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The Week... It Went.

I'm In Close-Out Mode.

I have a timer set up to alert me to the coming sunset.  For the most, I check the sunset out daily.  Sometimes only for a few moments.  But if it looks decent, I tend to devote upwards of a half hour to looking at the sky.  This one has been cropped to make my view of the sunset look much more grand than it is.  I only get a small portion of the sunset, maybe a quarter, maybe less.  Well, that is the horizon view, I do get the backside and those above.

Looks Pretty!

What fraction of the sky do you suppose I actually get to see? Between the buildings and the trees, my horizon is not what one might suppose.

A Light Mixture Of Work & Play

DREAM: On the edge of perception. But I am unable to remember or focus upon anything interesting.

So far, a quiet morning consisting of editing Last Week's Journal and watching Mr Rogers while eating the last of The Spaghetti.

Not much work, it turns out. I'm feeling Bored & Lazy.

WRITING: I think I can pull Buddy The Bee straight enough to post after a few more read-throughs.

FOOD: Homemade Carrot Curry Soup. Well, made from cans. So, um, not really homemade. But the base was pureed Canned Carrots. So, there was some degree of personal expression involved.

FEEL: I'm decompressing after being relatively angry... for maybe, a week... possibly, longer. Maybe, a sadness lingers. But I think I can fight though that. I hope so, anyhow. Anger is a tool. It's no longer the right tool. Neither is sadness. Dismay may be appropriate. I've tried on contempt. And it could have wings. But pity is a bit more reductive {i.e. reducing of others}; and so, may fit the bill better.

It is strange the things people say. If I get to flip through this world again, I want to pay closer attention to others. Also, honour seems like it might be an important thing to focus upon. But not the fake honour of obedience to authority. But rather, real honour... living with honour.

Tottling Along

DREAM: I was about to explain to a professor how I'd come to study environmentalism in London. But it was after five and they keep strict 9-5 Hours there. So, he was out the door and running away... presumably from the crazy student who was happy to keep going at 5:05... or whatever time it was.

WRITING: I'm pulling Buddy the Bee straight. Which in this case means, I'm watering it down.

EYES: They seem to be on an upswing... or I'm just getting used to this level of imperfection.

FOOD: Pea Soup... from blending up a can of peas.

Cancel Culture is nothing more than The Same Small Minded Bigots operating under a new name and identity.

I'm old. Death is calling my name... and He's whispering Siren Sweet.

WALK: Fall is starting. Leafs are falling. Or maybe, it's a reaction to the hot dry weather... call it a mini-drought.

WALK: Let's stress the system. Going for... ah, let's go for six.

I'm Daydreaming, at least. For the most, the problem is solved. Sure, there are details. But they are just that: unpredictable minor details for which advanced planning does not work. So, we are talking tactical maneuvers, not strategic planning, the latter being where I shine the most... or so, I would have you believe.


I wonder if there is a notation there?

FOOD: Duck Necks. Those gizzards in cranberry sauce are going to make a swell pate substitute, tomorrow.

And now, it's Music Time.

Maybe, I get angry to push out the sadness.

MEDIA: The Upside was good. A nice drama. But also, well measured.

Why The Middle Of The Week?

DREAM: I was in a film museum and woke up while travelling from the new wing to the old.

DREAM: The movie was over. So, we were leaving that multiplex I've discussed before. On the way out, I got separated from my companion. I waited for them. But upon re-arrival, I wasn't sure it was them.

WRITING: Data Dump Stuff

WALK: Four. It's hot out. And it's got to be a bad air day. I can feel it in my lungs.

MEDIA: Jerry Maguire

Eight Counted Out.

A Stroke Of Luck... Or So I Hope

Those spots make that Animal look diseased.

Let us be Good for Evil's sake and Evil for Goodness sake.

"When it's Time for The Hunt, I'm King of the Jungle... baby."

The King of Eight.
Eight is Great.

DRILL SARGEANT: "Or I will eat your S-Hole." "Do you know how many S-Holes I've eaten today, you S-1 POS!"

MUSIC: Green Day - Basket Case

MEDIA: Jumanji

MUSIC: Wham - Everything She Wants

I double-dipped sometime, today.

FOOD: Restaurant Ribs!
FOOD: Cheese Plate!
FOOD: Shrimp Cocktail!
FOOD: Cookie Crumble Sundae w/ Cinnamon Caramel Sauce!

Lying in bed at the end of the day. I think I'm all caught up. And I've got my food (and writing) planned for The 'Morrow.

WRITING: Day Off! I hope you could tell, I took the day off.

Darn Ear

DREAM: Packing and unpacking a car. I do a fair bit of moving in My Dreams. The Australian was collecting hats. That's someone I haven't thought of in a long while.

Late Start

WRITING: Data Dump... Dragon Bound and Minataur Tails failed marketing back up.


I suffer from excessive ear wax. I think it plays into allergies. My working conception is that allergies swell the canal, ear wax gets blocked; and then, if things go horrible wrong it forms a massive plug or an infection sets in. I've been battling this latest clog for upwards of two weeks. And tonight I alit upon the idea of using the Water Pik in my ear. [I am a fool.] Oh, I'm sure it was a bit dangerous. [Danger! Danger! Danger!] I should have started on low. [It was really painful at first.] But my ear is clear. It drilled right through the clog. Though, I really wonder how close I came to puncturing my ear drum. [Do not try this at home.] Still, I'm going to sleep with open ears. And really, as I get older and ear wax becomes a recurrent problem, I am trying all sorts of things I would have never tried in my youth. [So, maybe I've had a stroke or something... meaning, one should not trust my judgement.] I prefer the shower head. [Hubba. Hubba.] But I'm sure I will use the Pik, again. [We have established that I am a fool, have we not?] But on the absolute lowest setting next time. [{And now, it's the next day and my ear hurts. So, who knows what sort of damage has been done?}]

A Nice Cool Day

DREAM: Being in good shoes {can this possibly be what I meant (perhaps, I meant shape)}, there didn't seem much chance the golfer would break his legs. But I scooted my seat up so he'd have more room behind me in the minivan, golf clubs to the side.

DREAM: I was going to finger paint a flag onto the comforter... no, slip cover. But I never really got started.

I would hardly call my ear clear this morning. But it's not too bad.

WRITING: I posted some Dragon Bound Marketing Materials. The final edit took me a long hour. That might be all I bother with today. And, yes. These days it's more and more of a bother.

CLEAN: Air Filters. I scrubbed the shower half-heartedly a few days ago.

The ear clog is coming back. I'll have to take a long shower soon enough to try and attend to it.

Not caring changes one's perspective. Well, it's not really not caring. It's more of an assumption of failure, which changes the motivation, delivery, and expectation of the communication process.

WALK: Six.

EYES: Hard to keep open possibly due to dehydration. But I used Lubricating Drops. So now, it's just like I have a few large flat floaters gumming up the works.

My ear hurts. Maybe, that Water Pik wasn't such a good idea, after all.

I might be paying for that Water Pik trick for a long time. I'm starting to get shooting pain. Uh-oh...

Free Day

DREAM: That's a nice font. The mother of all...

DREAM: Probably, the hardest bus/train transfer door-set, yet. But it all ended in a double-skip jump over the ottoman style footrest and commercial fabric fronted seating, finally landing with a flip into a cushioned sectional end hub of a couch.

EYES: Newly awake, looking at phone with both eyes open, it was like looking through a layer of water, swirling tidal pools.

I believe (unfounded/unconfirmed) that for convenience sake (an unsupported supposition) that I was taught for age two at one and age three at two, by which time (can this hypothesis be generalized, tested, or proved), I like to believe the pace could have been quickened (with confounding trade-offs unknown).

MUSE: The Best Me (the problem) is one of expansion. At this point, The Best Me is a Billionaire Money Maker who Programs (all the base GNU Utilities, and then some), Writes (all my good stuff), and Composes and Performs a vastness of creative endeavour that is truly encompassing of the times. He comes with a heart and soul. But that's not what I'm talking about at the moment.

MUSIC: Flo Rida - Right Round, Wild Ones

MEDIA: Intellectual Discussions.

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Jamming that Water Pik into my ear just might have been a big mistake.

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