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I'm supposed to summarize the week here?
It went down like Rocky Road Ice Cream.

The Duck Pond looking in the direction of the sun so it is all faded out, flowers going to seed, reed grasses in the back, and a spot of water off which the sun reflects brightly

This Duck Pond is such a small part of my life. But then, it is easily one of the most photogenic parts of it. So, here you go. Another image in a long series.

Not So Manic, After All

DREAM: The Mrs. PacMan type Video Game was frustrating to play: too many fast moving ghosts, poor controls, and not all the board was visible. The plan was to play a half dozen different games and kill a half hour or so.

DREAM: The goal was to climb to the top of a giant Skyscraper like Pyramid from the inside. There may have been a Helicopter Ride... or maybe, I just flew. I wonder how often Dream Decisions are made in the context of The Dream World: i.e. when one knows they are Dreaming enough to use Dream Logic.

Six remain from yesterday... you know, for those keeping score at home.

Death From A Thousand Tiny Cuts... or the way most people go.

EYES: Sticky. Particularly bad floaters... or something.

EYES: They are really bad.

In Existential Failure Mode...

WALK: Full & Complete

MEDIA: I'm hardly keeping track. It's getting harder and harder to find a winner.


DREAM: It was some sort of paper wad gun shooting game with rolls of toilet paper as hand grenades.

To the extent a Society values it's Dishwashers that Society has its values worked out correctly. Or in other words, there are problems when Dishwashing is not a Hobby on par with Sculpture, Carpentry, and Hiking.

A Minimum Guaranteed Income is only problematic in a Society where Base Manual Labour (e.g. Dishwashing) is not valued: i.e. in a Broken Society.

If Money ceased to have meaning and Dishes remained unwashed that would be proof The Activity of Washing Dishes is undervalued.

I'm sure this is all much more profound than it might at first seem. Solve Society so Dishes are still washed without Slavery, Poverty, or Deprivation and one has Solved a lot.

The Dishwasher Revolution!

We (or at least, I) live in a world where Blow Hards, Show Offs, and Hedonists are valued over Base Labourers. We live in a world where Vice is valued over Virtue.

A Failed Man: The Product of a Failed Society.

I am not engaged, because my engagement is not valued.

DREAM: "I'm not sure if this is cutting in line. But just as soon as my buddy gets up here with it, we're buying a gallon of total rot gut."

Obviously, some ideas (i.e. variations on a theme) came to me in the middle of the night.

The Market does not respect labour. It's one of the biggest shortcomings in the current instantiation of The Market.

Content is becoming less important {to me}. My speed of creation is slowing.

EYES: I'm so expectant of going blind, sometimes I'm surprised I can still see when I open my eyes.

I'm Pro Labour. What I'm against are Unions and Guilds.

WRITING: Posted this week's Journal. Formatted Leviathan. Working on The Notes for Hive Mind.

EYES: They seemed much better when wearing my glasses just a moment ago.

WALK: It looks like they set up Half a Football Field in The Far Park.

WALK: Ball! Ball! Ball!

FOOD: Insanely Decadent Scallop Potatoes, Beans, Corn, and Chicken Apple Sausage

The evening started late. But was pretty much TV, straight through. Though, like I said, it started late.

I'm very happy with the Leviathan Poem (posted as a Rant) that I wrote a few weeks back and am finalizing. It's Smooth... and what I want out of a Quick Poem. Long Poems are a different beast, altogether. These Journals are sort of like a (crappy) Long Poem... sort of.

Lying in bed, waiting for lights out... I'm still looking for that Content that isn't either Word or Image Based. I was thinking Pottery, earlier.

Oh, I was intending to mention: The S & P is at an All Time High!

The Day Is Odin's
I Am Odin
The Day Is Mine
Seize It

DREAM: I don't know why we didn't take a job at the hotel. One was offered. It was raining. And our prospects were not so bright. When it became clear we'd probably be back in a week, we got vouchers for a meal and some of the other help sat down and told us a story (or started to) in pantomime form. It was slow going.

DREAM: The White Cat, who had eavesdropped and heard another human speak, was having a hard time telling what it had heard, on account of the honour implications.

EYES: My Right Eye feels weird. I think that's because the eyelid is actually working properly and forming a tight seal. It hasn't as of late.

MUSIC: Queen - We Will Rock You
MUSIC: Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me

WRITING: Posted Leviathan and Hive Mind. Editing Zen and Now. It's another light day. It's hard to call my progress stellar. Still, step by step.

Then again, The Work Day (or Writing Day, if you prefer), included much Talk, a few Music Videos, and a spot of Movie Watching while eating a meal. So, I'm hardly pushing myself. Writing is a Default Placeholder. One can call it The Mainline. But The Mainline has lowered importance these days.

WALK: Those look like kids walking home after school.

WALK: I guess, they are Soccer Fields... or Half Fields. I don't really know what a Soccer Field looks like. Sure, it's a rectangle. But what size of a rectangle?

EYES: There's plenty of haze. But I've got both Allergy Drops & Pills going, which appears to be having a positive effect. I put The Allergy Drops in special prior to The Walk.

Twelve Counted Out. Let's see how it goes.

Movie Madness
But I Neglected To Take Notes

Unsatisfying Night.


EYES: Feel easy. Probably at their new top form.

It's an easy day.


The Mythical Advantages of Exemptatory Leadership: Treat Employees Like Family... Son, Younger Brother, Son In Law.

FOOD: Steak & Potatoes... truly decadent potatoes. It's those Salami Scalloped Potatoes, if I haven't mentioned.


MUSE: Daffy's counterpart Programs Trade Systems (is a Quaint or whatever) who deals in Antiques and Collectibles on the side (which are sometimes quite obviously stolen, so he's a fence, as well), while his main sideline hobby/goal is to program a Generalized Fad, Wave, or Hot Item Predictor.

Good Luck With That

DREAM: Zombies can't smell a person if that person is wearing sufficiently dirty clothes.

I don't think there's a single person in my family that I really like anymore. Why should I? Give me a reason. Just one.

On some level, that just makes me a jerk. But then, I come from a long line of jerks.

WRITING: Talking Bull got edited.

And in other news, I basically stayed home and raged. The emotion will pass... and undoubtedly, with it, all emotion. For, the two are linked.

It's days like this when I think I should turn The Journal into a Bi-weekly or Monthly file. But it's a pain to catch-up when I fall behind in the editing that far. I have way too many projects waiting for that Magical Final Edit.

A Hot Sunny One

Wow. It's been awhile. Can I remember that dream?

DREAM: The climax was a food choice. Can we call these Real World Benefits. The Main Courses were unknown, so I know not what I grabbed. But for desert (implicitly to be shared) was an Apple Pie in the shape of a Rotary Dial Phone.

WRITING: Talking Bull (Trance Is) has been added to my Source Repository.

SORT: I garbage picked a nice Xenon Bulb Stand Up Lamp.

WALK: The grass is turning brown. I guess it hasn't rained in a while.

A Dry Wind.

I ditched Corn Future Closing Price Graphs, yesterday. I wanted to make note of the accomplishment {from long ago} somewhere. So, here. It represented a fair bit of work. But the graphs and underlying data are available elsewhere. So, it's not overly remarkable... and since I am unclear as to my rights in said data, the graphs are not overly usable, either.

SORT: I nabbed (so clearly, SORT applies to both acquisitions and removals) a good twenty DVD'S.

TV Viewing Party

MEDIA: Ford v Ferrari

What do we need to say? Perhaps, the worst sort of meta-comment there is. Essentially, I think content has been a bit light {on the week}... but I have no real content to offer.

Ah, I found another ball today on my walk. But left it for others. My excuse was that it had a slight ding in it. But really, I didn't want to carry it. And by the end of the lap, I'd forgotten about it, anyway.

Over the past few days (two and three days ago, mostly), I've deleted loads of old documents and photos, lightening my load by at least 50megs. It comes from (or at least, came from) deleting categories wholesale. In fact, I used to have two main Photographic Directories. But I've reduced it to the one. Some serious reprioritizing is going on.

"Let me know if my balls get in your face." It's not supposed to be sexual. Think two monkeys in a tree, the more dominant higher up. And as he's an apely type ape, it's clear his balls are going to hang low. So, it's only polite for him to keep track and move them out of the way of the up and coming studs he wishes to befriend. "So, you know, when I'm old and you're The Big Dk around here, maybe you'll return the favour."

And there's your content.

A Thinking Man's Day

DREAM: I was cleaning the scale {think algae and barnacles} off a bowling lane. Everyone else had left, our guide having picked off the spare on the rebound.


MUSE: In a future world, scribes continually solve math problems from textbooks as a sort of prayer.

As explained in the warranty, which consists of over sixty Irish expressions and there meanings...

{I don't know many Irish sayings and I don't feel like working on the idea with any fervor. But the base idea is that a company uses esoteric Irish sayings, which are intended to be applied in highly unintuitive ways.

"When it rains, it pours," perhaps meaning always overstock.

"Don't count your eggs before they hatch," maybe implying a longer warranty period.

These are bad examples.

But that's the basic idea.}

JOKE: There are lots of things wrong with the world... I'm tired, cranky, and don't want to get out of bed in the morning to name but a few.

"I'm going to take care of this like I take care of everything."

An Organization Man tends to stand in one place... even when dancing.

Honour cannot be enforced.

Six on...

An Informed Decision Has Been Made.

Is Weir Geld (by which I mean, Blood Money, and/or Death Benefits) owed for Sailors Lost at Sea or Soldiers Lost in Combat for Failed Expeditions? In other words, Dead or Alive, Crew is Crew. One can hardly say a Dead Comrade didn't give The Expedition their all. But an equal share of nothing is still nothing. So in the case of a Failed Expedition, when the share falls to zero (or close to) is more owed to those who died or is nada their just due?

I might be back on reading Supreme Court Slips.

EYES: On the Allergy Antihistamine Pills, I've been having a good run. My right ear is stuffed. But my eyes seem clear. I've had worse days.

MEDIA: Zombie Land - Double Tap

Four more...

FOOD: Spaghetti
FOOD: Deli Delight
FOOD: Ice Cream Sunday Crumble

{I hardly ever add entries after the fact. In fact, this is likely the first time ever (I've added complete entries during the edit). So, those food entries are that important. Or you know, I'd had the intention at the time, but never followed through. So, I'm doing it now.}

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