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Week Five

The Beat Goes On

Back in the day, back in the days of Freedom, back in February, the Shedd Aquarium had Free Days, and I went several times, precious few of the photographs I took were worth a darn, but this one is pretty nice, it is of a fish, a nice gaudy aquarium fish, on a blue background, it is a nice shot

Do Fish Know Anything But Water?

Good Friday

I barely have a grasp on Easter. I wonder if we shall celebrate in any way.

The Market is closed.

Folks are practising Meetings at a Distance in the background.

Mass Graves in New York City. It is a mistake... unless the intent is to instill fear.

Quarantine: Do It Or DIE!

The water tastes a bit like chlorine. So, I wonder if they are Over Treating it a bit, just to be on the safe side.

A Day

Spent the morning playing my Computer Game... getting nowhere, but thanks for asking.

And a nap brings us up to date... a good, solid nap. My, but aren't you being solicitous, today.

And then, it was Computer Games straight through.

Three Easter Eggs, two with stripes, one with dots, simple drawings

Easter Sunday

I got to drive a fast Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang style car in my dreams last night, which was fun. I, also, was wearing five different and clashing shirts as layers. But that's only because I was travelling about once again. For the most, this is all Par for the Dream Land Course. So, I only mention it here (as perhaps, just perhaps, I should be tracking my dreams elsewhere), because I wound up at the Gymnasium in Oxford (or so, my Dream Sources tell me) where a WWII style Secret Mission Control was under-way. Being a Fine Old Chap (the English version of a Good Old Boy, I presume), I was glad-handed all around, as the puzzle (quite literally) had been solved, a solution discovered. In Dream Land the adversary was Germany and/or the Alien insects. But the waking correlation to Covid is clear. Thus, The Virus is Solved and I played a key role in the solution in my dreams last night. And as such, you are all welcome.

+/-20,000 Dead in each of Spain, Italy, and the USA.

I should go back to that dream for a second. My Dreams have low predictive value. This is true. But then, I witnessed the cure. So, um, maybe I should just roll with it and assume there is a cure.

Note: I still feel Bullet Proof. The dream is not rooted in anxiety. As much as anything, I find it hard to care, worry, and/or think about The Virus or Quarantine. So if this Writing Project is to have content, sometimes (often, always, ever more so moving forward), I'm going to have to stretch.

Hmm. To celebrate Easter, maybe I should draw a Digital Egg or two...

Easter! I got a picture of flowers. And there is a Birthday coming up soon. Perhaps, pictures of flowers is the way to go. I will have to keep that in mind in my upcoming walks.

Walk, today.

Lots of Computer Games.

And a new Series to Stream.

So really, a complete life.

A bit of a cough... maybe allergies... maybe The Vid, as caught from the workers who came to fix the overflowing sink. Who knows?

Do you care about My Computer Game? I think I may have finally mastered The Specialist Economy in Civilization IV.

A very late night. It's Midnight. Been watching a show on cults. It's picking up speed.

Coughing... and stuff in the house. It's hard to differentiate The Vid from Allergies. Yep, my throat is a bit scratchy. Then again, it's Spring. It's Pollen Season.

A colorful line of easter eggs, single black outline, solid color infil, some overlapping others

It's Been A Month

I'm tired from being up so late. Maybe a bit sick. But then, I'm just going to assume the apartment is overheated, which means it's time to stand in an open door and sip some Hot Chocolate.

Throughout the night, I was concerned about My Darling. But all seems fine now. And the night does tend to bring Worry & Fear with it.

So much Computer Game.

I barely got outside today. But I enjoyed myself. Gaming, mostly. I like to do a little Proof Reading every day, so content keeps going out the door. But I'm hardly doing anything. Just sitting down and reading a single article seemed like a big deal, a big divergence from Gaming. Eh, what are you going to do?

I can't be bothered to look at either The Market or The Death Toll. Of course, I pretty much always get like this when I fire up a game.

Another Day

My old Health Insurance Company sent me an email, letting me know the enrollment rules were being put on hold due to Covid. Good to know. Personally, I always thought the enrollment rules were silly. But likely, they are there to prevent one from joining, getting care, and un-enrolling.

The Horse Racing Track will not be running this year. No. That's not correct. I just looked at the site. The scheduled opening of May 1st has been postponed.

The Market is up on the day. But I don't care. It's too high to be a play. And it looks like folks think the worst is over. Though, betting against The Racetrack might be a winner. Of course, at this point, it seems unlikely I'll be making a Covid Play.

France has extended the Lock-Down until May 11th. Sucks. I'm sure we will follow.

I'm done with Quarantine. But the lifestyle isn't driving me crazy. In fact, after my Dance Party this afternoon, I'm dead tired. So, I'm getting the activity/exertion I need.

Oh, I got a bunch of reports from the CDC. Based on the one, I would surmise that sitting next to someone at the theater is enough to transmit the disease. Eh, in the studies it was three hours plus a communal meal that was doing it. So, draw your own conclusions... or better yet, read the report.

As long as I'm giving a debriefing on select reports, I might as well mention that I was surprised at the crew size for Cruise Ships. Going forward, I'll use 1,000 Crew Members for 3-4,000 Passengers, as a rough estimate.

In addition to The Covid Relief Check, I could see giving all Americans $1000/monthly that they had to use to buy Stock (and then, hold for 5 Years), as a way of transferring the ownership of the country to all. Or tie such distributions to school performance or token work. But I like the idea of an outright gift, as a sort of Birthright with other payments possible.

Let the Redistribution Commence!

I've been expecting N-95 Masks to become a thing. I wonder when they will be available for purchase by Civilians.

The US passed 500,000 Cases and 25,000 Dead. I was a solid two weeks late on that.

It's sort of odd. It's Good News... way less than I expected. But I hate being wrong. Still, the Lock-Down is working. It is Saving Lives.

I figure 0.3% of My Life or 0.2% of My Life Span will be spent in Lock-Down by the time this is over.

Hump Day

Separation between our two cells ends tomorrow... or so the rumor goes.

$1,200 to each American (roughly, terms and conditions apply). And $6,000 to Corporations on behalf of each American (these being generalized back of the napkin figures). That's 5x as much. I'm not in favor of either part. But I'm much more against the second part than the first.

It snowed (an inch or so) last night.

I'm guessing allergies. I heard yesterday was a big pollen day. I'm having some kind of reaction.

I had brief contact with a Maintenance Worker; during which time I made no effort to keep my distance. I am not very good at on the fly Social Distancing.

I have little concern about The Virus.

I wonder how long I could last like this. Take away +/-20hrs/week and this is how I live. One day a week (or more), I go on adventures (walk about). And on the other days, a trip to the Library tends to be my only outing. I like screens (televisions, computers, and so on).

Without Ticket Sales, Zoos are hurting and are going into survival mode... which means, some animals will not... survive, having been turned into food. Or so, I have heard.

- - -

Crap Sleep. I'm solving the world's problems. For instance, I can see a general law (including Law Enforcement Officers) which prohibits the possession or transportation of a Loaded Firearm, except when responding to (or in) a situation wherein it would be reasonable to believe that discharge of such a weapon would be legal. In short, if it's OK to shoot, it's OK to load. Otherwise, no.

Work in the hall (new carpet) will introduce the possibility of transmission.

Second Sleep!

Tomorrow marks the start of the Sixth Week.

I've stopped making plans for the future... too much is unknown.

The Summer may have included Fishing, Swimming, and Getting a Tan. Now, I simply don't know.

Yeah. I'm going to go on and read other stuff. I can't be bothered with The Virus.

Outside of never being Outside, I'm pretty happy with my day.

Rumour is Wisconsin shall keep the Lock-Down in place until May 26th.

Pushing 35,000 on The Death Tracker. That went up quite a bit while I wasn't looking.

Should I call the site, which I use to watch the progress of The Virus, The Death Tracker? Well, I do. So, it's really just a question of whether I should report that aspect of my being honestly... or not.

I just had a vision of the Big Bad Wolf:
I'll Huff.
And I'll Puff.
And I'll Cough.
And I'll Cough.
And I'll Cough.

Taken from the Golden Gate Bridge looking down and out, a Tug Boat motors off the bottom left side of the screen, while the background is shrouded in fog

Given The Choice
Where Would You Spend Quarantine?

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