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A Trip to Lake Country

Not that I ever got out onto the lake. But I did see it... from the car... while driving by.

Of course, the trip was never about getting out onto the lake.

A nice abandoned sign, well, nearly so, a rusty arrow at top, a white area aching to be filled in with text at the bottom

Day One
At the City Hall, I saw the light, actually, a light from the state capitol building, close up of the bulb cover

Day Two
A close up of decorative marble around an eye, flipped, so it looks like a face, sort of, not really too much, not thinking many people will see it... or see it as a face

Day Three

And That's a Wrap

What's there to say?

I'm happy to go whenever, again.

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And ironically (as I edit this), a carload of us are going back up for the weekend in a few days.

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