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Week Three
And I'm Doing Fine.

A Boring Picture for boring times, that is the logic, anyhow, thin bricks, lined to make a wall, they are super wide bricks, maybe eight times as wide as high, and the layers going up are pretty even, mortar being a third the thickness of the brick, and the brick being divided into thirds, smooth, rough, smooth, so it very much is like four layers, soother, way more words than such an image deserves, but very fitting for these times


My mind is through worrying about The Virus. I have an answer. It's just a matter of time before I know if I am right or not.


Went for a walk at night. Fireworks in the distance. One siren. Not much excitement.

I'm guessing we'll be at 5,000 Dead by Sunday Night. I'm expecting The Stock Market to drop on the news. But my last Market guess was wrong. So, I have low confidence... and no new money on the table.

The Vid.

I saw a Mobile Medical Tent (probably yesterday) highlighted on Social Media. I don't want to wind up there. Abstractly, I'd rather die at home.

We are at Ground Zero for a Lightning Storm in the middle of the night. The Gods are angry.

Pan What?

I'm not concerned. I spent the morning (or what has become my morning) programming, which requires full concentration. I have no worries.

Spent the afternoon programming, as well. The Vid is simply not on my mind.

I worked out... ever so slightly.

The library is closed until, at least, April 7th.

A person could get used to this quarantine.


I am sure the Bailout Package will prove (in my eyes) to be one of the stupidest pieces of legislation ever passed.

My confidence in the powers that be is as low as ever.

I'm no longer convinced Quarantine is a meaningful response. It's certainly not an enlightened response.

I doubt The Death Toll will hit 25,000 by the first. Let us see how many days I was off.

I will guess 500,000 dead by the end of the year... by the end of it all. But it's just a number. Millions more World Wide.

My Darling is stalking me on Social Media, driving herself crazy in the process. It's fun to watch both sides of the exchange all at once.

July 15th for ALL Taxes.

I'm feeling tired and groggy. But it is late. And I didn't do much, today.

No NyQuil.
No Symptoms.

Maybe, I should switch my Social Media focus. I feel better after having read some technical stuff, far removed from The Virus.

Food Run

I've stopped bothering to try and limit my Social Media Consumption. It waxes and wanes.

Today will be our first food run... done by My Darling. But if she gets sick, so will I.

I'm off the Quil, so I shan't report my lack of doses... unless that changes.

The Pre-Shopping Jitters. Not me. Another. Though, on this cruise, if one goes down, we all go down.

Taking a walk. Lots of action on the street. Lots. Tons. More than I've ever seen in this neighborhood before. Halloween level action... just more old folks, as Halloween is more of a kids endeavour.

The smell of home cooked food (potatoes would be my guess) fills the air. Thus, this entire episode is transporting us backwards in time.

Other members in The Chain were upset to learn about the shopping. Oh, well. Can't win them all.

There might be some sort of peptide binding cure. If so, congrats on the speedy solution.

It would be nice to resume normalcy. I've lost The Spring. I'd prefer not to lose The Summer, as well.

so, if the previous was boring, this is stir crazy, it is a metal grid, shaped in squares, with each square consisting of four bars, with the squares alternating the bars horizontal or vertical, stare long enough and the eyes start switching around, boring, but less so, in desperation, the grid becomes interesting, hard to explain, not interesting and at the same time captivating, and then, when one bores of all that, there is the gravel trapped in the grids, this could make a wonderful wall poster, just not on my wall, I like white nothingness, the better to let my mind roam

What Day?

In editing the first two weeks, I noticed the desire (in myself) to know the day of the week. So, I shall include that now.

I have a massive headache. I usually blame working with weights, which I did a little bit of (and/or a little bit more than a little bit of) yesterday. And over the course of the last few days, I have been staring at screens almost non-stop. My neck sometimes hurts {I blame these headache on stressing my neck, so I mentally slipped from effect to cause there}} when I walk. And I walked yesterday... but not much. Now, excuse me while I go back to staring at screens.

Went back to sleep. So now, I'm basically getting up at noon. I need to change that around. Still, at the moment, I feel like crap.

The Death Toll is not as I would have expected. So, good job, everyone.

I still think India is going to get hit hard. I am unimpressed by their notion of Social Distancing... at least, from the videos I've seen.

Just got an alert (on both of my devices) that the state needs licensed health care workers. Sadly, I do not qualify.

If I was in the mood to be freaked out, that would have freaked me out.

A clay-ish alkaline smell has followed us on our walk. Spring? Fertilizer? A Crematorium? My bet shall be on Spring.

In the end {is this the end}, I think it was The First Grass Cutting of Spring.

Seeking Normality

Went to sleep a bit earlier to try and get back on track. The sunniest weather will be at dawn for the next while and I don't want to miss it.

I have mixed feelings about Social Media. I need to cut back. On the other hand, the anxiety it produces (or should that be excitement) from interacting with others may be a good conditioning tool. In many ways, I am my own Echo Chamber. {I don't get out much.}

Official cases hit 1,000,000, today. Also, I'm expecting US Deaths to top 5,000. So, I was a week off on the 25,000... or so, I'm guessing.

I don't know what stock trades to make.

I still don't know. I think I'll be happiest if I go long at 15,000 or in two weeks, whichever comes first.

Nice walk. Folks have luminaries set out. Maybe one in ten or twenty houses. But enough.

5,000 Dead. Sometime, 5th to 10th, we'll hit 25,000. My best guess is on the 8th. And the earlier dates are there mainly so I can just say I was a week off {on my first guess}. I'm guessing we'll peak in two weeks. But I tire of guessing. I have no idea. I'm flying blind.

Tomorrow, I'll look at stocks. But likely only make a play if it goes up. If it's down on the open, that will make for slim pickings.

The Calm Before

I cannot get the leverage I want over The Market. The bet costs 5-10% of the underlying issue for a mere two weeks... as I figure it, anyway. And my confidence is not that high. It is merely a bet. I'll likely go long (as in, buy a few more stocks in a week or two) and call it a day.

It should be a beautiful day. I intend to find some bench to sit on for awhile.

A very crowded, insanely crowded, movie set crowded walk. Nice sunny day. A long sleeved shirt was all I needed. Lots of chalk on the sidewalk.

I'm discussing an Unpopular Opinion on Social Media, at the moment. I can see why folks become Trolls. I'm learning a lot from half of the crowd. And the other half, I find dismissively amusing.

Our pod has been reduced to two, as the other three no longer trust us, are overly paranoid, and/or are simply using the aforementioned shopping expedition as a convenient excuse. Time will tell. Ironically, I have every reason to believe their behaviour at least equals ours for risk. But then, one's own risk is inherently unavoidable... or at least, reasoned and acceptable in one's own eyes.

I am told the foregoing news was sealed with a hug. So, um... I find it all quite amusing.

I still feel Bullet Proof. Though, I was annoyed on my walk when others infringed upon My Space.

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