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Who would have known the tragedy to follow?

Light Poles Backed by Puffy Clouds with the blue peeking through, it is one of those near art photography shots that I seem to like

These events precede the first Virus Watch entry. Originally, I had planned to work Virus Watch as a separate project concurrent with The Diary Project. But that was not to be.

Thoughts From A Quieter Time

A Short Rant
Composed In The Dark Of The Night

I am not going back to sleep. This, too, is normal. So, let me take the time to outline the process.

I scanned my Driver's License, which brought up my information. A sticker was printed and placed in a book. I signed the sticker. I was told my signature did not match that which they had on file. So, I signed again. There being no other place, I signed over the first. Do not tell me how anyone would be able to make heads or tails out of that mess. Thus (unsurprisingly), I was told the signatures still did not match. They started the process of changing my signature in the system, thus proving the signature step was idiotic, as they had enough information to believe the one standing before them had precedence over any signature in a remote database. But I declined to change my signature in the database, as that way leads into endless misery. At which point, the other judges started weighing in. Rules be rules, so I got no support. I like how the one started talking about how they supposed I was going to start talking about my Constitutional Rights. But I don't think I was causing trouble, merely politely (and I do think I was politely) standing my ground. Anyway, after three judges weighed in against me, basically as a matter of principle, the one saying to the other, "I got your back no matter what you want to do," (and a fourth chiming in un-clearly, causing me to doubt even now their intent), the supervisor cleared me to vote based upon my ID, which if you'll recall is how this whole escapade started.

But that's not the chief reason for this aside. Rather, I wanted to highlight the numerous (and convoluted) steps in the voting process.

After being cleared (yes, you are you), I was issued a chip card, which I inserted into a touch-screen monitor, where I made my voting selections. After which, I printed my ballot, which another worker initialled, revealing my 'secret vote' as they did so. I commented on this, as it did seem rather sloppy. To which, they said they couldn't see anything. But that's not really the point. I could see that my ballot was revealed, so privacy denied. This time, another referee basically took my side, showing how they did it a little differently, so as to preserve privacy. Amusingly, they dropped another's ballot while demonstrating their process.

Finally, after initializing, the printed form, which originated from digital input, is scanned back into digital form.

So, talk about a convoluted process.

Anyway, the intent is not to be mean or call anyone out. In fact, I elbow bumped (like a casual fist bump in these strange Viral Times) one of the judges on the way out. So, no hard feelings. There really aren't. I mean, I'm saying 'they' (rather than 'he', 'she', or 'it') and omitting the slightest bit of identifying detail. But both the process and my experience with the process seemed a bit sloppy, leaving plenty of room for error, as caused by an over-abundance of humans; where really, there need only be one... the voter in question.

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And ya'll thought Diaries were boring.

This one comes complete with the possibility of Voter Fraud and the onset of a Plague.


Personally, I can't wait to see what the Rest of The Year brings.

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