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Wherein it is asked: Is the unrecorded life worth living?

A Baseball Glove in the shadow of a chain link fence

I need a header image.

What old photographs do I have lying about?

Ah, this one comes from out of left field (if you know what I mean), having nothing to do with the content on the rest of the page.

Clearly, it will do.

My Monthly Musings

DREAM: The background never seems to have any movement: e.g. no waves, no wind, no sound.

For a long time, I've liked the interpretation of The Sound Of One Hand Clapping as being literally the sound of one hand clapping: i.e. the fingers of one hand folded over tapping the palm of the same hand to elicit a sound. But I think I am now inclined to think of The Self as the hand and one's appreciation of God's Handiwork (i.e. Reality) as a sort of applause. "Good job, God" or something of the like. Thus, The Sound Of One Hand Clapping becomes a life well lived.

If I wanted to Celebrate Recovery, what would I do. Also, I need to work on Christmas. Finally, I don't want this project to revert to its old form. Let's keep it thin but juicy.

There's a skunk in the parking lot... likely with rabies based on its stumbling around a parking lot in tight circles in the middle of the day. I guess distemper is another theory. But rabies sounds a bit more impressive, doesn't it?

It turns out, I find it easier to have sympathy for the class than the instance.

I gave myself my first self-administered haircut. Of the few things I kept from my father's estate (yes, it is true, I care little for things, growing less so by the hour) was the scissors he used to cut his own hair. I grabbed my hair in a fist (it's pretty long... still) and cut whatever hung out the end. It took like fifteen minutes. And I'm pleased. Though, I expect to have to tidy up here-and-there over the next few days.

Confucious Say: Man who stand still be miles ahead of he who travel in wrong direction.

The sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas Baking fills the air.

Tap! Tap! Tap!
The relentless downward scroll
Of the incessant media feed.

If you would be my disciple, do not bother. Simply follow yourself, instead.

If you would pay for truth and enlightenment, assume you already have and open your eyes to the beauty which surrounds you. How else can you explain your journey thus far?

When Pax Americana finally comes to an end, it will be revealed that no one else ever wanted it.

"So old and wise, s/he must have been born before even Death."

The distance between everything starts out this way {i.e. immeasurable}.

"Better stop your sass or that's not the only goose that's going to get cooked around here."

Um, we had goose... after agreement had been reached vis-a-vie the cooking of the aforementioned goose.

Well, sir. We call that-there Goose Sludge. And you've got a pecking order of it on your hands at the moment.

It is Christmas. A Large Toy Soldier Nutcracker stands guard over the presents. He has a week to go on his watch.

How long before we have a Natural Speech OS? "Computer, read back that last sentence, explain what it means, have the refrigerator make me a ham sandwich and the stove a nice Hot Chocolate, using freshly procured ingredients, and deliver the lot to my comfy chair." Ignoring the practicality of robots, I believe it will be decades before a computer will be able to parse and perform the preceding. Others of my acquaintance (i.e. my girlfriend) think the foregoing will be available in three years, if the operation is limited to door-front delivery of standard pre-mades (i.e. restaurant food). She is wrong.

"Computer, pay the mortgage, the minimum balance on my credit card, and get me $20 cash."

"Computer, which one of us is right?"

"Computer, how many letters were in the big paragraph above and what is the essential criteria of any bet?"

These three tasks are in increasing order of difficulty. With the first being fairly technically possible now. So, it could come to pass. I just don't think it will in the allotted time for social, monetary, and market oriented reasons.

The later two, however, are quite difficult. And it just doesn't seem likely that a computer will be able to parse them (as would a human) anytime soon.

"Computer, you've been listening in, so please paraphrase my point of view concerning the topic at hand, compare it to My Sweetie's, adding brief commentary as appropriate."

How many footsteps is Mecca from here is (to me) a profoundly different statement from How many footsteps will it take to reach Mecca. One is a measure of distance the other of a journey.

I've taken to reminiscing about my childhood in a major sort of way with the goal of better outcomes. In times past, I have called the effort creating a Reconstructive History. But now, it seems more like my life flashing before my eyes in a protracted dance towards death.

I'm starting to feel like taking more extensive notes. But I will continue to fight the urge to record the inane.

Being a Chartilist, I would say the one thing Crypto-Currencies are lacking is a Governmental Charter. Thus, for a Crypto-Currency to compete with Traditional Money, a Dominating Influence (i.e. Dominating Player) is required in The Black Market: a role which a Competing Governmental Entity or Criminal Organization (of sufficient size) may desire to play for a variety of reasons... including the normalization and/or destabilization of Markets.

EYES: My Eyes are particularly blurry today, so much so as to be worthy of note. Today, I also spent a great deal of time (relatively speaking, much less than in years past) on the computer. I doubt it's a mere coincidence. I'm guessing the blurriness is due to a lack of blinking.

Per my previous long winded aside concerning voice controlled computing:

When will integrated full-service voice activated computing become widespread?

When will computers become welcome to the conversation? That is to say, welcome in polite society?

I surmise LEGO'S are on the way. I like to believe I was particularly good at guessing my gifts this year. Of course, my list was limited and exact.

The only thing remarkable about humans are our egos.

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