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And I'm Done

First Snow!

Snow! It's trying.

WRITING: I probably spend as much time washing dishes as I do writing... and way more staring off into space or sitting with my eyes closed.

FOOD: Pasta w/ Portobello Mushroom & Sausage Sauce. It's a repeat from yesterday, which is surprisingly tasty.

I tire.
How not to repeat?

Well, it seems like bad news. But it could work to my advantage quite quickly.

Dreams of grandeur that would be a hassle (and bloody unlikely) to achieve.

Does any of this matter? Probably, not.

The End

It's hard to pretend to care (or put forth any effort in that direction) when it is so obvious others do not.


And then, a project is over.

In fact, most of my projects are over.

For a few weeks (three, going on four), I've had little energy... at all. It's not just being physically tired, as I can manage to do quite a few laps on my (near) daily walks. Rather, there's a lack of meaning or purpose... to pretty much everything.

I really just want to wrap everything up.

But that said, I am not adverse to the idea of starting over.

Still, whatever may come, this is a hard-break on The Diary Project... and most every other project... even if it seems incredibly likely that some of those projects are bound to start-up again at some indeterminate point in the future.}

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Goodbye... at least, for now.

It's not so much that I'm over-subscribed as I simply do not want to be subscribed to anything, at all.

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