The Diary Project

Laugh at My Life

I know I do.

So, here we have two projects mixed in as one. The first, commemorates a visitor. And in the second, I tried to list out those moments when something was laugh out loud funny. I'm not especially thrilled with either listing. So if you are going to skip one of my Diary Project Entries, let this be the one.

In the following (as best as I was able), blank lines represent separate days. Some of the blank lines represent multiple days. And at this point, who knows which is which?

This is a tree stump and a blue flower like bloom next to it, the pattern of the bark is highly suggestive, erotic even, I was thinking about doing a whole series of images in this vein, but this was the best of the lot, everything else was an also ran, not worthy starting a project for, and as such, not worthy of being in a project

Do you see what I see?

A Visitor
I do not like the bottom of the image as much as the top, it bothers me that the lines do not line up and are slanted, we are looking at the grating of a bridge, and below, shining through is the reflection of the sun off the water

Humour (much like beauty) resides completely in The Eyes of the Beholder.

Also, for the most, you had to be there.

This truly was a spectacular sight. The image hardly does it justice. Mostly, because there is no emotional meta-data saved in a jpeg.

Tracking laughter, making note of what's important in life.
Days Pass.

I must have laughed a time or two.

I mean, I must have, right?

green paint, peeling, rust showing underneath, a detail

I doubt there is much Rhyme or Reason to many things.

Is there supposed to be Beauty in Decay?

Humour (much less Honour) in Pain and Suffering?

Or Death?

Continuing with the Comedy

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I need more fun in my life.

I need to find a way to co-opt other people's fun.

I want to be a Vampiric Fun Seeker!

'Mu-ha-ha! I vant to enjoy your fun!'

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