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The Second Week
Not As Intense As The First

Optimism Is Job One

Woke up early. My rhythm is going to get all out of whack. But that's OK. Part of the fun.

I'm reading the Imperial College Reports. At some point, the question becomes, when should I have known. Eh, never. I really don't care about these things. I'm not recalibrating my radar.

Mr Bennet: "Let this be your disaster, Lizzy. It will serve you admirably enough."

I wrote that previous remark so long ago, it seems like yesterday.

Fear of Death elicits a Love of Life. Odd it was, when I was watching my eyes go blind, I'd wake up thankful for what vision remained. And now, thinking of a Life Sucking Virus that takes one's breath away, I find it easy to enjoy every breath. Just Breathe. So nice.

The Lock-Down is cranking down a notch... or should that be up. It's Shelter In Place. Thankfully, neighborhood walks are allowed. Well, that's my understanding. I will have to read The Order. The news had little emotional effect.

A new sound bar was ordered. I do not like walking down the inside hall. Luckily, our apartment has three doors, two to the outside (one's a slider, the other opens out into the parking lot), so I'll only have to walk down that hall once a week or so to get the mail. {The solution for this was to simply walk the long way around on the outside of the building. I am not walking through that hallway again, for the duration.} Man, I would not want have to be dependent on an elevator or be confined inside a stairwell. Those hallway trips are enough to induce claustrophobia. Seriously, it's a risk point. And if I don't go shopping, one of my biggest ones.

Six Feet recommended for Social Distancing. My rule of thumb will be the other side of the street at a minimum.

My phone just acted weird. Every little thing is a clue and has meaning. Is it the Chinese? Welcome to paranoia.

Rumour has it, The Stock Market Crashed on account of our Illustrious Leader's most capable answer to a simple question. It was probably going to tank no matter what.

I'll buy some calls. I'm holding put on my long positions. I'd rather get rich betting on us rather than against. Yes, I just got finished daydreaming about the big win.

I have been told, Tax Filing has been extended until July 15th. So, I nailed the extension. But would have never guessed it was pushed out that far. I'm going to assume it's so those who have been hit hard (and who owe taxes) have time to accumulate the necessary funds.

Ah, that reminds me. On our walk today (yes, I will feel far more comfortable walking with my dearest love of the female persuasion for the duration), I saw a USPS Truck. I'll warrant the mail goes down to a single delivery a week before long. I'd say one or two, but I think one or none is more likely.

Of course, the counter-argument to that is USPS Employees can provide surveillance. But as they are not trained, best to simply give them the time off.

We overtake Iran and Germany in Total Number of Cases, tomorrow. 'Merica! We're Number One!

I still predict:
25,000 Deaths
250,000 Reported Cases
2,500,000 Silent Cases

There are five in The Circle of Unavoidable Contact. I'm pretty sure one of them is going to be making a Liquor run before long. I hope I don't get infected from that.

I'm either Post Infection or Clear (i.e. Not Infected).

Quarantined to a House. But all I need is a Chair.

What's going to happen to prisoners in jail?

There will be a Spiritual and Spiritualism Revival.

No NyQuil.

I'm sick of thinking about this. I'm going to look at the stocks and go long, Betting on America.

Betting On America

I wonder if Insurance Carriers are going to get hit hard. This really is an Act of God.

Frequent Universal Testing!
Testing EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) on a repeating basis will prevent widespread repeat outbreaks, as blooms are nipped in the bud and the appropriate people are placed in quarantine. That's the answer.

If the test-making company is not nationalized, it will profit immensely.

Tests could be used locally after an outbreak.

By Test, I mean the ability to differentiate those who are infectious from the rest of the population with a high level of certainty.

I wonder if immunity can be tested for?

Everyone {all my financial companies} are waiving penalties for 120 Days. My insurer will provide coverage even if I don't pay. No late fees for nothing. And Broker Assisted Trades (so all the hand-holding I want) at No Charge. I think it's pretty cool. I mean, in the end, they have no choice. But it's cool of them to offer rather than being forced and/or contesting the decision.

I love My Darling. She is the best. There is absolutely no one else I'd rather be stuck in Hell with... sorry, I mean, Quarantine.

We live on a Flight Path... sort of. I haven't heard an airplane in a while. Though, the truth is I only notice them here and there, a half dozen times a week, maybe.

Coming back from the library {back when all this started}, I saw a plane... way up there, passing through. I wondered if it would be the last time I saw an airplane for awhile.

I have been working on the assumption that the rest of the country has been on Lock-Down. But it is not. I'm not crunching new numbers. But whatever I said (25,000, I haven't forgotten) needs to be notched up... perhaps, quite a bit.

I accept the Imperial College Reports: 2.2 Million Dead with no action. I mean, that's simplistic. But it gives a nice top end. I had 25,000 with action... action which seems wanting in most of the country.

I'm playing The Market come Monday. I don't know how much I will put at risk. Maybe, I should put a grand at risk each and every day for the next few weeks. Yes, losing that would hurt. But it is time to play.

I want to stop thinking. I want to disappear into something.

Social Media Rules

Social Media is quite addictive. I won't say it is the highpoint {of my current existence}. But I would have been better off going to sleep a bit earlier. And I do believe it's the thought of getting back on which drove me out of bed.

Originally, I had expected to go to the Forest Preserves. But at the moment, I have no great desire to be dependent upon a vehicle, which might break down.

This is why I quit Social Media. It grabs hold of my soul. The pull is great. I do other things {i.e. that are not Social Media} to do them, to get them out of the way, as items on a todo list, so I can fall back down the hole.

I don't know the official dates. Originally, it was all for two weeks from March 14th, based on the library shut down. But other locales (California) are on Lock-Down until April 7th. And based on places like Kansas starting their Lock-Down in two days (March 24th) and going for 30 days. I think freedom is unlikely before May 1st. May Day will have new meaning... as will Hanukkah, Pass Over, and all those other long-held Celebrations of Survival.

The China Brand Name is getting kicked hard, here in the US.

We took a nice walk in the snow through downtown, checking out the restaurants offering take-out, passing a handful of people on the way. The grocery store was lightly attended. And although I am sure there were gaps, the shelves were far from empty.

As I focus more on trading, this note taking project and The Virus at large seems less important.

No NyQuil.

My Darling seems to have greater symptoms than I.

Lack of smell is a symptom. In the past week or two, I have noticed suddenly having greater olfactory perception, which is ironic.

The American Way

The opportunity costs for options is as high as I remember. I question whether I will be playing the market much. Oh, well, it was fun daydreaming about being rich for a night. We're at maybe 19,000 {for the Dow Jones Industrial Average} and I think it may go as low as 15,000. But as I measure it, that only gives me a 4 for 1 play, which is not a long of enough shot for me. I'll have to keep looking.

I'm spending the day alternating between Socializing, Social Media, and working on my website. I could be in the early stages of sickness. If so, it's not painfully obvious... yet.

I use a 10 Min Timer to limit my time on Social Media.

Have I mentioned how through most of last year, I thought it would be my last. I'm pretty much on Bonus Time. And if I survive this, even more so.

I expect The Market to bottom out at 15,000. Or at least, that is where I shall start buying.

As it becomes more and more obvious my lungs are not doing well, I wonder if the Chinese lied about the rate of recovery, making the illness seem more benign so other countries would be hit just as hard.

If everybody is home, no one will notice when everyone else dies.

I don't think this {feeling sick} is mere paranoia. Though, the mind is a weird and wonderful thing.

I printed out my Passwords and a short Cheat Sheet, so money is easier to find for others.

I don't want to go to the hospital. It is easy to vocalize the words "I'd rather die." I imagine many change their minds... in both directions.

I am testing my lung capacity constantly. I should have gotten expectorant.

I do not fear Death. Perhaps, I lie. I had an emotional response {call it instinctual or guttural} when I knew. But I take no action, now.

And in fact, mentally, I plan on working tomorrow. If I was sure of Death, I would post the lot {novel after novel remains unposted on the off-chance they can be monetized... well, some are simply X-Rated Porn}.

Did I mention my low grade (low possibility) hunch that the stay at home order is there so we don't know how many are dead and dying, which one would tend to notice more at school or a place of work.

I'm very grim.

Though, I feel better after chugging Double Vitamin Water.

If it comes to pass that China deliberately lied about the Death Rate (so as to spread the misery and encourage foreign countries not to prepare), I will avoid Chinese products for the rest of my life... well, try to avoid... as in, prefer other options.

Guaffisaun and the like is almost totally sold out online. I declined to buy.

Salt Water Gargle worked well... as did a Hot Shower.

I will start the day by looking at stocks again... perhaps, to buy a few Calls. Who knows? But if I don't do it first thing, I won't do it at all.

Ironically, the Big Project I am working on at the moment is called Dead Code, which is to be a listing of all my dead, unused, and stale code.

NyQuil! I wasn't going to, but I changed my mind in the end. I opened the Big Bottle and took a Quarter Dose.

And now, I'm sweating... I think from the Quil.

False Covid Fever

I feel pretty good. It is fairly common for me to feel better (when sick) in the morning. Anyhow, I know you are all relieved.

I concentrate on my breath, noting it's limits.

I have no idea what The Market will do. I doubt I will be playing it, today.

Now, for a morning of Social Media, Talking, Writing Projects, Washing Dishes, and Television sorted by weight. They'll be more of the first than the last.

I should note, the NyQuil (I did a second quarter does) has not fully warn-off. I'll be laggy for the next few hours.

I will assume I have The Virus, have had The Virus. At the end of Quarantine, different color shirts could be part of the solution. Green: Uninfected. Red: Currently Infected. Yellow: Over It. Thereby, allowing folks to make informed decisions.

I'm feeling all better. Was it a wave? Something else? Or was that it? If so, thank you body.

I may have had enough of Social Media, for awhile.

DOW went up. Had I invested money yesterday, I would be down. But then, my plays were up to a month out. And anything can happen by then.

I'm feeling good. Maybe, a walk tonight. I'm definitely going to work out tomorrow.

{I found the following two entries (below) in another file. So, I'm sort of guessing where they go.}

I have spent a day not breathing deeply, not feeling my forehead, and not feeling my glands.

It's hard to say if I had The Virus. A Mild Case? A Super Mild Case?

Being Down Voted on Social Media is not the worst thing. I have been spending way too much time on it.

Eh, I probably won't play The Market, tomorrow... might not ever.


It's 4:30pm. I can't say I feel much like writing. I have little new to say.

The Alcohol Stocks are likely a good buy. Or let's word that differently, they are likely seeing record sales.

Tired. Bored. Light cough. Gargling with salt water. Also, about to take a hot shower.

Going to sleep early. I'm tired, sleepy. I don't know if this is a nap or for the night. It's still light out {pre-sunset}. But I'm sure I'm a bit sleep deprived.

Sore throat earlier has disappeared. My right ear is a bit full. But it just popped. No real symptoms. Even my coughing stopped. Just tired. Could be boredom. I get sleepy at the end of projects, at the end of the daily sprint, when the excitement wears off.

Also, I just ate a big meal, full of starch.

Just a nap. I feel pretty good. Though, upon deep inhale, not all is as I would like. Eh, at this point, I want Infinite Inhale, to breathe it all in.

It's hot in here. I got the AC running.

Another late night. I barely stepped outside. I really need to exercise more, tomorrow. But I got to admit, I was wondering if I was getting sick again, a bit earlier. So, it's a fine line between stressing the system and going to waste.

Just Another Day

The Stock Market went up for the second day in a row. It's at 22,000 or so. I believe it will dip when the Deaths reach that number.

So far, I've not made a single trade. I tell myself, I'll bet on America at 15,000. We'll see.

As I exit a project and return to The Now, it's a little surreal. This is a Strange Now.

The parking lot is full. It's like a reality check. This is real. We are all on Lock-Down.

Lazy Day. The day slowly trickles by.

My Dance Party lasted an hour or so. I feel pretty good. Now, after an hour long telephone conversation, it's time for a little Social Media.

I am totally unconcerned about The Virus... even though, I'm still expecting 25,000 Deaths. Done. Accepted. I'm ready to move on. Also, believing there is a good chance I've had it, I'm feeling pretty Bullet Proof.

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