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The Pointer on an Industrial Weight Scale, it indicates a weight of slightly under 220lbs

Two Years... and counting

A Day

SORT: I went through the loose CD's and Liner Notes, getting rid of almost all. I'll start in on the Jewel Packaged Sets, next. These first sorts are the most fun. Since I don't have a player, it's not so relevant to keep any of the CD's. But some might be squirreled away for Presents... or package filler amongst Real Presents.

In the shower, I was working out the rules for Licensing Minataur Tails. No one has ever asked. And I probably never sent out a single Query Letter. But still, it could happen. Anyway, the concept was Licensing for a Low Budget Minataur Tails Movie, which if Profits are denied (no tickets, no advertising, no pay walls, no forced concessions) the Licensing Fee could well be Zero. Obviously, Terms and Conditions Apply. And I settled on a 10x Penalty (1000% of Gross Admission Receipts if charged, and so on) plus Attorney's Fees for infractions. So, it's not exactly a Give Away.

Minataur Tails, I question if I am spelling that right.

CIV: The Ram God - Cooked Map: T250: A Solid Start. Don't be fooled into thinking I will be reporting that much or that my syntax is set. Still, an hour or two went into this activity. The Time simply Melted Away... and/or Disappeared. Much like MEDIA and (to a lesser extent) READ, this is Reported in Greater Detail elsewhere.

CIV: T400: Wonder Crazy! I like The Shiny Stuff.

Thundering. Rain is on the horizon. Our Apartment does not have a good view. I'd like to be able to enjoy the storm. I'm standing outside to enjoy the wind. I could just walk around the block. But I doubt I will.

MUSIC: Dune - Forever Young
MUSIC: Sefa & Crypton - Nobody Knows: That middle part.
MUSIC: Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams: I hardly ever listed to this song. There are other Green Day songs I listen to more often. I liked the Oscillating Reverb at the start. I'd never noticed that before. Headphones really are the way to listen to music.

SORT: The odds of me keeping a single CD are very remote. Eh, maybe as presents. But the last twenty went straight to The Bin. {I will not be saving any.}

EYES: Very blurry. I see through a haze. I'm going to chug some Vegetable Juice.

Huge parts of My Life have been a preparation for Death. I don't need to prepare anymore. I'm ready.

It's time for some Hedonism.

Standing in front of a Computer, My Body tires differentially. My legs go first. I really just need to exercise more.

MUSIC: Green Day - When I Come Around
MUSIC: Green Day - Longview
MUSIC: LSD Problem: And yet, the song is primarily about a DMT Trip.

READ: Cantor's Infinity! Actually, I remain skeptical. I wonder if there is any practical use.

Call Me Cookie

DREAM: What's with the Tigers? It started out angry when trapped in The Cave, which might have had something to do with us poking him with Metal Siding. But the moment he escaped, The Tiger stopped running and came back purring. Are you supposed to trust A Purring Tiger?

DREAM: The Bus was driving down a Swampy Riverbed (highly reminiscent of The Duck Pond). The driver switched to the narrow shoulder, more like a footpath. But "It's OK if we get stuck," I said. "There's more than enough of us back here to push it out." That could have been some sort of Thought Smuggling / Dream Smuggling Operation... opening up a New Neural Connection.

DREAM: It was a Western. I had a nice sharp knife. There was a severed hand. In fact, Explosive Violence was always on the edge. Ironically, The Locals had seen this movie before. It was on a loop, playing all weekend on the TV. So, it was sort of silly to wager on The Spin of a Roulette Wheel, as the outcome was known. But I came up with the idea of switching tapes, changing the spin In Movie, and collecting In Bank {i.e. lots of money}. It never got that far. But the results would have been interesting. Very LARPy.

EYES: Rejoice in the slide or get them looked at.

MATH: Cantor's Diagonal Proof (was this even Cantor), wherein the Real Numbers are listed and a new Real Number is created by changing The Digit xi in each Number ri fails on two accounts:
1) The newly created Real by definition already exists in the Set of All Reals.
2) Since each Real Number thus processed reduces The Remaining Reals in the Solution Set by 10% (only 1 in 10 Real's ith digit is equal to x') the whole exercise reduces to solving:   ∞10-∞ = ?

MATH: I'm, also, not convinced there is a meaningful distinction to be found between Countable Infinities and Non-Countable Infinities.
∞ = Integers
∞ = Positive Integers
∞ = Odds Numbers
∞ = Even Numbers
∞ = Every Millionth Number
The question becomes one of Splitting Infinities.
If:   ∞ / ∞ = ∞
Then:   all Infinities are equally Uncountable... or Countable, depending upon one's preferred nomenclature.

Eh, that might have saved me a Rant. Though, I can feel it building steam. And the above is a bit curt... and mainly for The AI's. We didn't all think the world was flat, if you know what I mean.

MATH: In a Pure Sense, I believe almost any Operator (+, -, etc) on either ∅ or ∞ is meaningless. Of course, much of Math is Not Pure. It always matters the utility. What is gained?

MATH: For 1.000... = 0.999 to be true, at some point (for some Integer i, say at ∞), 10(-i) = 9*10(-i-1). But two different numbers are never equivalent. So, The Proposition is False.

MATH: Meaning, I am happy to accept these concepts (that I have been reading in regards to Infinity) as Axioms, but not as Proofs.

Writing the above, along with a Sh!t, Shower, and Making Hot Chocolate represents 90 Minutes of My Life. I have a feeling I'm doing it wrong. But then, it flew right by.

SORT: I kept more CD's than I discarded this round. I tend to do that towards the end. I need to have something in the stack for the next pass. I started reading lyrics. Also, I hit upon musical groups (and/or artists) that I like.

COOK: Jambalaya!

EYES: Blurry. Really Blurry. I didn't really notice until I started cooking. So, now I'm chugging water, which helps a little.

EYES: The fact that my eyes bother me means I can still see. As in, pain is Nature's way of letting you know you're still alive.

@PB: I have no respect for PC Culture. It seems like every battle they win loses them another ally in the war. Sure, they will win The Coasts. But I have every expectation they will lose The Heartland. In the case at hand, it feels like an ambush. As in, "Go ahead. Make my day. I dare you." And since I believe the declaration was made well in advance, it's hard to get excited when someone gets caught in the cross-hairs. Or maybe, I'm an Insensitive Brute.

FOOD: Jambalaya! Yep. First, I cooked it. Then, I ate it.

Dreams Of Infinity

DREAM: An Advanced Aptitude Test was being administered. I opted to go for Writing as that's what my Guidance Councillor advised.

DREAM: In a Child's Body, I sought out the family I would have had in this Alternate Universe and lived with them for awhile.

CODE: Judging The Judges: I touched Code. It counts.

WRITING: Judging The Judges: ditto

SORT: Bad Poetry Set To Music

SORT: I think the thing to do from here on out is listen to a Sample Track (Streaming, not from the disc), prior to throwing the remain CD's out.

MUSIC (sort): Hotel Costes - Djako: I could see it as background music in an Upscale Boutique.

MUSIC (sort): Hotel Costes - 9 (album): I'll never remember that Tag sequence.

CIV: Slow and Steady. Captured a City. Declared Peace, and Pulled Back, to avoid a Collateral invasion.

TAXES: 8949

FOOD: Blueberries, Yogurt, and Cinnamon. At 2:53PM, it's my first food of the day other than Hot Chocolate (2) or a few sips of Milk.

WALK: To The Far Park and back... and back again. I will be most appreciative when the Public Restrooms open. On the other hand, if it weren't for The Vid, I'd be taking Weekly Walks in The City, clocking 10+ Mile Days.

MATH: I expect to start a Full Blown Rant on ∅ & ∞ in the morning.

MUSE: We have a girl in boots standing puzzled outside a door. A boy opens the door, tosses her the rest of her clothes, before closing the door... and opening it one last time to instruct, "Tomorrow. Here. Six. Figure out where you'd like to eat," before closing the door for good. Please imagine the girl smiling, before looking around sheepishly, and donning her clothes... a slip over dress, I'm thinking.

R&R: 3x1-1

MEDIA: Upload: Finished.

MEDIA: Eureka: I'm liking the start. But I'm afraid they are introducing too many characters, stretching themselves too thin.

EYES: Going Blind is good practice for Growing Old. Everything gets harder: tottering, uneasy steps.


WRITING: Some Musings On Infinity

FOOD: Raisin Bread French Toast with Blueberries and Maple Syrup

CIV: Time Passes


COOK: Andouille Spaghetti

WALK: 5PM. Well, that's what getting out of bed at 9:30 will do to you.

They have been dubbed "AIDS Apples!" So, I guess we won't be eating them. Hope the squirrels enjoy. {So far, not too much. But there are the start of nibbles. So, the squirrels have found them.}

A Day Off

DREAM: I do more Sorting than I would like in Dreams. More running away and hiding, as well.

DREAM: I had Bofoo Bucks. But I promised the one. And that's all they were going to get.

DREAM: The Drug Deal had gone bad and I was running... hard. It's this sort of Dream I could do without.

MEDIA: Eighth Grade: Maybe, the thing to do is try and record the first instance and let the others be inferred. We watch during meals... and then some.

CIV: The Ram God: Game 10: I'm not so good. But practice makes perfect.

EYES: My Eyes hurt in a way (right or wrong) that I relate to increased pressure. And now, they are quite blurry. But I'd have thought I'd hydrated enough. Apparently, not.

TAX: 1040 Start

MUSIC: 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
MUSIC: Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song: I usually listen to these together in the opposite order.

CIV: T300: If I can Chop Out The Hanging Gardens in time, all will be well. Of course, that doesn't take getting Attacked into account.

There is Thunder. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd still be playing.

MUSIC (sort): The W's - The Devil Is Bad: New Orleans Big Band Christian Rock... or so, I will claim.
MUSIC (sort): Moses
MUSIC (sort): Open Minded: Reminds me of The Stray Cat Strut.

FOOD: Shrimp Mango Salsa

MUSIC: Lots & Lots: Bowie, Big Country, Peter Schilling (I think), Johnny Cash - Hurt, Bon Jovi - Dead Or Alive, and more, all from memory, random order {the order listed is not necessarily the order in which I listen to them}.

EYES: They hurt. I assume pressure or sinuses. They feel clearer. Less internal confusion. But there is a decided haze. {And here, a few days later, while doing the edit, I am inspired to drink an extra glass of water.}

I have a desire to work on Poetry or Bad Song Lyrics... or maybe, that should be Bad Poetry or Song Lyrics.

EYES: Pain. A degree of clarity. Also, I'm dizzy. So, likely sinuses.

Just Playing Games

Sahara Sunrise!

I woke up early. Anger will do that. An anger slowly turning to an all pervasive sadness. I have little forgiveness... for myself or others. After all, there's no reason to be hypocritical about these things.

EYES: Woke up hurting. That's unusual.

MUSIC: Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song: Let's listen to a sad song.

CIV: To start the day. Let us drive out other thought.

MUSE: Is this the right Tag? I often (well, not that often) go back in time (this part is near continual, certainly it's a near daily occurrence) and pretend (and/or imagine) I am a Master Fencer. Though, I usually choose a Sabre. Anyhow, today, I am Kicking @$$! The full-on smack of a wooden sword doubling others over, as it breaks in half. Death To All! I have little desire to learn how to pull my punches or to play nice during a spar. In that way lies weakness.

CIV: 036-10-03-T400: That's my Save File format. I'm now at T425. Since I record My Civilization IV Games in great depth elsewhere, I shall not double up here. In fact, since it's all Time Dated (complete with Logs and Notes), I question what Value Added this entry provides.

SORT: I walked the vast majority of The Discs back out to The Bin, putting them on top of a Recycling Container. I expect to report that they were nabbed by another, later. We'll see. {Taken or tossed into The Bin. One never knows. But it seemed like good treasure to me.}

EYES: The Left (note, how I don't even call it My Left) Eye is dying. It's getting harder to ignore. And yet, somehow I manage.

MUSIC: Kai Tracid - Luminosity Beach: {I assume this is spelled correctly. But it's (exactly) the type of thing I never bother to check.}

MUSIC (sort): Bee Gees - Night Fever, Stayin' Alive, My Baby Moves At Midnight, Subway: It's interesting to read the lyrics. Some of them, I did not know.

MUSIC: Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love, Too Much Heaven, Emotion, To Love Somebody, Massachusetts: {This last was really old, like from 1963. It was a whole different schtick, back then.}

MUSIC: Bob Dylan - These Times they Are A-Changing: Viewed as the introduction to the Watchmen Movie, an awesome bit of video.

R&R: 3x1-1

MEDIA: Gavin & Stacey

VISION: From much earlier in The Day (The Morning, actually), Three Swim Cap Wearing Auntie Momma's were bobbing up and down in The Water. {Have I explained Visions? I close my eyes, but still see... sometimes. Sometimes, that which I see is fairly cool. Often, it corresponds to nap time, so not quite a Dream.}

WALK: Sunset is a Good Half Hour later than I had thought.

So Much Game

DREAM: I only really remember the final bit, which included making a Blueberry Smoothie with Lime Juice. Let's just say, it {any Dream Activity, basically} can be quite problematic.

CIV: I started the day with this. I am sure I will play off and on throughout the day. The Game is in the bag... or so I believe. Mine To Lose, if you know what I mean. Barring items of major interest (or for which I feel compelled to write), I'll not make much note. {Yeah, I should not be so cocky. A few days later and The AI is fielding massive Stacks. And it seems more likely my lead is narrowing rather than growing.}

I have been thinking about taking another Virtual Vacation. Major Contenders include, Iceland again (not really), Prague, or some Fictional Local... perhaps a Border Town or some Elven City.

Showering has replaced TP since the start of The Vid.

MUSIC (sort): Late Night Space Flight with Guest Dubathonic: Dubathonic was the search term. I think the album I have is He Sang His I Did Not. The video has had 129 Views. I do not know if that count includes my view or not.

MUSIC: John Denver - Annie's Song: Or as others have been known to say, "You fill up my census..." {It's a pun, substituting census for senses, indicating one's work was done for the day. Hearsay of Hearsay. But it has stayed with me.}

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