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Virus Watch: Week 10

Nearing Escape Velocity

Sun Behind Clouds Behind a Cyclone Fence put through The Golden Filter

Week Ten, Really?

Fun Thunder & Lightning in the night.

Slept in pretty late.

I started the day by working on last week's notes, doing the first of three edits. Then, it was Computer Games straight through.

The Tennis Courts are open.

It is the rare person that has any positive value.

Four Cop Cars at a house. I have no idea why.

An evening of Movie Watching. I have low expectations. The bar has been set incredibly low.

Just Another Day

I like holding My Darling's hand.

I spent the morning writing and proofreading. I'm now sitting. I write standing up. And I'm trying to decide what to do next. A walk is not compelling. But then, neither is staying inside. No matter. The next bit will be spent reading.

Play Day

Lying in bed {at the end of the day}, going to sleep, I am finally getting around to changing over the day and making my first note.

I'm in-between Games. And I'm very pleased with the layout for my latest Rants. It's more like a Linked List of Ideas than anything else. And personally, I'm not invested in proving my point, which in the latest, essentially changed a bit as I progressed. I was wrong. But three out of four ain't bad.

Big Rain Day.

Company. I've talked how two households were linked. So... Party!

I think the lot of us have been pretty good (though, I really have no way of knowing) about keeping our distance and staying safe.

I've got an upset stomach and have for days. So, I could be dying. Or maybe, it's that questionable salsa I ate a few days ago.

90,978! My guess was 94,000. Though, it's a highly informed guess.

The site I've been using is littered with ads. {This is a change. It wasn't before.} So, I deleted the bookmark.

And now, the CDC says 88,709. See how easy that was?

I'm behind in my reading. I just downloaded five new Imperial College Reports. I'll have to set aside some time to read them. Also, I'll note the lack of ads on the CDC site. I mean, I will consume ad supported media. But it's not a plus.

Hey, I often do these notes last minute. Many a day, the bulk is done lying in bed... except for walking information, which is usually done right after the fact.

And now, I feel like I have my content for the day. So, that's that. Let's see if I can be bothered to read a Report... tomorrow.

Moving On

The morning was spent buried in words... proofreading and writing.

Now, it's time for a little Music Appreciation, possibly a walk.

Touch the ball. Touch your face. We have transference. It makes no difference. This whole Lock-Down has been a giant Cluster.

Maybe, I should read one of those Reports when I get home.

If I remember, I should put the Cyclone Fence Picture at the top of the page. Though, that presupposes the photo turns out. I think it will look pretty cool through a filter. But one never knows.

I doubt I moved around enough, today. My neck has felt better.

Late Start

My neck (and eyes) have been bothering me as of late, so I am unmotivated to spend long stretches standing in front of my computer. Projects take longer if I break every few minutes. On the other hand, there is more to life than screens.

Movies and Writing: The day drifts away.

Report 17: a quick skim. Though, there's tons of data at the end. It took me longer than I would have expected to figure out how those percents were derived. Takeaways? Don't be old. Don't have co-morbidities.

FiO2: Enriched Oxygen.

I don't know much about Statistics, but I find it amusing/telling how many models there are: multiple models being an indication that the right model is not known.

Report 18: Effect on Malaria. I do not care.

Mostly, just writing and movies, again.

It sounds (so, rumours, again) like a fair number of Retail Establishments are having trouble. I'm sure we can expect many a Bankruptcy. Personally, I'm glad I didn't bet on Retail Stocks at the start of all this. But it ain't over. At some point, there's a Stock or two I'd like to own. In truth, I haven't pulled the trigger on a single Trade so far this year.

Report 19: The HIV Infection Rate in certain locales is just staggering... staggering.

These last two Reports are not all that impressive, to me. They concern unintended consequences, which at some point are a bit obvious; and so, I'd like a bit more (or really any, I saw none; but then, I flipped through the pages quite quickly) discussion on avoiding or mitigating the effects. I wonder the use, motivation, and politics behind such reports. I would think brainstorming on reducing the effects would be time better spent. Though, I suppose, something has to motivate such discussions. So perhaps, that is the intent. "Look. Folks are going to die unless action is taken... now. So, what are we going to do?"


Hey! I got an email, today. It doesn't happen very often. So, exciting stuff! And then, my Sweetheart spent a few minutes helping me craft an appropriate reply.

Before that, I'd done almost no writing. Having slept in, it's been a total Lazy Day.

Mr Duck was amazingly friendly. Not seeing him, I sort of snuck up. But he couldn't be bothered to move more than five feet away. Social Distancing at its most minimal.

Only Five Ducklings. But my eyes Suck so bad, who knows how many there were?

Oh, they are spraying for Weeds in the park. So, that kills that destination until the weekend. Maybe, I'll walk to the library. That's been on my list of things to do for Ten Weeks, now.

Let's go to sleep.

Advancing the date on this file has been the last thing I do each night for months now.

Yet Another Week

We are waking up later and have added Movies (which is shorthand for any Big Production Mainstream Video, TV, or whatever) to our morning routine.

Now, I proofread.

And in a second, I will take a break by listening to music and washing dishes.

I'm on a new park bench, which is not as Socially Isolated. I like the breeze. When I am dead and all is still, I will miss the breeze. I will miss those others who share the park with me much less.

Birds. Breeze. The smell of freshly cut grass. And an almost movie set absence of direct sunlight. Not dark. Not gloomy. Overcast. Indirect light.

I fall into myself, holding my breath as a Mother and Son jog by, over and over, doing their laps, breathing hard... no doubt, Killing Me Softly.

I wonder if That Song (you know, That Song) is so good that a Significant Portion of Americans should be condemned to sing (and/or hum) That Song to themselves (off and on) for the rest of their lives.

{Spurious references aside, The Song which prompted the comment is Old Town Road. Oh, it's a catchy little ditty. But I ask you, is it any good?}

If I had a Lawn Chair, I could set up camp in the middle of the park, king of all I survey, in a sea of green... just like her eyes, if I remember correctly. Though, I'd much rather tease and call them Sky Blue.

The House Music Fest was going to be this weekend... or today and tomorrow... or something like that. I wonder how I could celebrate, instead? Listen to House Music, sure... or my preferred alternative. But beyond that?

I've got no beef with the Lock-Down. Another night as I would have them. Eh, supper could have been better. The next one will be.

The shadow of a Tree Trunk put through The Golden Filter, the background texture is grass

Do you see The Ghost?

The top picture is just what it looks like: Looking Through the Gates of Hell.

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