

WRITING: The Weekly Journal, but of course. And I started Koan Krazy. But I see no real reason to power through. {Yeah, there's no reason, none at all.}

FOOD: Deli Sandwich. Primo Deli Cuts from The Foreign Store worked into a pickled sandwich.

FOOD: Coconut Blueberry Curry. It got rave reviews... even if I thought it was pretty so-so.

CLEAN: Air Filters.

MUSIC: Old Town Road. Pop Crap like that. It's catchy. But hard to respect. Still, I hum it. And I searched it out. I think I would prefer the song to be a little more complicated. I mean, we can swirl music about. "And something rhymes with horsie, maybe horsie-horsie, but of-coursie" (not an exact quote) seems to carry the day. On the other hand, I do like the EDM {Electronic Dance Music, don't you know}. And that's stripped down pretty far... often as far as it can be stripped down.

It's not love.
It's a curse.

It's strange how I just don't have a corresponding fear.

The Pull Of The Universe

DREAM: Instead of a gun, I had a spray bottle (a hand pump mister) filled with repellent to ward off the zombies. It did not work very well.

DREAM: I was back in that parking garage. I guess I worked there. I did not put any effort into cleaning the restroom (quite trashed) even if the security guard implied that I had. I'd snuck someone in to spend the night, so they could sleep. But since they were hiding in a tractor trailer that didn't belong there, it's hard to call something like that sneaking.

It's not Hell if you're next to me.
It's not Heaven if you are.

WALK: A Serious metal detector enthusiast is scouring the practice field the kids use for football.

WALK: I've never seen them cut the grass before. But I'm out and about a couple of hours earlier than usual.

What is the Anthropological Evidence for Early Pottery? That's actually not the question. But it's close. What are the general stages? Possibly including an overall tracing of the technological diffusion?

The leaves are changing. I can hear their dryness in the wind.

1: Coat Wearing Blues
2: Invisible Sun
3: Cold Wind (on my shoulder)
4: Chasing The Breeze
5: Leaf Drop Stew

MUSIC: The Five Stairsteps - O-o-h Child, Dear Prudence... then, The Beatles' version

FEEL: Time is going just like I want it to.

Frictionless Bearings of Arbitrary Shape & Size (e.g. rail-tracks) derived from Super Magnets at Absolute Zero

In Difficulty: Wheel & Track, Wheel On Patch (of track), Sandwich (the wheel between two tracks, minimizing its surface and temporal-spatial displacement)

These musings are totally unclear. But I do not wish to write it all out.

Frictionless Bearings eventually imply (i.e. after working out the kinks, it leads to) Frictionless Travel Across An Arbitrary Surface which over time is highly-likely to provide (but then, who can really say) massively reduced transportation costs coupled with profoundly new ways of moving things.

Dude! Levitation Seems Likely!

Area Of Effect being a Function Of Energy is The Ultimate Limiting Factor.

But it's hard to say where the economics land.

The Trick: Instead of a needle on a surface, it's a needle pulling through; and in the terminal state, leaving no thread behind.

Lubrication Between Stellar Bodies!

Space Travel!

Mind Control via Neural Pings & Snaps originates in At Will Data, Art, & Entertainment.

{Given that Superconducting Frictionless Bearings implies Teleportation (and why would it not), one could selectively Teleport neural-toxins and/or neural-transmitters into a Brain, adjusting Neural Output as desired. And from there, I believe the mechanics of Mind Control are self-explanatory.}

Neural Slaves
Mind Junkies

Absolute Zero gives Superconductor is A Stationary Magnetic Wave (Relative To Itself) which Travels Parallel to A Sympathetically Reflective Substrate.

Give it a Push/Pull and we've got a motor, as well. So, clearly The Matching Dipole must be Induced... Through Vibrational Harmonics and that sort of thing.

MEDIA: Ceramics. Starting with a Historical Overview and Catch As Catch Can.

EYES: Pretty Darn Good. But I'm probably rounding up.

It seems gold would have been rarer on the ground in California had the influence of the Incans, Mayans, Aztecs, or Olmecs stretched north that far. Presumably, being warlike (rather than trade oriented), there was little incentive for others to cross The Central Desert. Um, there's a desert there, right? And a desert does make for an easily defensible geographic feature. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's a desert there.

MUSIC: The Jackson 5. A TV Band.

"Because down at Absolute Zero The Universe comes to a Complete Halt and you can start it up again Wherever & Whenever you want. Some even go so far as to say you can start The Universe back-up However you want. But that's the sort of thing it's hard to come back from. So, who really knows?"

Thus, Elevator like Zoom Points (akin to Intersections in The Cross Walk and/or Traffic Circles) that will Zip-Zap one halfway around The World, Solar System, Galaxy, and/or Universe: From New York to Chicago in Half a Step.

Hard Core Deep Science Fiction

If God is everywhere if one looks hard enough, does that mean The Good lays hidden in everything, as well? If not, some actions (maybe, many or most) are Morally Neutral.

I'd like to go down in a Bliss Filled Haze.

MEDIA: The Boys - Season Two

Almost The Ides Of October

DREAM: There were lots of dishes to be washed in an industrial commercial kitchen set-up. Also, it was time to make lettuce from dry leaves.

"I'm in museums all over the world, as well. But I tend to have to pay for admission."

Just lie, boy. Nobody cares about your truth, no how.

WRITING: Travel Advice is sort of coming together. It went rather quickly once I got started.

WALK: It's a dry wind. Those leaves will be gone soon enough. It's Fall... all the way. But not quite at its peak.

That Ladybug done bit me for no good reason. I guess it was trying to hang on. The wind is a'blowing.

FEEL: Maybe, walking just makes me angry.

EYES: Maybe, my eyes are worse than they were yesterday. And that's got me a bit riled... you know, on account of my delusional hopes that they might spontaneously improve of their own accord.

-----'- --- ---: I'm never going to buy that s---! And quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it.

In the end, all wise men come to realize they are fools.

The Ides Of October
Happy Birthday LeeZards

DREAM: I found myself at a convention, again. I like conventions. Plenty of food. Ironically, there was a LARP'ing side-convention at this convention, too. I have no great insight as to why. I did not attend. I was working a program (possibly, a twelve-stepper; though, the name is misleading) wherein I went slowly, correcting problems before they began, being careful and making sure everything was going as planned prior to moving-on to the next step. I had chicken skin (crunchy and meaty) and a sandwich (moist and full of lettuce). Somewhere along the way I picked-up a crowd. We were going to play billiards on weird {multi-level, miniature golf like} tables at the end. But the scene I remember best was pushing through the crowd toward the exit. I don't think a crowd has ever completely stopped moving or blocked my way In Dream. In Real Life, when that happens, I can feel a bit of claustrophobia settling in; at which point, I have to breathe deep and quietly accept the impossibility of escape. But all was well last night.

On internal appeal, we have accepted Insanity as a defense. Odd, how that turned out to be soothing.

MUSIC: Billy Joel - Pressure

The pattern is Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. But there is a danger of encroachment {especially when the anger gets out of hand}.

Let us assume Insanity. It is the ultimate defense... and indicates kindness in response. {Once again, I find it a bit odd how that worked out.}

WALK: The logistics of park maintenance.

The Golden Road (m4a audio clip)

On The Edge Of Evil
Within The Dictates Of Good
Let's follow The Golden Road
And Meet Where We Should.

Living on the Sunnyside of life.

The LeeZards are wearing Flying Gecko Suits (reminiscent of Super Hero Costumes, complete with capes), climbing the baseball backstop fence, and launching themselves into the air, hang-gliding about.

What would a LeeZard do?

It's Marching Weather. I need to lift my feet up further to avoid tripping over fallen branches of variable length and rigidity.

WALK: It sounds like they are playing Cops & Robbers.

Consolidated & Full of Energy

{On account of school being back in session and the days growing shorter and shorter, the window for outdoor play is much smaller than it was a few months ago. It's gone from all day to a few short hours.}

Secondary Follow Up Strikes are sure to follow Covid First Strikes as the air turns cold, dry, and brittle. I'm talking delayed mortality (from a near chronic weakening of the system); for at least, the first season.

Altitude based athletic endeavours (from space walking to deep sea diving) invariably benefit from breath control: slowing, steadying, and stopping. It's not just O2 mediation; but also, temperature control, as the beneficial exchange is maximized (i.e. heat loss minimized in extreme cold and maximized in extreme heat).

FOOD: Taco Salad

An Insanity Defense can only Morally be applied where and when it would make sense to apply the defense globally (to all, regardless of the self-same trait), making treatment (rather than deterrence or containment) the indicated response for all.

Lazing with the LeeZards.

Happy Birthday to The LeeZards! We had cake and snuggled, used Mister as a Hot Rock and personal conveyance device, and even went Hand Gliding. It was a good day... a good LeeZard Birthday.

A minimized meat input seems better than a maximal one... more sustainable.

The Ides Of October
Take Two?

FOOD: In pursuit of The Moral Good, I've reduced my daily Hot Chocolate to one cup of milk with five squares of dark chocolate. I will leave it for you to figure how this reduction (2w/8 → 1w/5) makes the world a better place or how replacing my traditional second cup with a serving of expensive Stilton is some kind of Moral Upgrade.

What Moral Activity could a person complete in the next few moments?

WRITING: I posted Travel Advice to The Data Dump, which has become an amazingly active spur, as I clear out the dead wood.

I've been trying to figure out a Posting Rate for my site (what have I done). But as a Rant, Novel, Short Story, and/or Dead End are all a single item (as are all Photographs & Graphics, no matter how major or minor), getting a feel for a true rate (based on quality or effort) is a bit trickier. Clearly, it's gone down, as of late. But I've taken complete months off before. So, it's hard to say. Still, at one time, this was my life. Now, it's a hobby... a by-product of my life. It's what I do instead of playing a game, watching television, or the like.

I have basically no desire to write anything long (i.e. a novel) at the moment. At best, I'm doing a Rant per week. But I'm not really doing even that. On the other hand, The Journal Project {what you are currently reading} is going gang-busters.

If you can do it over, why would you bother? And if you can't do it over, what does it matter?

Maybe, one of the reasons I am "smart" is because I fundamentally don't value other people; and as such, was not distracted by the socializing potential {of others} while at school.

This is the pain you are perpetuating. Feel it.

Well, that didn't work as well as I'd hoped.

I did not play with the LeeZards enough today... not at all, really.

{To really understand The LeeZards (or to get a better feel for them, at least), it helps to know that as I read that last line, The LeeZards suddenly appeared to underscore its importance.
"Jobbers One, players wit da LeeZards."
"And jobbers twos?"
"Der be no jobbers twos."
Thus highlighting how not taking no for an answer may be one of the qualities I require in an Imaginary Friend.}

FEEL: I was going to say, it was probably taking all of my willpower not to be angry, all along; and now (as I have no reason not to be angry), I'm not expending the energy. But more likely, I used to get angry and felt guilty about it. But the guilt is all gone. Heck, I don't even care if the anger is justified... or really care at all. The anger is real. That's enough. That's all the justification I need.

I am going to fail at my second life goal, aren't I?

Moving On

DREAM: My room had a locking screen door to keep others out like a security wall (or very reminiscent of a jail cell... if insects screens could hold anyone captive). It required a little jiggle {to get it to work properly}, so I know what window that bit was based upon.

DREAM: The test was stupid: something along the lines of finding a character's name in a book and writing it down. But once everyone realized a universal passing of the test was a prerequisite for getting a liquor licence, everyone handed the finished papers in, en mass. As a partial interpretation of a poorly described dream, I will note my growing disaffection with the written word. Or in other words, I tend to anticipate my days off. {Party!}

DREAM: He was purposefully getting in trouble so he could take a nap during the downtime.

The above are incredibly bad descriptions for a few minutes worth of intertwining dreams; of which, there is no real or lasting importance.

TALK: Meaningless. But pleasant.

Let's look at our finances. I haven't done that in awhile.

WALK: Short. Uninspired.

It's Fall. Windy.

When relaxed (tired and happy) enough, I take mini-almost-naps in my comfy chair. I got it garbage picking. It's a wonderful rocking recliner in great shape. I still don't know why they (strangers unknown) got rid of it. Eh, maybe it's a bit drab in color, ugly even. But I don't care about such things. I like it just fine.

Someone has a Shopping Addiction... and it's not me.

MEDIA: The Dangers of THC! Δ9-THC! The Good Stuff!

FOOD: Mexican Surpise!

I'm A Poet
But The Muses Don't Know It

DREAM: I escorted my blind (dead) father on a Train journey. We walked through a few cars. But finally found seats. It was a fairly sociable outing.

DREAM: She kept on interrupting, as she was told about her promotion to the big city. By the end, I didn't think she wanted to go.

DREAM: It was a piano bar; in that, there were pianos there for the patrons to play. I think I arrived during a soft opening. But by the end, one was supposed to pay for access to the pianos. And I did not.

TALK: Let us review what we have learned.

The Happiness Tree (m4a audio clip)

Climb The Happiness Tree
Invert It
Fall Through
Landing In A Welcoming Pile Of Leaves
This Moment
Breathing Deep
The Fragrant Flower That Is

POEM: I believe italics work admirably as a poetic signalling device.

; and having no past, only a future, uncertain... with you

{The line "a future, uncertain... with you" came out as the chorus to a song. So, I tried to write the rest of the lyrics... giving up on the endeavour rather quickly. But I did start a separate file for the attempt. The following being the contents thereof.

In truth, I cannot decide how many poems this should be.

Future Uncertain With You (m4a audio clip)

I'm bring my all
I'm bringing my none

I'm spending my future
With You

Loop Round (m4a audio clip)

There's a Desert Breeze
Blowing through this Forest

Meaning, it's time for a change
First and foremost

Inward Seeking
Delta's Porridge
Psychic Tripping
Drippy Licking
She's my baby
One and only
Yippy Dippy
First time only
Coming round
Coming down
One more time
Let's loop it round

And this Hero had a weakness to match...

Normalizing The Zeitgeist Through Mass Media Mind Control Tricks

{The preceding would be one of those One Liners and/or Throw Away Asides I mentioned up top. Though, in my mind, I tend to think of them as Headlines or Titles.

Bottom line, a populace which hums the same tune (might I recommend A Future Uncertain With You) has got to be (it's just got to be) easier to control than a populace which is fractured in its desires.

Divide & Conquer: Sure.

But Fracture Enough and it's going to be hard to fit the pieces together and work out a Unifying Control Structure.}

At The End Of Countable Time

{So, like, At The End of Time in The Mayan Calendar, why there? Why then? Perhaps, because that's when they reached Functional Infinity → The End of Countable Time}

The Difference between Methodical Torture and Necro-Manical Research is Syntactic

{To argue the poine completely would require a knife and scalpel...}

It's a theory. But I don't care whether it's real or fake. No. Let me restate that better. Truth is just one Aspect of an Idea that leads to an Ideal - a different sort of Truth.

We turn an endless slog into no slog at all!

I didn't say I wasn't telling you to F-Off!
Nor I did I say I wasn't telling you not to F-Off!
And I can see how that could be ambiguous.
So, let me explain it so even you can understand.

My Darling, a man who wants to keep that desire alive has to eat when he's hungry.

Homegrown Terrorists are better known as Criminals.

FOOD: Beef Stew. Much discussion went into the name.

TALK: Dreaming A Big Future

Church For Sale!

Church of the Divine ----- {squid, octopus, snake, wood chuck, popsicle stick, -----}

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