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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's just a normal day. But I have no complaints.

I've never been 55 before. It's a personal best!

WRITING: It's Monday, so I'm editing Last Week's Journal (three times and a spell-check). I typically only do one edit (of any one piece) in a day. But today, I did edit, edit, spell, saving the last edit for tomorrow. From there, I edited the In Game Notes for the latest CIV Game, something which I do only once, error checking for meaning, sense, and comprehension, as much as anything else.

FOOD: Thai Feast courtesy of My Sweetie. It was quite the Bonanza, with Chopped Fruit and Berries to follow a bit later.

The Year Of Birthdays

DREAM: There are Regular Characters (based on Real People), who I most likely encounter nightly in My Dreams... even if I cannot remember each and every encounter. And then, there are others, who I know (from The Real), but am surprised whenever they make it into Dream Land. {Though, I think it is safe to say that anyone I know has made it into My Dreams, as a matter of definition. How can My Mind know them if I have not Dreamt about them?}

DREAM: By the end of class, we had not finished (or barely) started the game. So, I offered to come over Sunday to finish. It was Friday. It would be cool if I did. {I cannot recall that I did.}

DREAM: Though, maybe not surprising, considering how much I play, My Dreams are infused with CIV Game Mechanics. When I started writing (and later coding), I was always pleased with Craft-Minded Dreams.

I'm not very good at abandoning projects, but I need to get better. I have a series of images on my computer, which transition from the words "LOVE" to "HATE", which I had wished to turn into a GIF. I can do the base {get a GIF}. But it's too heavy and not worth the effort in the first place. Besides, as a Conceptual Piece, it is easily replaced by the words: A GIF which transitions between the words LOVE & HATE. {At one point, I had thought to hang the work I did in Inkscape for this project, right here. But it really is just scrap. So, why bother?}

I'm up early.

TAX: Printed

MUSIC: PsyTrance

I have thought about starting an ANGER Tag. But EMOTION or FEELING might be more useful.

FEEL: A tentative Tag. I got up early, so there is something there. My feet want to move. The sunshine pouring through the blinds is compelling. I have nagging thoughts. But I can quickly let them go. If I really had to label the Emotion, I'd probably go with Open. Not Expectant, Anxious, or Excited. Not Happy or Sad. Not even Waiting, really. Just carrying-on carrying-on. But ready for a Muse, Thought, or other Diversion to come my way.

It looks like today is going to be a Big Note Day.

I am a Belly Button Dead End. All Men are. But being childless, I'm even more so.

I'm going to guess someone (not me) did not like their Birthday Present. Oh, well. It really doesn't matter. Just means we're both on the same page... and it's not the type of story that is likely to spin off into endless sequels.

EYES: Super Hazy! Let us assume it has something to do with the Heat Way and Air Pollution. I'm pushing the water.

MUSIC: Wham! - Everything She Wants, George Michael - Freedom!
MUSIC: Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light: Some songs are just better than the rest.
MUSIC: Meat Loaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
MUSIC: Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks: This is more a follow-up to KodaChrome or some other song from earlier in the day. KodaChrome was the first one. I don't record them all. For instance, this is where I shall stop taking notes for awhile.

And then, the headphones come off {like, right away}. So, it doesn't matter anyway.

TAX: All wrapped up and ready to go. I'm batting 50-50 on doing it wrong, needing to provide additional information, or something. As the years go by, I'm getting more lackadaisical about the entire thing. If I'm going to do it wrong anyhow, why stress it? Still, I did check and recheck. After all, no reason to leave any money on the table. Since I pay upfront, it's a refund.

25,890: I haven't looked in weeks.

R&R: 3x1-1

If I were to add, what would I add? Of course, it's more of a who. But my favorite person ever just might have been a cat. So, what seems right. Also, I could live with it being a book... or other project. I feel things leaving. I must aggregate to stave off a certain loss of self. I'm not trying to be clear.

Also, I wonder if a POETRY Tag might be appropriate. It wouldn't be any more painful than those DREAM Tags are... and just as easy to skip.

We {denoting a different We than is usually the case} are falling further apart. It seems mutual.

I like ambiguous pronouns {please, see above}. It slams it all together and makes it harder to pull apart. This isn't intended to be A Tell All, after all.

EYES: Hay Fever. Or at least, that clear duct thingie in front is certainly working overtime. Not tears. That water vein thingy that fills up in reaction to hayfever. It causes a familiar itch. A slight one.

Super Crappy Air Quality or The Vid. I'm tired. Wiped. Both would cause that... for the same reason {i.e. lack of oxygen}.

LEGO: Curved Wall Tester Sails!

Media: Ross of RossCreations: Hit or Miss. I like the ideas. But it watches a lot like a bunch of guys sitting around getting high and thinking of weird and light-hearted (for the most) pranks to pull; and then, pulling them... or really, just pulling the aforementioned pranks without that whole sitting around thinking it up part (at least, they don't sit around on film). Like most Conceptual Art, The Concept alone is good enough for me. Meaning, I don't need the implementation. Though, if I were holding a Concept Contest, some of these might be contenders.

MEDIA: EuroVision

Let's Mail Our Taxes

TAX: Mailed!

5:16PM: I am tired from the Vog... even if there's no volcano and folks don't call it Vog around here.

It's been a Writing/Editing Day, closing down old threads.

EYES: Vog. They don't want to be open. The end seems near.

Covid is Smog Personified.

CIV: Loaded The Mod Legends Of Revolution. It wasn't the easiest, as it wanted to be run in Admin, which just isn't going to happen.

MEDIA: Dark: We will only be viewing the single episode.

Thor's Day
Light Lightning
I Guess It Wasn't His Day

DREAM: I was climbing a rock wall and knew I was dreaming. But couldn't think of anything better to do. At the top, a loose grid-work made it difficult to get over the edge onto the ledge. Later, our campsite was too near the edge, so we moved it. I was unconcerned about the drop, because it was a Dream.

CIV: Finished the setup for Legends of Revolution. A new game is reasonably far off. But The Code is installed and the Configuration Settings look about right.

EYES: I'm becoming convinced I'm dealing with Cataracts on top of everything else.

CODE: PowerShell .tff to .png. I have no use case. But it's on my Desktop.

R&R: 4x1-1

1:12PM: Let us look for streamable movies.

MEDIA: Fresh Meat - Season One

FOOD: Homemade Chili! I've got quite the store of Canned Peas. So, I included a can. It did not wreck it.

Frayed Carbon

Nice Clouds - Nice Breeze

DREAM: Being low on Oxygen (think Covid), the body turned blue... er, I mean, red.

DREAM: The trick to driving through Sand Dunes is to go slow. Also, it helps to keep one's vehicle on the road.

DREAM: Despite the bus transfer, I may have actually beat the plane.

I spent a half hour not buying a camera. Maybe, tomorrow. Though, in truth, a camera is an object of desire: a desire for better pictures. But there is no guarantee.

WRITING: Judging The Judges. It is time to push my 2018 Term Year Analysis out the door and move on to other things.

MUSE: Frayed Carbon refers to the material in an Army (like) Jacket. Nylon is abrasion resistant but would not have the right feel. Carbon Fiber would be even more abrasion resistant. And if frayed would have the right feel. Anyway, the jacket acts as a Time Machine. And I have not gotten much further than that.

SORT: I'm getting rid of an Old Atlas (a nice big giant one) along with a solid Desktop Dictionary. I am in disposal mode. I do not use what I have. So, use it or lose it, with lose it being the time honoured favorite.

Baseball is not my game.

Find The Out, The Doorway, The Exit. The breeze is nice. But I wonder if everything made by Sentients is not completely and utterly worthless. My days of infatuation are over.

The Crows suddenly wish to voice their opinion. I'm finding it hard not to heed their call and agree.

WALK: Four Laps!

I find it hard not to write notes. But I really don't want to edit this stuff. Such is the eternal trade-off.

Hey! I fixed the sink... sort of. It's clogged somewhere {back in the pipes}. So, we get a trickle. I took off the aerator and spent a few minutes trying to put it back together. Not that way. Not that way. OK. This seems to work. All the while, the water is just trickling. Fine. A job for the super. We say his name and the water flow increases to about as much as it's ever been. Powerful Mojo in the super's name around here.

FOOD: Frozen Pizza. It sucked.

Final Pride & Prejudice Tea Party

DREAM: With any luck, I (still) have the winning Lottery Ticket.

DREAM: It is amazing the low quality of restrooms I am willing to use in Dream Land.

DREAM: The sink was full, the floor flooding, and extra shopping carts full of silverware in need of washing were standing by. I should just be glad enough other things needed my attention, I never really got to the washing.

DREAM: Ideally, I would come to feel like I belong there/here... wherever there/here is. {This has to do with be satisfied In Scene (in the Dream World) and not on a perennial search for The Next Scene (in the Dream World).}

DREAM: The Time Travel Antics were fun, popping in and out of scenes. It would have been nice to have greater control, however.

WRITING: Editing my 2018 Term Year Analysis.

MEDIA: Fresh Meat. Finished Season One. Moving on to Season Two. Time Passes pleasantly. Though, I find it difficult to pinpoint specific points of pleasure.

I look forward to the days of Ambient OS's (and when I can afford them), by which I mean Voice Activated (I've seen enough movies not to call them controlled) House-Wide (if not Life-Wide) Computer Assistants... and/or Life Companions.

The Tea Party went well. As they say, nothing succeeds like excess. Good stuff. Next time, we'll have to start a new movie.

I feel sick. Motion sickness from The Show or something I ate.

The AC is at 60° during the day and 68° at night. I don't like setting it to either 66° or 69°. {So, 65° is the other temperature I tend to use.}

False start on the sleep. So, we (always a we, a sweet we, hence the nickname, Sweetie) got up and watched another episode of the current show. On account of the eyes, I'm watching more {and reading less}.

A Fun Day

DREAM: Those Tanks were big, taking up two and three lanes on the road.

DREAM: I stole a set of Chessmen, remarking to myself as I did how I felt different about theft in Dream Land.

DREAM: It seemed likely I had not turned-in My Test. I was the Teacher's Pet. But she still was not pleased. So, I headed off to my locker to see if The Test was there. Though, I hadn't been to my locker in so long, I couldn't remember where (exactly) it was nor the combination. {Back in my twenties, not being able to remember my Locker Combination In Dream became annoying enough that I set the combination in The Real and it carried forward. Now, I can no longer remember even that combination (05-15-25, maybe). But the issue has become less and less troublesome and/or important. In this Dream, I never even set off for my Locker.}

DREAM: His Bow & Arrow turned into a Gun. But I could not hit a car with a rock to stop traffic. And soon, there was no traffic.

WRITING: I posted the Term Year Analysis. Of course, posting means I added it to my Source Code Repository. I doubt I'll (as in, I won't) update the server until The Month End.

11:37: Nap Time!

R&R: 4x1-1

LEGO. I opened the second bag... of 500? I'm just using Grey 2x4's. The present project is a Large Castle, which will cover {is built atop} a slightly oversized Chessboard. I've got The Back Towers mostly done and the outline of the rest. It's a soothing process. And I do not mind the seeming tediousness of it all, slowly placing piece after piece.

I planned for the future and failed to live my life. Let us change that.

I'm doing a Deep Dive into My Mind. I mean this as a trend in my life, which has been going on for several months now. As The Anger fades, redirects, and dissolves, I am recalling my youth thru the lens of (if not maturity, at least) Greater Wisdom. It would be nice to launch into a Story, Song, or Poetry Project based on these musings, these recollections of youth.

EYES: Lots and lots of water seemed to flush out the worst of the blur. Though, now I am just resting them in a darkened room.

LEGO: I decided I'm basically done with The Castle. One last Tower and that's that. Of course, I will probably keep on building until I run out of material. But another wrap around The Wall (or whatever) and I'll have used up the remaining scrap.

I don't feel like checking out The Death Toll.

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