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Miscellaneous Content: This page is a garbage dump.
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The Magazine Project

The Magazine Project: I've read (or at least, paged through) far more magazines (of different types) than you have. And this (near incoherent) write-up focusing on 500+ (is it 500+) different titles may well be the Golden Nugget in this section (i.e. in all of The Data Dump); hence, why it is anchored (here) at the top.

The Data Dump

Watermarks: Zip of a 7z of a Bunch of Personalized Image Watermarks
Web Blanks: To start a page, I often copy/paste an existing document. I have no expectation of ever using the book or civ ones again. And as long as I was making a zip, I decided to include The Rant Blank, as well.

2021 Xmas!: Do you want to play along at home? Good Luck!
2021 - Fake Internet Points: Having earned them, it is now time to cash them in.
Rent Day: Because I Can! Trust is a wonderful thing.
Mescal Coffee Label (svg as txt): From The Saddlebags of M. Mescal
2021 - Data Collection: The When (of certain select parts) of It All
2021 - Writing CBU: Temporary Save File Names Used in 2021
2021 - Raw Footage: This is (sort of) what an un-edited typing stream might look like.
Howdy: How my people say 'Hello!'
House Hunting: A Work In Progress

2016 Christmass Food Tags: A SVG formatted file saved as a TXT with redactions made via Cut & Paste. It took me long enough to come-up with this solution. I trust the intended audience (Crazy Psycho Nerds and A-AI) will have no problem figuring out the reason (format breaking program upgrades coupled with a finicky server, so there's two of them) or the solution (changing the extension from txt to svg and using the correct Inkscape version to open the resultant file).

Brownie Cake: Not quite brownies. Not quite cake. Not quite sure why anyone would be interested in this (very short) collection of trial recipes. But on the off chance someone (or Some-AI) ever is, I'll just post it here.
Planet Of The Apes: I did not get through the series.
Master of Orion: My interest in this game terminated almost immediately upon loading.
2021 - Garbage Collection Times: Raw Data for Raw Data's sake.
2021-09 Walks: Raw Data concerning my walking behaviour this summer... or parts, thereof.
2021 Summer Olympics: A Non-Event.
2018 - Not Brett's Kitchen: Packing Labels (Ingredient Lists) for Snowball Cookies and Chocolate Salami.
2016 Christmas Labels: Minimal, to be sure. But they did the trick.
Moving Assistance: A desperate cry for help (circa 2006), which went unanswered.
Carl Jung: I find SubSystem and/or Entity to be a far more useful construct than Archeotype.
Star Trek - Season Three: Sometimes, it's real easy to see why this show got cancelled.
2021-08 Time Stamps: Phone Screen Shots from the past year marking an occurrence.
Valentines Treasure Hunt: Who Knows What Awaits?
2021-06 Points: More on the Social Media Experience.
Comments: Social Media Kept Private.
Cocoa Crazy: Some Data Regarding Chocolate Consumption.
Month of Sundays: 2021-07 my first (maybe only) hourly recording of activities. What was I doing?
Article Proposal: Writing Guidelines? I offer none.
Star Trek - Season Two: These are the musings of...
IDE Notes: Composite Pull: A Working File that no longer is.
Trail Mix: I decided to record the type of Gorp, Granola, and/or Trail Mix I was eating. What could be boring about that?
Star Trek - Season One: Engage! You know, or something witty like that.
Colors (m4a): Listing colors on the fly is not one of my great skills.
An Audio Recording (m4a): I want more Audio Recordings. The bar is low.
Will - Method - Reason: The second such file, similar in nature to the first.
Offers For Employment: My Responses to Automated Offers of Employment, which would make for more interesting reading if I had not taken them seriously.
Graphic License: I am happy to License most anything, including work not yet performed.
Fan Mail Response: Singular
2020 Christmas Notes: Editing Notes being so much easier than crafting a Rant.

Treasure Hunt - Shopping Spree (SVG): Coupon and Print-Out of Clues. It's not much. But if blank and desperate to see, try a SVG viewer like Inkscape.
Treasure Hunt - Shopping Spree (TXT): The Name of the Game: i.e. How To Play

Mind States: A brief categorization of a few different states of mind.
Reward Points: I earned $300 in Cash Back Bonuses.

All .odg & .m4r files have been zipped to avoid server confusion. Just extract and they're good to go.

2020-02 - Movies: Hey! Want to know if that movie you made sucked?
Travel Advice: Things you may want to know prior to visiting Crazy George & Lane.
Bug Hunter: Sparse (and abandoned) Story Notes

GigglesWorth Labels
GigglesWorth - Notes (TXT): An introduction to Mr GigglesWorth and his Gift Labels.
GigglesWorth - Poha Berry (ODG): A Personal Rebranding.
GigglesWorth - Poha Berry Holiday (ODG): A very slight revisions to the above.
GigglesWorth - Order (ODG): Cover Letter for an Order.
GigglesWorth - Invoice (ODG): Paid In Full!
GigglesWorth - Poha X-Mass (ODG): I do like this stuff.
GigglesWorth - Labels For Chocolates Labels (ODG): GigglesWorth is happy to take credit for anything.
GigglesWorth - Labels For Chocolates Labels (PDF): PDF version of above.
GigglesWorth - Labels For Fruits & Nuts (ODG): Continuation of a theme.
GigglesWorth - Labels For Fruits & Nuts (PDF): PDF version of above.
GigglesWorth - Labels For Mole (ODG): Mole is good stuff.
GigglesWorth - Labels For Mole (PDF): Quite tasty.
GigglesWorth - Season Greetings (ODG): A Christmas Cover Letter
GigglesWorth - Snail Corral Coupons (ODG): Document needs formatting help.
GigglesWorth - Hazardous Waste (ODG): A Cover Letter
GigglesWorth - Birthday Cake (ODG): Because presentation is everything.
GigglesWorth - Mother's Day Cake (ODG): As Per Above
GigglesWorth - Reindeer Droppings (ODG): They taste better than they sound.
GigglesWorth - Coffee Birthday (ODG): Because not everyone likes cake.
GigglesWorth - Marriage Labels (ODG): It's a sacred right... boning your wife, that is.

Log - Phone: Once again [REDACTED] and of [REDACTED] relation to the previous.
Log - Email: [REDACTED] to a comical degree.
B-: A poem of sorts.

Ruby Firehaven's Drag©n B©und Adventure Series Marketing Material
Dragon Bound - Query Letter: I sent this one.
Dragon Bound - Query Letter: Similar to the last.
Dragon Bound - Query Letter: The Field Trip Version
Dragon Bound - Query Letter: A particularly bad (read unfinished) version.
Dragon Bound - Query Letter: A Fun Easy Read. It's yet another query letter, not quite finished.
Dragon Bound - Cover Letter: Because Queries don't just introduce themselves.
Dragon Bound - Query Letter: Another derivative version... or maybe, the exact same version.
Dragon Bound - Short Synopsis: A One Page Synopsis
Dragon Bound - Full Synopsis: A more comprehensive introduction to the story.
Minataur Tails - Edit Notes: A few final thoughts
Minataur Tails - Translator's Bio: More about yours truly.
Rigor Pass 1866: The Manna Boom Years: Raw Story Notes

"Want To Hang Out?": This is why I don't have any friends.
Neighbourly Notes: Let's Remember Some Names
Ownership Split: Determining Prorated Ownership For A Property
Will - Method - Reason: A little advance planning never hurt anyone.
The Neural (In(ter))dependent Hive Mind Takes Flight: Notes for a story and/or a mythos.
Locker Loss: I care for little. I own even less.

A GigglesWorth Treasure Trove
Business Cards - Bum Enterprises (odg): I've been called worse.
Garden Layout (odg): For planning purposes.
GigglesWorth - Evening Under The Stars (odg): Book your vacation package today.
GigglesWorth - Nap Time Coupons (odg): To be used against parental units.
GigglesWorth - Airman of the Year (odg): Wrapping Material.
GigglesWorth - Nogolia (odg): Have I got a scam for you...
GigglesWorth - Pizza Class Action Coupons (odg): Limitations Apply!
GigglesWorth - Packing List (odg): Money is essential.
GigglesWorth - Lottery Check (doc): It's not real.
Cookies: A Metaphor of Sorts.
Correspondence - Class Reunion: If you send me an email, I will post my response... usually.
Halloween Mahalo: Proof I did Halloween right.
GigglesWorth - Christmas Cover Letter (odg): Yeah, I am going to do things my way.
GigglesWorth - Estate Planning (odg): Another request for SS Numbers. Is it surprising it, also, went unanswered?
GigglesWorth - Evil Cat (odg): This was a request for information so I could assign death benefits. Nobody responded. So, nobody got the prize. Pity.

It's a new folder I just created, intended to hold finished and semi-finished creative works.
Test Graphic (odg): Exports an overly complicated image used (in theory) as an aid in the visual detection of deformations from image transforms.
GigglesWorth Line Drawing (svg): I've used this as a Watermark now and again.
Business Cards - Dream Smuggler (svg): Never Used.
Business Cards - Fifty Years (odg): For This Very Website!

Farm Planting Questionnaire: What's the plan?
Farm Timing Cheatsheet: Similar to the following only for a Farm. It's equally worthless.
Corporate Time-Line Cheat Sheet: What? What?
Typical Vacation Day: Brief PrePlanning Vacation Notes

Audio Files
It is unlikely I will annotate future entries (those that come above this one) to any great extent. Though, I very much like the paired .txt/.m4a files per audio.txt and audio.m4a below.
Audio.txt: An explaination of the ./audio directory.
Audio.m4a: An audio file corresponding to the above .txt file.
Months: A short list.
Days Of Week: An even shorter list.

Custom Ring Tones
I stopped using these as Alarms (and/or Notifications) on my iPhone, as it became tedious to manually reset the pertinent settings after every (and I mean every) update.
What Was That Thing?: A Generic Reminder.
It's Time To Feed The Cats: A More Specific Reminder.

Condolences: My side of a short conversation of no importance.
Weekly TODO: A glimpse into my disorganized life.
Project Euler: I came. I saw. I solved. Then, I left.
86 List Scraps: The last of my rejected, not quite a story list.
Dating Scene: A subject in which I am no longer interested.

Voice Samples of Yours Truly
ABC: Just the facts.
ABC Singing: A sing-song voice sample.
Counting: 1-50 plus errata.
1-100: From zero to one hundred as fast as I can. It's not a very good track.
Ultra Clear Past Midnight: A Poem.
Ultra Clear Past Midnight... Again: Because these are simply voice samples.

Vacation Check List: Because otherwise, I'll forget.
Musical Instruments: In The Local Library of Things they have many a Thing.

The Tester Project
Radon Detector: Give me a tool and I will be more than happy to use it as a toy and play with it.
Currency Reader: Throwaway notes regarding the same.
Air Sensor: Indoor air quality readings for a ground floor apartment.
Water Meter: A few data points concerning the water quality in my abode.

Eyes: A more comprehensive tracking of my eyesight.
Music List: A more comprehensive Weekly Journal makes many a list (like this) redundant.
2020-01 - Movies: Movie Reviews! The first of 2020.
Dreams: The first dream post, being a Data Dump of the most erratic sort. {Note: Dreams have been folded into The Diary Project, so this is the one and only Dream Post to be found here.}
2019 - Christmas List: For anything major, I assume a later write-up and take notes accordingly.

LEGO: There is no need for a separate file.
The satisfying click of a high quality snap together model kit. It is a pleasure snapping these pieces together.

Eyes (Old): A few observations as I slowly go blind.
Federal Court System: Part of the all in Post It All.
Festivals: Notes regarding music festivals for a write-up that never percolated to the top.
Image Smear: Notes regarding an image filter never perfected.


And now, a moment of silence for all the Sub-Routines that never returned.

© copyright 2020 Brett Paufler