The Diary Project

A Year In Restaurants
Part II

The Diary Project is Born

No Do Overs

And less and less about food.

There are over a half million restaurants in the grand old US of A, so it should not be that hard to find a new one every time I want to eat out.

And since no one really cares about what I eat, let's find something different to write about.

2018 Edition

The Second Half of the Year

Also known as The Better Half

A grey brick wall that shines nicely A red coiling overhead door with primer showing through where the paint is rubbing off Beige cinder blocks, these three are all textures that I found to be interesting

La Futurano de Mexicano

The Future of Mexican Cuisine

A delightful sandwich, as time goes by, I forgive them more and more, we have a whopping big BBQ meat sandwich, chicken, pork, beef, with pickles, jalepenos, coleslaw, looks to be onions, very nice, with chips on the side And here we have a water meter, or at least, that is what I think it is, some kind of meter, with pipes and stuff, it goes with the post mainly because I had a bunch of images of the kitchen, blurry though they were, and in the end, I felt they would not do, and after that, I came up with the retro logic rationale that it is best not to see how things are made sometimes, so there is a theme, if highly tentative

The Southern Cross

BBQ & Art
Art & BBQ

Where Two Worlds Collide

Starting with barbecue:
Moving on to...
I'd have to say, 'All in all, it was a delightful day.'

Pizza, pure and simple, a close up, I guess I am going to include some food pictures, just cannot seem to get away from it, pizza, it was what was for lunch, and lots of it

Pizza for Two

Eaten By One

A Day In Two Parts

Eh, I have taken a liking to photographing peeling paint, here we have a steel door that is slowly fading away blue chalk on concrete walk, looks like a self portrait to me... or should that be, of me

Starting with the food:
Ending with the ambiance:
And since the text comes first (long before I review the photos of the day), I wonder what I will be posting. I know for sure any images of the high-wire act would have been disappointing. I guess, that's why I did not take any...

A Beer sign with tree leaves in the background, nothing more, nothing less

The Tasting Menu

A Taste of the Day

Items worth noting (on the day):

A crate or two of raw corn on the cobb juxtaposed with the 55 gallon drum of oil that will be used to cook it or to dip it in prior to serving A rocking chair on the grass, the best seat in the house, a sat in this for a bit listening to some form of music, it did not matter much what, I enjoyed myself thoroughly

The Day in Spades

Another Day... not much by way of food.

I didn't eat anywhere special, just what I'll call snacks twice. But what follows is more in line with what I think I want from this space from now on.

a splotch of paint, one on the other, taken somewhere, walking down the street, splattering paint from workmen, covering the black paint of pipes and street signs

The Pitts

Anything But

This is the dirt on the race track, dirt so black, so consistently black that it photographs white or greyish white, cool beans, like walking on the moon

Race Day

A Day at the Races

A Day that Went Racing On By

an image which has nothing to do with the outing, I just did not like what I had, stone pavers surrounding bark landscaping, the pavers cracking and spreaading into landscaping, caught my eye, and it has repeatedly made the cut, in that I have not cut it, time and time again

River Rat

My First Repeat of the Year!

an image which has nothing to do with the text, a wall, a silly sign listing out things not to be done, and someone plastered over the no skateboarding part with a skateboarding brand sticker, classic, I think the image looks nice, pleasing, self contained, safe

The Ball Game

Rooting for the Home Team

The windows of a skyscraper create a digitial reflection of the clouds in the sky, once again, something I personally find delightful, quite delightful

City Daze

Fun in the Sun

Lazy Days

The Life of Riley Continues

Two nice bowls of Korean food, rice meat, lots of vegetables, with the side dishes mixed in and to the side, oh, and along with soup, quite the mid-day bargain

Cowboy Bebop

Korean Food - Japanese Show

The side dishes are the best thing about Korean Food. Deep fried zucchini in a sweet fish sauce did not disappoint. The bland meat served in an ample bowl with rice and vegetable shavings needed the sauce. But then, dishes like this always need the sauce. That is what the sauce is for.

Arriving late, we got to sit next to the owner's table where all of the employees where grilling the new Haole Hire, daring him to eat the squid.

Clouds rising high, not quite storm, but getting there, I like clouds, like most humans, pretty colors, billowing static in which to lose ones mind

Street Faire

And there were food stalls in the street...

$20 Food
$20 Drink
Wow! Good thing I do not drink that much. It really adds up.

And then, of course, there was the loud music, eventual drunken brawl, and a quick cut down a back alley to avoid the police dragnet, looking for someone, who came no where close to matching my description.

Note, 'I regret nothing. Nothing!'

But 'Honey, I think, maybe, I'll stay in tonight,' you know, lay low for a while.

Classic Indian Buffet

No Photo
No Text

I wonder how many of these Ethnic Places are owned by the same clan?

A nice piece of wood siding with green from algae, very nice Where the weathered wood comes from, rest stations, sitting areas around the Lily Pond, a delightful little slice of paradise a different shot of weathered wood, green algae in the cracks, very soothing to me

Trinity of Two

And Two Makes Three

The bouys outline the race course for an Iron Man style swim a mile plus or go around twice for two miles, I like the way the sun is just poking through the morning overcase sky, look where it hits the water, its an empty picture, start of a day, full of possibilities

Weekend in the Woods

A Statement Not True on Either Count

Air Superiority

And Don't You Forget It!

Hay Fever

Or a touch of the flu? Doesn't matter. Summer's on the wane, no time to delay.

Jazz It Up

More jazz than you can shake a stick at.

No pictures, today.
I think I overdid it on Air Superiority.

Thrift Storing It

Not just a classy song, anymore.

Thai Food
Quality Tom Ga
Sweet Chicken Larb
Hot & Spicy KaPoW!

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

Slider King
Will do again (and soon, most likely), but the chocolate shake was the best part. The burgers were more of a fun gimmick than anything else.

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

'Yawn. I'm tired. Let's go home.'

These look like orange scales, sort of, they are colored lights reflecting off of curved stainless steel panels

Lyrical Poetry

Classical Opera free for the taking...

close up of a dart board

Holy Rollers

Hey! Isn't that the name of a song or something?

Window slats vertical bars of light, or cool stuff I saw on the wall, that really cannot be captured in film, because most of the cool part of this image has to do with motion, and the way the light shimmered in my brain


In Honour of the Storm

A delightful lobster salad, stupid expensive, but pleasing to look at

Peeling Pink Paint, also pleasing to look at, and a whole lot cheaper

Antiquities Roadshow

Fine Dining from Yesteryear

$2 Parking

the image is taken maybe a month after the text, still, sliding into fall, brings to mind a certain something, and as of mid october, this is about my best fall autumn leaf shot, leaves in a street, flowing gently

Sliding Into Fall

Call it an Indian Summer

Thus, the image is highly misleading and has nothing to do with the day.

A slew of race ticket stubs from Arlington International Raceway, so close, so far, I find playing the ponies to be a highly focusing activity, the day literally races by, no time to talk, I am a betting man

Race Day

No Time for Notes!

what we have here is a load of prime rib and a baked potato with about six pats of butter and a quarter cup of sour cream, this was decadently delicious Half of a Half of Duck is shown, almost all of that half of a half was leftovers and it lasted me for two scrumptious meals, duck, and orange sauce, on a semi-fancy plate, or really, not a fancy plate at all, as much as it would like to be

Honest Forthright Food

'What's the number on that wine, hon?'

I scored on the leftovers, as (partially) shown above:
Half a prime rib dinner, complete with butter ladened baked potato.

Half a duck with orange sauce.

And more bread sticks than you can shake a bread stick at.

Railroad tracks, nothing much beyond that, I must have posted a few dozen, half dozen, at least two or three other images very similiar to this one on the site, I find them soothing, close up of railroad tracks, that is what it is

Pre Trip Travails

The Calm Before the Storm


To the Satisfaction of Chuck & Marge

Whatever that might mean?

side of a commuter rail car, blurred as it or we go by, streaks of blue and grey

Day One
interior design, art decor, the lampshade at a restaurant, six bulbs glowing behind orange fabric

Day Two
A brick wall with a bit of graffiti, nothing more, nothing less

Day Three
All in all, a very good trip!

an image of a balcony, looking down to the floor below, desks beneath, hallways and offices across, all put through a filter making it hard to notice any details, maybe even what the picture is about... vertigo

Tour de City

It's Art!

lock boxes, bank vault safe deposit boxes, a study in silver and bronze

Sky Quest

Excuse me, while I touch the sky...

Old time greek or roman columns lit by orange and red lights, nightime delight, very regal... or spooky

Fields at Night

Studying the Great Outdoors while Safe Inside

The sun is in the background, solar flaring out the unimportant aspects, center right, we see the outline of a bonsai tree through a shade screen, with the image reflected off a pool of water in the foreground, it is a complicated image, but as only the sun, bonsai, and reflection have much illumination, they pop, I like it, it was very warm where I was sitting, along with being tired on a cold day, the moment had that glow, which the image captures nicely, take it that my emotional point of view and the bonsai were likely highly congruent

The Colors of Fall

It'll be all white, soon enough.

I think it is a bit high, but only a bit, it is the dial on an old time scale, showing my weight at 231 pounds

Choose Your Illusion

A Study in Smiling

A simple mainhold cover, drain cover, with green flourescent paint sprayed into the center, causes it to glow, plays tricks with the eye, boring and weird, taking the time, it can be captivating

Floating Sideways

Always Strange What Sticks Out

A nice view looking up, steel sculpture in the foreground, hazy half lit sky in the background similar to other, different view and angle, the color pops, the yellow, reds, and orange look all the brighter for the dull gray background

Post Election Blues

Keeping On Keeping On

A path through a forest at the height of autumn, it started raining towards the end, misting throughout, it was a wonderful stroll, easy, carefree

A Walk in the Woods

Some corners of the universe are more photogenic than others.

There really is nothing else to say.

A light fixture with light flare double, just abstract photographic realism, or some such

Chess Board World

White on Black

Time for Tea

It's Tea for Two

Christmas Wander Land

Wandering, truly and for real.

Just Like Ground Hog Day

Better the First Time Around

Ironically, for the past few entries, I've been wanting to save any images for more extensive write-ups... you know, not wasting them, here.

Snow Day

No School!
No Work!
No Way!
No How!

Indoor Flea Market

In With the Old!

Artsy Fartsy

Worst Play Ever!

A Cold Day

So Very Cold...

The Final Countdown

As in, The Final Countdown

End of Year

The Final Debriefing

And after all is said and done, I am pleased with the way this project has swerved. The outing synopsis are far more important to me. The flavour of a day trumping the flavour of a meal any day, week, or month of the year.

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I promise.

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