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Please Note: These entries are not intended to be a thorough cataloguing of my life. Rather, I made each entry whenever something seemed worthy enough, like it seemed like it might fit nicely into a Dairy Project, and (oh, yeah) I was doing a Diary Project. So hopefully, that means the entries are a bit more interesting than they may have been in the past... or at least, interesting to me.

The blank spaces represent new days. But sometimes (almost always), there is more than one day per blank space, most days having no entry.

A simple sketch line drawing that I drew at the dance recital, showing two stick figures leaping in air

Park Bench with Coffee Travel Mug with Owl, Hand Exerciser, Book

More or less right after I got the text below, this white moth landed on my leg, I nicknamed it the Moth of Peace, nothing ever became of the text, empty to empty, hostile in reply, end of line

the fireworks were launched from a hill in the distance, or not so distance, on the far side of a baseball field, across the road, on a hill, the sprays were the best, awesome sprays This was an advertisement for a new housing development, across a small lake slash pond, we were right there, very nice, and not too many folks in the crowd These were the best, right at ground zero, with a report so intense, it will stop your heart, ground zero

The Main Event, a crowd favorite, I was so bored, I drew his portrait, complete with red tie, I have not idea what color his tie was, but I had red ink within easy access, who knows, maybe his tie was red This is my interpretation of the stage, TV Monitor Front High, talkers below, MC off to the side, it was a silly talk One person at the podium, flags to the side, a bunch of faces on the stage I drew a waterfall, I want to do more drawing stuff, but this is the last drawing of this sort that I have done, well, as of this writing, mountains in background, shrubberies to side, there is a sun, water falling into pool below

The Hawk has long since gone, but for a few weeks in the spring, he was making his or her presence known, we got surprisingly close

This is a posterized effect used to anonomyze the crowd, but I like it all the same, up top, we have the demo derby, below in the bleachers, the crowd, all in all, it is a fun image

{Even though I have not worked on this idea in the slightest, I very much like it as a gimmick. Instead of a couple (or as the couple), we have Hat & Purse... doing whatever it is that Hats & Purses do... so, like, Internet Personalities... or Cartoon Characters.)

Days go by...


I'm slowing down.

My entries are becoming less frequent.

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I am sorry to hear about -----. I had a great time going through those old photo albums with -----, even though I don't think ether one understood word one that the other was saying. It will always be a fond memory.


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