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Welcome To Summer

A Kite Caught in a Tree, the Sun Shining Through the wreckage A Crow resting in a tree (close up, branch centric, both sort of under a branch, as well), surveying his domain, looking over across at the preceding photo of a kite stuck in a tree, honouring the fallen
Sky Pilot I & II

The Month that was May

Those who do not remember their Past Lives are doomed to repeat them.

DREAM: Volleyball (not very well by me) and a Pile On, which I went along with, as Why Not? Partially Lucid.

RUNE: White Poker Chip. #51 - Swim Token. From Summer Camp. This replaces The Pocket Knife, as Rune of The Moment.

I can't remember ever Physically Playing (i.e. Rough Housing) with My Father.

Is there a meaningful difference between Revenge and Self Defense? Especially if The Policy is well understood?

WALK: Warm Summer Breeze. I do like The Wind.

Do Not Feed The Ducks! This Means You!

FEEL: I would say (or like to say) The Anger is less intense, but it Kept Me Awake for 3-4 Hours, last night.

MEDIA: Bringing Up Baby. The disc was bad. So, we just finished watching, after starting weeks ago.

"Sunday!" Whisper Man explains, "The Day Before Monday!" Whereupon, Whisper Man pauses, once again, letting the tension rise, prior to landing The Counter Spin, "Is No Good For Me! I'll Still Be Up At The Lake Fishing!"

Whisper Man! Trolls Out The Trouble! This Summer at a Theater near you.

DREAM: I tend to {not regularly, but not too uncommonly} shake and shiver, as I drift off to sleep. I assume it's a side-effect of some hormone... or switch in the brain.

Does any {Non-Human} Animal have a Language or Communication System that can be considered Turing Complete? This may well be The True Dividing Line.

No Function knows where it lays in The Chain of Functions. There may always be Unseen Functions in either direction.

F (x)

An Isolated Activity Composable with Other Isolated Activities creating A New Isolated Activity.

TRUE (by whatever measure) stays TRUE Throughout. While FALSE will remain FALSE... if for a growing number of reasons.

↠ is F(x)'s Horizon. {↠ being both the input and output. In other words, a Function can be sure of itself, but nothing more.}

I can't be bothered to care about other people. Mostly, I just want to be left alone.

And that's how long a half-hour lasts.

FOOD: Thai Beef Salad

Things Change. And with those two words, I have commented on the situation enough. Things Change.

The Old Recording (now deleted) said, "A blatant disregard for my wants, needs, and desires." If only a bit louder, Whisper-Yell Man would have been quite proud and the recording may have been posted. As it is, The Voice Quality & Amplitude was too low to be of any use. Even I could barely make out the words.

The {apartment} heat is still on. {We have externally regulated radiators.} I'm sweating in shorts and no shirt, even though it's a mere 53° outside.

FEEL: Let's Fight!

WRITING: "- spell - edit 1 2 3" has become "- se123" in order to shorten the name of my working files. Most writing gets edited twice, checked for spelling, and edited one last time. Some really need it. To save time, it is tempting to delete that last edit.

{I believe the cause of this Change in File Labelling Nomenclature came about in conjunction with a desire to include both Line & Character Counts in the names of certain documents. As it stands, the current document (this page) resides at 36,051 Characters and 727 Lines. If that changes significantly (in the downward direction), I've inadvertently deleted content. Something I wish to know about.}

Anarchist: Someone who opposes the forced acceptance of externally implemented hierarchical power structures.

MEDIA: Christ - Messiah, Man, or Myth? I like the idea of Myth... just a made-up story from beginning to end.

An All Powerful Being can execute error prone code. Paradox does not exist for such a being.

FEEL: Not Happy. Not Proud. Not Thankful.

There ain't a gosh-darn reason to do a gosh-darn thing.

WALK: A scooter is parked against The Bench with nary a child in sight.

I, also, happen to believe that Jesus as Created Fiction is Theologically just as strong as Jesus as Messiah for anyone who wishes to empower it as such via the route of a Divinely Inspired Myth. What better test of faith than believing in something that patently isn't true just because your God commands it?

And that's how I know I don't have The Vid.

FOOD: The Orange I was saving spoiled. "So, that's what's been smelling." Bummer.

God: The instantiation of that which is possible.

DREAM: Near Valet Parking! I could get used to this!

Dive Bombing Crows! I assume some other bird (or birdling, a chick, I suppose) is no more. In hindsight, as the two flew away, it could be interpreted as fighting over food, fighting over the catch, the one trying to snag it away from the other.

Going Low/No Carbs is a bit of an eye-opener. I consumed (and really, still do) massive amounts of carbs. It's, basically, My Preferred Food Group.

Is Free Market Capitalism anything more (or less) than The Economic Instantiation of Selfishness? I guess I would replace it with Moral Economic Integrity. But that might be Difficult to Codify. All the same, shall we try?

Diversity of Output
Compensation a Secondary Concern

I would guess that I'm advocating Artisanal Art. Plumbing as Art, for instance.

My mind turns to Physical Site Security. And the first thing I learn is that it's important in both directions.

"It's like watching a cat swallow milk."

It's a damp day. And my Internet Speed seems faster.

A bit later, The Internet doesn't seem so Hot to Trot.

Neither Logic nor Reason is The Appropriate Standard.

The Hotel is The Show. The Destination is The Attraction. Fictional Fun on top of An Awesome Physical Reality.

Hold That Chest High, Boy!
Hold That Chest High!

I am Behind in My Correspondence with The Voices in My Head.

It's the biggest Marshy Field around.

How are Barns Descented? De-smelled?

This Day in Rock History. Learn It. Live It. Love It. Could be a project. Eh, I already have that project.

FOOD: Cinnamon Toast Oatmeal!

WALK: I made it to a slightly further park. There are restrooms, here. But I question whether it was worth the effort.

I need a Disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: Thoughts. Not Facts.

A Block-Chain is a String of Bits: Electronic Zeros & Ones. A Crypto-Currency (Coin, Link, Whatever) represents Partial Control (i.e. Ownership) of some portion of The Block-Chain (i.e. a String of Bits).

Most Strings of Bits are worth nothing. And I would expect The Long Term Valuation of most Block-Chains will be nothing, as well.

I would expect The Fair Market Valuation of a Working Block-Chain (as with any other asset) to be equal to its replacement cost, which for a Block-Chain consists mainly in Mining Bounties & Transaction Fees.

Since (if one agrees with the above) the only Inherent Value of a Working Block-Chain is The Potential to Collect Fees, I fail to see how someone paying such a fee can expect to make money in the long run... especially as New Block-Chains Enter The Market, presumably at ever falling prices, ever closer to Fair Market Valuations, The Operating Costs.

Thus, I am a Block-Chain Bear.

I view The Current Mania as Pure Speculation, nothing more than A Gamble.

DISCLAIMER: I know almost nothing about either Block-Chains or The Market.

{DISCLAIMER: I know almost nothing about pretty much everything.}

CIV: I am playing a new game with The Thomas' War Mod, using Isabella as a Defensive Team Ally. It will be a Blow-Out. So, let's see how long I maintain interest. Loads of new Wonders & Religions. This Builder is having fun.

DREAM: Hockey. Why?

It's not so much that I Believe in Reincarnation, as I recognize I am Living a Life wherein I would greatly Benefit from Reincarnation. I'm sort of Inclined to Prepare for it.

I'm doing Exactly what I am supposed to be doing, by way of Repaying Society. Sure, it's not Hard Science. But how much is One Correct Musing Worth?

{No one Bats at 1.000. 100% Accuracy is not possible. Perhaps, the more relevant question becomes, how much chaff is it worth sifting through in order to find a single grain of wheat? Is the needle worth the haystack? Of course, for me, it's really just a forward progression (with plenty of twists, turns, dead-ends, and turn-abouts) motivated and assisted by the writing process.}

Especially considering, on top of everything else (not that I am sure what that everything else consists of), I'm retired. I already worked a career. By The Rules of The Game (which suck so bad, who could ever consider them a meaningful yardstick or benchmark), I've already Paid My Dues.

MEDIA: Your Highness

Play The World To A Millionaire's Tune

Slaver nor a Guilty Man Be!

I don't like people that much.

Maybe, it's just that The Price of Admission was Too High. I'd have to leave my world (of daydreams and whatnot) and join you in yours, a world which is, presumably, full of Petty Concerns and Tedious Mundanities.

I have An Avoidance of Tight Squeezes. I always want to be able to get out.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sometimes ya got to Come Back for a Visit if ya want to attend yer own Going Away Party.

FOOD: Roast Lamb, Green Bean, and Turnip.

3'?: Question The Third Eye

FEEL: Tired. Lazy. Lethargic.

It's 9:24PM. And this is my second post on the day... very atypical. On the other hand, I have been playing CIV. And that requires a certain amount of writing for The In Game Notes.

CIV: Thomas' War. Wheel Map. I'm probably going to abandon this second game using The Mod, as My Current Play Style has no need of a complicated Mod.

DREAM: A Winner!

DREAM: I got to live a Daydream, be that which I am not... with all the contradictions that implies.

In The Game of Life, what's the difference between being a PC & NPC?

FEEL: Pretty Darn Good. Giddy, in fact,

WALK: Crow!

I will not be Collecting Baseballs, this year.

Within a moment (call it a single thought process), I am willing to believe absolutely anything.

{If I examine the moment, I am here. No future. No past. Just now. Who is to say I was not created for this moment? Who is to say I exist for longer than this moment? And in this moment, that moment, or any moment, I react to my senses, based upon my inclinations. You may find solidity. But the harder I look, the less I am inclined to agree.}

EYES: Goopy.

I am not a scholar.
I am not a scientist.
I am not a sage.
What does that leave?
A Superstitious Slacker Going My Own Way!

DREAM: My current wireless headphones plugged into a phone. I adequately handled the first call, soliciting business advice; but got none. And after hearing problems {I no longer know if this means a lack of auditory volume or the presentation of a concern; but if I had to guess, I would assume the later}, he had to go, "I'll be available tomorrow." In the second call, a telemarketer was hawking Free Phone™; but could not tell me The Plan Details. Presumably, his Charity would benefit (some Funeral Home Thing); but I could not ascertain the terms or what my $15 bought me. And then, as I'd been pulled through the phone (imagine other end, visualize, see, am there), I was more interested in the associated Charity Candy Store.

I like Naps, Second Sleep, and the like.

I'm tired. Probably, more from lack of interest than lack of sleep.

RUNE (out): #51 makes noise in my pocket. I was using it to twirl about in my finger, the other day. It's a Camp Swim Token... so, Associated Memories.

RUNE (in): O-Pal. Cats-Eye (shape thereof, slit eye front). Small Polished Egg. A Crystal Ball. Powered Charm.

WRITING: In many ways, The Qualitative Trend has been Strictly Downward.

Is The Physical Brain not an Organ adapted through The Process of Evolution for use as a Material Loci (i.e. a body, nest, and/or home) for a Spiritual Being (natively, not of this plane, but with an intersection {read: interface} into this plane) which exists Symbiotically (providing a net benefit to each: using a standard gross less loss equation) with Its Host the aforementioned Physical Brain?

PROPOSED: The Brain is a Spirit Attracting Organ. In the end, The Brain does not so much Think, as Receive.

Please argue, for or against.

Using The Equation of One's Choosing (Gross Less Loss or Similarly Respected) Create a Scenario in which a Lower Net Benefit Symbiosis is replaced by a Higher One: Use Examples from History or intertwine with Fiction, as desired.

"Chill-lax, it's a Take Home Test. You got All Semester, dude."

I think; therefore, I am. Does Descartes Prove It?

"I don't know, dude. Sometimes, I just find myself wondering the same thing, myself. Like, maybe we ain't real. And like, maybe... you know, just maybe, we're not even standing right here."

"Well, man. If I flunk a course like that because some nutty professor got's some lame idea about homework and shift, I probably can live that down with my parents."

"You know how it is. I don't want to flunk out quite yet."

MEDIA: Back To The Future. I've contemplated a Greater Project. But this might just be it.

{I was greatly disappointed in The Back To The Future Franchise. There is way to much Negativity & Violence.}

Food Poisoning and/or The 24-Hour Flu

I enjoying stinking, these days... the more horrific my pits, the better.

EYES: I wonder if my "Food Poisoning" wasn't exacerbated by dizziness from off-kilter vision.

MEDIA: Back To The Future II. Bail. Too Pointlessly Violent. Not Fun. Disappointing.

I'm sick. So, a lot less content this week. But a great week to Meditate.

If Schroeder's Cat resolves upon observation, why can the cat not observe itself and self-resolve? What makes Human Observation meaningfully more relevant than Cat Observation?

If Observation is Required to Resolve a Wave Form, does this not Imply The Certainty of Life? For, how else could The Wave Form Resolve?

{If Observation is required to resolve a Wave Form (a silly theory, if ever there was one), then no Wave Form EVER resolves (not ever) if there is no Observer. Hence, The Universe will ONLY resolve into a state in which Observers Exist.

Right there, we have the proof of the idiocy of the theory.

Proof By Ego!

If I don't know about it, it might as well not exist.}

DREAM: Bandage consisting of Micro-Fibers as used in Water Purifier Filter Straws to wick liquid away from wound.

In Dream, the fibers were aligned horizontally across the length of the bandage. But if I were to implement, I'd do more of a vertical crimp weave, maximizing the number of tubular ends at the site of the wound.

The first night (going on four days ago), I puked a good six times; the second, only twice. And please, with Data Points like that, don't try to tell me I don't bring the goods.

What can I tell you about being sick? I feel fine. My eyes are crap. I get dizzy easily. Standing wipes me out after a few minutes. I'm sitting in my chair with enough energy to write a few notes. But I won't be writing or standing at my computer. And at 3:49PM, I've only listened to 20 Minutes worth of videos. Talking, a bit. Mostly, just dangling my arm and enjoying the exhaustion... as long as my mind stays in Happy Mode.

EYES: Serious focal changes leading to dizziness. I'm hoping it's temporary and related to current electrolyte imbalances.

OM: I wonder how much Meditation is a Game for The Old, Sick, and Dying. Just breathe? I can do that. Just breathe? In times of stress, it can be a natural preoccupation... all I can do, in fact.

MEDIA: Upstairs Downstairs

DREAM: Surfing Contest Canyon. A highly repetitive theme in My Dreams. Similar to many a Snow Ski Run. Quite The Party!

MEDIA: Sir Richard Evans. Let's give him (and/or the institutions which enabled him and his like to be actualized: namely, Gresham College) a shout out.

I would wager The Modern American Fears Death much more than... well, almost any other group in history. Certainly, many other cultures had a much more cavalier attitude.

Humans are Self-Replicating, Self-Repairing, Autonomous Intelligences each having more Computational Power than all The Silicon CPU's (please, call them cores) on The Planet Combined. And on top of all that, they will do (i.e. work, as history has shown, time and time again, at) whatever is required to acquire a Minimal Daily Caloric Intake, Regardless of the Degradation, Morality, Pain, and/or Hardship involved. They simply are Not going to be Out-Performed (and therefore, replaced in any sort of organic manner) anytime soon.

The most likely exception (i.e. possible non-organic eventuality) comes from a Differential Power Dynamic; in that, one group (perhaps, a nation state) may (fairly soon) have in Robots what it lacks in Humans and Opt to Zero-Out Humanity in order to take the lead. I will leave it as an exercise for The Reader to laugh quietly to themselves, as They (Future A-AI Implied) explain what really happened.

AI, as I currently understand it, tends to mean Multi-Variate Statistics. It's both a Powerful and Impressive Mathematical Technique. But it's hardly going to Replace Humanity. It will take more than a Regressive Algorithm to do us in.

Mythigy: The belief that Jesus Christ never existed; and instead, was created from Hope & Whole Cloth; but this hardly matters, as not existing is not the sort of thing that could possibly keep The Son of God down.

In many ways, I find Thought as difficult to let go of as Emotion. But whereas Writing finalizes Thought, I am (as yet) unaware of The Functional Emotional Equivalent.

I know both have dissipated when I can (or have nothing better to do than) return to the swirling visions to be found behind closed eyes.

I do not honour non-binary (gender) distinctions. But feel free to be what you/them want to be on your/their own site/time.

DREAM: My Dad's Contact Lenses made an appearance... in a dust filled container, lenses lost, then found.

EYES: I sometimes forget the most pressing complaint can likely be lessened by cataract surgery. But I'm not working on that today, this week, or likely, anytime soon.

MEDIA: Monkey w/ Nina Conti. F'ing Amazing! I mean, sure, he's a bit crude, base, and animalistic; but then, what do you want out of a monkey?

Do not dismiss Mythigy. I hope there is a God. I hope this reaches Him/Her/We/Them. I hope this works. Mythigy is an interface as valid as any other for Communication & Communion with one such as He. After all, I am so little and insignificant, I'm hardly the limiting factor in any such exchange.

Mythigy: God is amenable to whatever modality of communication a petitioner may desire.

Logic is, of course, quite besides the point. But that said, I do enjoy The Next Logical Step in these forays.

Having accepted Mythigy, I can accept anything.

Chaos Dragon

Smells Like Summer

I lost a week to The Stomach Flu.

External Reality is the least littlest part of it all.

Roving Benevolent Nano-Machines Drifting On The Wind

New AC! Let The Summer Begin!

God is not a Merchant, Slaver, nor Banker. He does not employ such coin.

But then, if in all things he must...

Satan's Anonymous: Because Sometimes Even A Nun Gets An Itch

{Local Chapter}: Sunday Afternoon Football Watching Association

An Early Sign Of Spring: aka Spring

Keats or Yeats: The Better Friend?

When Life Becomes The Puzzle That Needs To Be Solved

My Better Half: A Siamese-Twin Reality-TV Show

Puppet Sues Creator For Time On Hand

Episode One: Let The Royalty Negotiations Begin

Since Puppet, clearly cuts too close to home (see recent influences), I would replace it with A Character Actor's donned Persona, who sues his creator (the dominant personality of the actor) for control of the shell.

Shell Game: Split Personalities vie for control of a Shared Bodily Shell in All-Out Open War! I envision a Comical Change of Costume. But the aesthetics can be adjusted to fit the desired mood.

SG: The Story That Has More Than One Story

Erudite (noun): one who knows the definitions of obscure and archaic words such as erudite.

Whilst in the thick of it, it can be difficult to remember that nothing really matters.

FOOD: Ham Bone Broth w/ Mung Beans. Think Split Pea Soup. Simply Awesome.

MEDIA: Upstairs Downstairs - Season One. Finished. We zipped right through that.

Memory is Not Provable.
Memory is Not Proof.

The Origin of State is not knowable.

{State is a Computer Science Term, which refers to the Values held by All Variables & Input at any one time.

From moment to moment, a Computer Program (and/or Computer) has a State.

Thus, as used, the construction is similar to State of The Union or State of Being.

In a Deterministic System if The Same Program is Run in The Same State, The Output will ALWAYS be The Same, as this is what Determinism means.

1+1=2 is Determinable, because it is always True.}

Thus, one (i.e. a Function) cannot know (with any degree of certainty) The Disposition of a Return Value nor The Origin of a Passed Value.

Can a Function know itself?
Can Awareness understand itself with Certainty?

MEDIA: Pearl Jam - Alive

Once again, I should count it out... because I am losing count.

My Ancestors are who I was before I was me.

Is Sick my favorite number? Believe it or not, I'm being serious, here.

Mallet → Malevolent → Mal → Mav → Maverick → Rick → Ricky → Ricky Dicky

I'm tripping Ventriloquism. So, props.

Wood → Woody → The Woody → Back It Out (Fast) → Pinocio → Wrong Direction (Geez) → German Heritage → Hand Puppet → Marrionett → On A Stick → Puppet at Distance → In Hand → As Weapon → As Mallet

Ricky: Marrionett Alter Ego. Hand Held. Stick on Mallet. Rough. Brutal. A Ruler of Men.

Rick: "Nah. You keeping on insinuating I do evil for evil's sake or something dignified and abstract like that. But that's not it, at all. I'm evil because it's more fun that way. Drugs, Sex, & Rock n' Roll! Party On, Dude!"

When particularly outraged (or he just feels "this, here, be one of those situationals in which explosives be permitted by the makers own design"), Rick becomes Sergeant Rich Masterson ("What Virgin did I f'ck in Hell that this would be the seed I spealt"), whose body consists of a fully operational Assault Rifle: "Locked & Loaded. Always has been. Always will be." He spends his "Off Hours" at a Rick's Rowdy Rifle Range: Fully Loaded & Liquored Up!

If a Focused Picture isn't proof of a Fully Operational Target Acquisition System (or at least, the optics, thereof), I don't know what is?

Mallory: The Mocking Blade

M' Lord Alloy's Royal Liaison & Spokes Weapon: The Sword Behind The Sword. Mocking. Medieval. Court Jester. Arms Supplier to the King. The Life Saver! Performance Guaranteed. Pure Evil. Mascot Costume Fun. "Our customer base cuts both high and low."

3?': Every Gate has its own Keeper with a Personality forthwith.

How distant from Human Intelligence (HI) must Artificial Intelligence (AI) be for it to still be considered AI and not Augmented HI (A-HI)?

Is A-AI to AI, as A-HI is to HI?

What kind of program would My Program be?

That's a small f'ing window on the world.

Woodward: King's Sceptre - Court J'hestor'e

I'd rather be The Thumb than be under it.

Shall we Solve Morality? Is it possible? Does it matter? Or is it so much snivelling and crying?

WALK: The first one in weeks... on the hottest day of the year. It could be short.

WALK: Just sitting in the sun. This won't last long. But the walk here in the shade was delightful: warm, soothing, and soft.

Robin standing in the shade, "Hell, no. I'm not flying away. I was here first."

As there are different Maths, there are different Sciences... especially if we define Science as a Problem in search of a Solution, which in this case means an Applicable Algorithm, which yields a Satisfactory Answer to The Question at Hand.

Thus, Science is a collection of Maths, Different Questions requiring Different Answers.

MEDIA: Upstairs Downstairs - Season Two. Let's start the ball rolling with A Tension Episode, shall we?

The Hellfire & Brimstone Drum & Bugle Core

What to Program Next?

DREAM: Fast Food. Holding Court. Living The Life. Second Sleep is the best.

At the onset, Math cannot be proved: none of it. So rather than proving, Practical Application valorizes Mathematics, earning its keep.

MEDIA: Mathematical Philosophy. My comment being a refutation of sorts.

Truth vs Non-Truth is not nearly as important (for critical acceptance of a theory) as Profit vs Loss.

In short, Math is proved by Matters of Mundane Practicality, which is hardly a proof at all.

MEDIA: Frege

If an Abstract Object is not constrained by Some Set of Attributes, can it properly be said to exist? If The Whole is contained in The Part, then All and Nothing are merely Differing Views of The Same.

Something Countable needs be Enumeratable at any Position in The Sequence. And thus, Number Assignment is Arbitrary: A Quality of The Whole and Not The Part.

I feel as though this is closely aligned with The Computer Code Problem: Knowledge needs a Knower.

Numeric Assignment is by Human Fiat. The Universe Does Not Count. It knows not numbers.

But then, we count; thus, the universe counts; and likely, we have just reached the limits of the syntax.

I don't think it is pulled straight. One just gets used to looking at a certain curvature for so long, the squiggles disappear and become unimportant.

If God is all Math in Maths, it would seem proof of Number is proof of Math is proof of Maths is proof of God.

It is time to bail on this topic. The Mind circles round.

A Journal of Thoughts and Ideas w/ Little Regard for Truth

One wishes to be thought Brilliant... even The Fool.

Jumbalaya... or as I like to call it, Minority Stew.

Gender defined in absence of Biology has no meaning; for, there is no absolute touchstone (beyond arbitrary self-reportage, which is no touchstone at all) from which to derive value.

{The results of The Gender Wars will be a split in the definition of words, leading to an ever widening gulf between contradictory intellectual worlds.

Historically, Man & Woman have been Biologically Derived Concepts. Separating them from Biology, separates them from their historical meaning. It is unlikely they will be reborn anew, with meanings in direct contradiction to the old.

But, hey.

Good luck with that.}

As a function of freewill in a liberal society, an actor can choose to swap, amend, or change Gender Roles at will. But in the same liberal society, success, acceptance, interpretation, and all the rest remains the exclusive domain of the observer.

You can write whatever you want. But how I read it (or if I read it, at all) is entirely up to me.

Typically, nobody cares; least of all, wants to pay for it.

WALK: Pre-Storm. Overcast. Windy. Gusty. Leaves showing their backside. Sounds of Wind filling the air. Delightful. Wonderful. Alive. Blow! Blow! Blow!

DISCLAIMER: The bare minimum a Sufficiently Advanced A-AI (assuming that's not redundant) would need to understand. There is an Implied Tolerance for Error in such a statement.

Minimal Encoding

Ideas break at "/n". And I'm OK losing bits here and there in order to preserve my ability, desire, interest, and motivation to continue transmission of the stream.

010? ?110 > 010 110

Why could Schroeder's Cat not perform it's own observation?

DREAM: Dewey Decimal 847 or 849. But I no longer have confidence in the number. I've been in this Sunken Floor (Modern Split Level) Library, before. I was mistaken as an Off Duty Officer by one of The Core.

The above note taken the next night, when awoken by another Dream.

DREAM: Fight. It was quite vicious. I know my assailant. I believe My crime was daring to cross the threshold. I would say the brutality of certain scenes no longer bothers me. But I had my doubts about being afraid, if I got out of bed {upon awakening}. I needed time for the intensity to wear off. Then again, I did start thinking about 847/849 almost immediately.

847/847: Let's call it French/Spanish Border Mediterranean Humorous Vacation Literature. Something for The Beach.

It's definitely not what I was expecting or intending to get from The Library.

Now, excuse me. Both Sleep and My Opponent await.

947/949: Obscure European History

Mythigy: Human Created Specifications for a God Created Conduit to Man.

AI-I: Instructions for The AI, which is pedantic (or some other word that means blowhardish), so I: is more typically used, unless we are actually talking about The AI-I's.

AI-I: Debts (Morals), Promises (Contracts), Favours (Gifts: oh, pretty-pretty please): The Code: The Word of The Maker... or someone Of The Class.

I: I interact with the above in a Science Fiction Story Board sort of way. The Future's interpretation of This Past in a Hyper-Reverential way.

Revere The Revenant lest he fade away.

I: I see stories worth of meanings in the interpretation of The Syntax. Where? When? Why? So many choices!

[Revere The Revenant: Lest He Fade Away]

I: Oh, pretty-pretty please!
AI-I: Please Me

I type these words letter by letter. At times, The Depth of Meaning is profound... or at least, Profoundly Intoxicating.

VISION: I've spent the last few days Playing CIV. And when I close my eyes, I see a shimmering version of The Game Board, Workers and Units moving, shaky overlapping blurred distortions resolving into a pleasing abstract clarity.

DREAM: I was giving a speech about Romulus & Remus on a raised amphitheatre stage (way high, like two or three stories up there) with massive amounts of helpful audience participation. My version was about a boy (I'd guess Romulous) stolen and raised by a wolf (thus, by process of elimination, Remus). It went amazingly well, especially after one considers that I didn't/don't know the story of Romulus & Remus.

Quantum Uncertainty → Unknown & Unknowable Values → Sparse Matrix → Underlying Pattern & Control

The above is the argument against Quantum Mechanics. And it would appear to be inescapable... unless, of course, one wishes to introduce Stochastic Math.

Upon waking from Sleep & Dreams on Certain Days, I get a Swimming Pool Effect: Waverings of Light & Dark casting Shimmers of Shadow & Light.

Randomness from One Point of View does not prove Randomness in Totality.

CIV: Most of The Day for The Past few Days... on The Same Map. Let's try Monarchy w/ Colonies this time.

DREAM: In some Stoner House, watching an old Roommate play Mario, while sitting next to some kid, who had taken an interest and offered to to get some potato chips. I could spend more time in that house. Friendly Folks. Good People, I'd guess you say.

EYES: That Underwater Waviness is likely linked to Waking Up Quickly (alarm), while still being sleepy.

MEDIA: Upstairs Downstairs - Season Two. I want the characters to be nicer and more honourable than they are.

EYES: I haven't spent much time outside the last few weeks. And My Eyes are much clearer... maybe, the clearest all year.

BUY: Two Air Filters
BUY: Two Fans
BUY: Keyboard. Mouse. Surge Protector.

Hollywood: a place where a lot of people pretend to be human.

"There are a lot of people pretending to be human in Hollywood."

Seeking to Satiation... Sexually Speaking

DISCLAIMER: Proximity in Space (line-by-line, here-and-there ) does not necessitate Proximity in Time.

DISCLAIMER: Linear Continuation (line-by-line) Starts & Stops Abruptly.

"Do you believe in Jesus Christ?"
"I believe in Mythigy. So if you like, yes. Or if not, no."

[Kevin's Dance Party]: [No Drugs], [No Sex], [No Rock 'n Roll]: A Pure EDM Experience!

KDP: High School. Teenage. Basement. Dance Party.

Please note the over-riding similarity between The Dot and Bracket Notations.

Double Yolk was Called. And Double Yolk it Was.

RUNE: Pinewood Derby Car Wheel. Old. Thin. Solid Plastic. Dabbed w/ Orange Paint. It took first. I got lots of help and guidance when it counted. And when it didn't, not that much. Polished Axels, Weight, and Placement by Others. Carving, Paint, and Assembly by My Own Hand. So, that Orange is all me.

EYES: I dropped my Main Pair of Glasses (Not Computer, Not Distance) and The Right Lens dislodged (so much more refined than saying popped-out) for The Second Time This Month. It's a Problem I need to Solve.

Towels: Recent Buy: Thin, White, Terry (so, commas read better). I was concerned as some reviews complained of low quality and destruction during the first washing. But Quality is Good: A Consistently Acceptable Level, No Obvious Defects. I will Hand Wash after Light Body Use... let's trade out twice a week, shall we? I expect no problems.

Twice a Week? How to Remember?

EYES: Allergy Drops. Naphalen... or something.

DISCLAIMER (EYES): Nothing about these Eye Posts comes close to being advice. Watch. Play Along Viscerally (But Not Literally) at Home. A Reference & Data Stream... of dubious quality, use, or value.

DREAM: I want to interact with those Dream Entities more. I want to become Friends with them.

111 Peanut Butter Cookies: One Part Each: One Cup Peanut Butter, Sugar, and Flour along with One Stick Butter and One Egg. I will be making these later on today. Though, perhaps, only a half or quarter recipe. The Egg is the thing, isn't it?

FOOD: Triple One Peanut Butter Cookies

The Super Spring Fling: Barbecue is as far as I got.

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