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The More Things Stay The Same, The More Things Change

The Lock-Down Started Four Months Ago

As one ages, it gets harder and harder to go through the day until one simply stops going through the day... or so, I presume.

EYES: I used some Lubricating Drops. The Eyes feel better. But Vision is little better.

SORT: I ditched my final (or what I think is my final) copy of The Bible. I was having fun (for awhile, there) collecting Bibles from The Free Stack at The Library. Suffice to say, if The Stories in The Bible are true, then The Bible isn't. Which is to say, I don't see how The Bible is an accurate depiction of Reality. Sure, it's Heretical. But Heresy is often nobler than The Party Line. Unfortunately, I don't consider myself particularly noble, either.

SORT: I have the desire (not for the first time) to get rid of an item a day, if not more. I have too many things that I don't care about.

The Summer Locusts are alive and well, chirping up a storm.

And now, The Locusts are quiet. But The Crows are happy to squawk their greeting.

WALK: Lots of walk. No anger. I think I have lost all hope. After all, anger is a tool. And there is no reason to swing the hammer, if one cannot see the nail. I shall not complain. I don't think the hope was doing me any good.

10:55PM: Lying in bed, let me catch up a bit on the day.

We grabbed some Free Chairs that I found on my walk: Four Solid Wood Numbers. Comfortable. Solid. Mid-Range Chairs. They will replace some of the cheapos we have lying around. I'm going to guess we have Sixteen Chairs, not counting the new ones. We've never had more than six people in The Apartment at any one time. Well, the second time I do a mental count, I only come up with fifteen chairs. But you get the idea.

MEDIA: Fresh Meat - Season Three: We are cruising right through.

FOOD: Leftover Cornish Hen w/ Apricot Onion Dressing. Good Stuff!

And I think that brings us up to date.

EYES: Cataracts most likely... among other things. Though, in many ways it would be nice if the cloudiness was allergies or something. And why not? Temporary is always better than permanent when it comes to step-downs in Physical Health.

They All Blend Together

DREAM: I was playing a complicated version of CIV as a Board Game, all solo. But there were Computer Assisted Inputs.

DREAM: The Station Manager was kind enough to give me four minutes to pack my things and catch the next train out of town. I packed my things, missed the train, and dodged the manager, giving me a few hours to kill in town prior to catching the next train. The stuffed Duffel Bag was gloriously light, almost like a balloon.

$500: I pulled the trigger on the Camera, which is supposed to be good enough to get close-ups of a Snail's @$$----... or so says the marketing copy. We'll see. I, also, ordered (so, this is online shopping) Sheets (1), Pillowcases (6), and Chewable Multi-Vitamins (180), as I wish to dose my eyes heavily. Call it Happy Birthday to me. But that's just an excuse. It's time to spend some money. I really haven't spent any for months and months.

Nineteen Chairs total, after adding the new, prior to deleting the old.

SORT: Four Chairs are out the door, as is an Elastic Stretch Exercise Set and two Weighted Balls.

EYES: I am making a concerted effort to type by feel. I just realized my keyboard has nubs to align my fingers. And from there, it's just a matter of memorizing location. I'm a pretty excellent typist as it is. But I do not have the odd keys (/, #, {}, and so on) memorized. I expect that will change. Being able to align my fingers was always a limiting factor.

MUSIC: Moby - Southside: It was a nice listening session. But this will be my sole entry.

The Chairs {that I put out by The Bin} have been snagged.

WALK: A random enough pattern, I completely lost count. I was avoiding The Baseball Games. But mixing it up, as well.

My legs are tired.

Let Us Leave This World
At Least, For Awhile

DREAM: The location is terrible. But that's going to be one awesome Ice Cream Shop when it opens.

I wonder if The Pool is just flat out open.

Pool is Open.
Restrooms are Open.

2:51PM: 5x1-1: This might be a more informative syntax. Of course, it's not helpful that I change formats. But then, neither is it surprising.

WALK: I started around 11AM. Came back at Noon or so for a short break (and to drop off The Darling) and have been back long enough {from my second walk} to take a shower. It's good on the legs. But I am neglecting my upper body. Still, here I sit.

EYES: Foggy. Foggy. Foggy. I want to start pushing the Multi Vitamins.

LEGO: I really like that these LEGO's are brand spanking new. The one's from my youth were loaded with {i.e. full of} teeth marks.

EYES: Food & Water makes all the difference. I really need to stuff my face more. Also, a darkened room really helps. The phone screen brings back all the glare.

FOOD: Grill Cheese and Pepper Spiked Tomato Soup with a Massive Shrimp Cocktail on the side.

Park Daddy!

LEGO: I made good progress on The Castle Towers. I'm very pleased with the look.

It Came
It Went

DREAM: I was collecting Good Stuff at an exciting freebie giveaway. The items were coming down a track. I snagged some wonderful picture books. But I was much happier with the Polished Glass Triangle to Square Set. One of those tiling learning tools, composed of triangles and squares. This one came in an old metal box reminiscent of an Ammo Can, while The Triangles, themselves, we're works of Solid Color Art in Glass. I liked the Football Figure Smashers Toys. Remember The Toy Box Project? Small figures in a round container. Upon waking, the triangles seem to align with LEGO's, while the Smashers are aligned with finding baseballs in the park. This last comes about {is obviously linked in my mind} as a stranger came trying to argue for the Smashers {that they were or should be his}. And he was carrying an older one that was very baseball-ish. Anyhow, he presented his case for why I should give him some of the dozen odd Smashers I'd nabbed. But upon quizzing him, I could elicit no further information. It's a recurrent theme {In Dream Land} that I lose communication. He said his lines and that was that. "What was that?" Never (or seldom seems to) elicits a response.

EYES: I dosed with Dorza. And now, I'm a bit dizzy. The hope is that my eyes will clear a bit. We'll see.

MEDIA: Fresh Meat - Season Four

LEGO: The Castle is all the way done. In theory, a New Camera is being delivered today. So, I'll snap a picture and move on. I used all one-thousand 2x4 Grey Bricks.

No Stranger To Mold

FOOD: Bacon & Blue Cheese with Blueberry Crumble

EYES: I am pleased with my dosing. Things are no less cloudy. But they may be clearer.

To Fill A Pot That Is Still Not Full

EYES: Insanely blurry. Close Work is extremely frustrating.

I am disappointed with the Out Of Box performance of My New Camera. True. I'm using the default settings without a tripod. But so far, My Phone was just as good. We'll see.

First Photo: My Sweetie.

EYES: Lubricating Drops & Water.

I'm super unmotivated.

FOOD: Filet Mignon

MEDIA: Peep Show

Did I mention that I'm cutting my reading of the 2019 Term Year short? I can always restart. But I doubt I will. It's not worth the Eye Strain.

I'm even thinking about giving up my reading of the Icelandic Sagas.

In my PDF Reader, I have a Saga, The Manual for The Camera, and a manual for G'MIC. Usually (or historically), I've had maybe ten documents (or more) going at once. But now, I can't be bothered. It's no longer fun.

I've Got The Molotov Cocktails
Let's Burn Some Bridges

Almost no sleep. We are talking 1-2 hours. Today, will be painful.

The punchline of a joke from my youth went... "a thief who is too lazy to steal." I wonder if I am not a murderer too lazy to kill. I just can't be bothered. Oh, and it might be wrong.

Luckily, a few more hours of sleep.

DREAM: One of My Roommates (In Dream, as In Reality, they're among the recently departed) was being transported via Ambulance due to Covid. I was supposed to stay under Voluntary House Arrest. But when I asked the pair of drivers what that meant, they were unable to verbalize the conditions.

A nice Political Discussion. I like to think the Rules of Engagement have been refined a bit better.

Paid some bills.

EYES: Things seem clearer. Hopefully, it lasts. On the Dorzo.

WALK: I loaded up on water prior to setting out assuming restrooms were open. It was a very quick walk home, as they were not.

FOOD: Taco Salad! Tasty!

MEDIA: Forever: It took two false starts prior to landing on this series, which will, also, most likely, be abandoned in the end. It really just moves too slow.

I changed my GPS Log Settings. I'm sure I will forget {that I made the change, long before I get around to using the data}. It seems like I haven't got very many data points today. And when I fooled around, it looked like it was dropping possibly inaccurate values. We'll see. Maybe, I'll need to tweak the settings, again.

Hot! Muggy! Overcast!
A Good Day To Stay In

DREAM: I played Six on The Roulette Wheel (even though I didn't stick around to see if I won) all six ways (even if in some of those ways, Six is not a valid number, as Six was positioned as Two normally is on The Roulette Table), including two Silver Dollars Straight Up, and some loose change on Black, which I was thinking better about, as it would bring my odds Down. Black pays 1:1. A Number Straight Up pays 35:1. Combined, it comes out to 36:2 (as that's how bets combine), which reduces to 18:1 on a Straight Up Hit. Though, one is getting a greater spread. And, no. I did not do the math In Dream.

DREAM: I was helping My Father (who is dead) buy a car, by arranging a meeting at a Dealership, which I've been to before In Dream. In fact, In Dream it's my preferred Dealership & Repair Center. A Piece of Ship, who will remain nameless, reminded me that My Father is blind; and so, does not need a car. While I reminded The Piece of Ship that they are {indeed} A Piece of Ship (In Dream, in The Real, and everywhere else) and they went away... likely in a huff. There is (and has been) a total reorganization going on in My Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul for the past Half Decade. There are some very profound consequences (like a severe reduction in my willingness to forgive and/or grant mercy) of which I am only aware of the slightest part. By rejecting The Persona, how have I changed my Brain's Routing?

MUSE: Crying Man gets a bit worked up (and the tears flowing) over unimportant things... like the store being out of his favorite ice cream or the can of corn he bought getting dented when the bag broke on the way from his car to the front door.

Foul On The Play!

New Sheets on The Bed! White Cotton!

2:05PM: 5x1-1

This Journal is my Favorite Project... at the moment. Though, I do have a desire to add more Fictional Storyline Tags or start some other sort of Story, Book, Imaginal Friend Project. I do have characters. So, I could drop in on them.

MESCAL: He's a mule. We just got a load of Pizza. Three Pies for Two People... and a mule... and whoever else drops by... say a Pixie. Anyway, Mescal and Nadia are not waiting. "When you grow up with a dozen," or way-way more than that, "sisters, you learn to grab what you want." Which in this particular case would appear to be some quality time with a mule.

FEEL: Happy. Giddy. I found The Thought of Petty Negativity (by others, toward me, in some hypothetical future) to be Highly Amusing.

EYES: Very Clear on this Overcast Day.

POEM: Rust Bunny
Ode to a Dust Bunny
Curled in the Dust
Like a Warm Sunny Day
Now turned to Rust

Now (having composed The Ultimate Four Liner), the only thing left is to Monetize the blessed thing . I'm thinking Greeting Cards... or I know, Poetry Collector Cards.

The last entry has elicited much debate concerning the evils inherent in Monetizing Art. So please, let me have another go at the final wording.

Now (having composed The Ultimate Four Liner), the only thing left to do is Find The Nearest Open Mike Night.

MEDIA: Pineapple Express: It is what it is. This is a compliment.

MUSIC: Sefa & Crypton - Nobody Knows: A Respite at The End of (A Galactic) Civilization.

FOOD: Pizza! We got this earlier. How could I forget to note? 2 Large! 1 Small! Maybe (maybe), we have enough for two!

LEGO: I took a photo (or at least, the photos I am going to take) of The Castle. It's time to move on.

MUSIC: Psychedelic Trance Mix: EDM in a fast loop that advances before a reset.

6:12PM: The smell of Butterscotch fills The Air.

MUSE: I have this vision of an Ape Man Astronaut, using his Feet to Navigate Space-Time like some Chimp in a Tree, climbing a Vine... Sorting Stars like so many lice... and then, it's the same only different. It all starts with Insect-Like Eyes staring out into Space, looking, seeking, hunting.

They watched The Night Sky, like it was Cable TV or something.

MEDIA:How To Alienate People And Annoy Them: Or something like that. Seems like a strong start.

Staying In

The Story from yesterday The Neural (In(ter))Dependent Hive Mind Takes Flight has some wings, if you know what I mean. Though, it's more of a milieu than a plot. I still need a plot... an instance of the milieu.

2:02PM: 6x1-1: Let's do this.

MUSIC: Psychedelic Trance Mix

LEGO: Tester Walls. I'm trying to decide upon a Component Structure (Base Pattern) for the next project. I had thought of building a Lone Tower. But a giant Water Lily (like) Bloom might be enchanting {if unlikely ever to be built}.

FEEL: Energized. Imaginative. Quite Content.

Sucking on Multi-Vitamins like they were Salt Tablets.

EYES: Doing nothing in the dark with glasses off, I am quite content. Earlier on The Computer and in Watching TV, I noticed some Severe Optical Defects: Bubbles (or Holes) in the Lens... or something like that. {They have been there for some time, perhaps a year, now.}

Notes on a Novel by Brett Paufler

MEDIA: betas

FOOD: Canned Pasta

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