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2020 - A Year in Food
A continuation on a theme... even if most of my food entries are going into Quickies.


2019 - A Year in Food
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I started the Quickies Stub in 2018. Outside of 2019 - A Year In Food, every other post from 2019, which focused on food, found it's home there.


The Renaissance

2018 - A Year in Food
Highlights from the year, as made (mostly) by another.

Short and Sweet! An Image and Blurb. Perhaps, what these Brett Food entries should have been like from the start. Or if all of that is not clear, this is a link to a bunch of smaller cooking project write ups.


Not Much Happening

2017 - The Year in Food
One sole post for the year. I'm going to say I had better things to do with my time. Please see Brett Rants for what that might mean, exactly.


Third year's the charm.

101 - Roast Duck
Numbered entries have worked well for other portions of this site, so I figured I'd try them here. It's easier to organize things chronologically that way. Housekeeping aside, this here be Roast Duck with a Root Vegetable Soup/Stew for the next day. Very tasty. Very worthy of a post.

102 - Chicken Thighs
Dark meat done right: simple, straightforward, and easy.

103 - Fried Plantains
You know how sometimes you decide to make a post before you actually taste what you're making? No? Well, I seem to do that all the time. 'Hey!' I think to myself. 'This would make a great post. I should start taking pictures.' And all this, long before I've ever tasted the final product, because if I didn't, there would never be any of those pictures in process. In the end, not bad. Just, not what I was imagining.

104 - Sous Vide
Which, of course, is French for cooked in a water bath at a constant temperature. Obviously, French is a much more efficient language than English.

105 - Caramel Pixies (a.k.a. Chocolate Turtles)
I've never done any type of candy or caramel before, which is strange, because this is so easy. It really should be one of those first recipes in a children's cookbook (in my ever so humble opinion). But here I am, only getting to it in my fifties.

Old Format

Bistro Bucks
Some food is so expensive, you just feel bad not taking a few pictures of the stuff prior to wolfing it down.

de Grub
Some people buy souvenirs, I take photographs... of food, no less. So, "American Tourist, Here! Make Way! Coming Through!"


One day, I'll redo all my sub-indexes to make them flashier. But I suppose, as long as you're reading this, that hasn't happened yet...

So good, it's named after the sound it makes when it hits the plate... or the bottom of your stomach. Without a doubt, this is what I mean when I say Brett Food

Yeah, I'm probably not into blogging about food as much as I once was. It's been so long since I took the pictures, I can't even remember what the stuff on the plates was exactly. Oh, lamb stew (or beef stew) and scrambled leftovers with a lamb chop, I'm guessing, or something like that. But the food doesn't really matter. Maybe a strange thing to say on an ostensible food blog. But no, the exact food doesn't really matter. All of which is to say, I'm quite pleased, quite pleased indeed, with this post... sort of exactly what I'm aspiring towards in a post these days.

Quattro Aurora
There being some disagreement upon the staff as to what this means.
I say, Five Stars.
Others, Four Dawn.
So, perhaps the Dawning of a Five Star Experience.

New for 2014

Prime Rib Steak (I think that about covers it.)

Baking Recipes

2013 Posts

Outside of adding content to the site and therefor boost the overall ratings of on the search engines, the main purpose of these posting is to get my girlfriend jealous of all the good food I've been eating in her absence; and therefore, to give her additional encouragement to hurry back home (not to mention get a little coding experience).

While the girl is away, the boy will... well, er, um, cook, I suppose.

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Diablo Fire Pictures (nothing to do with food)

Brett Food Slide Show (no button clicking, lots of pictures in series)

Duck Quince (or Kumquat) with Root Stew

Kumquat (or quince, but probably Kumquat) Root Stew Left Overs

Montana Pictures (not part of the main sequence, 20MB+ page, takes a long time to load)

Only the Best of the Best

Montana Pictures - The Antiques

Insanely Good Cinnamon Raisin Monkey Bread

Duck Bones with Prune Sauce, which is an amazingly tasty conconcotion, sort of like barbeque sauce, with extra flavour crystals
One of my favorite dishes: Duck Bones with Prunes for Dressing

As for the general disclaimer, the contents of this site are not intended to serve as culinary advice.  It's a journal.  Nothing more.  My cats won't eat this stuff.  And likely, neither should you.

Truthfully, it's astonishing how little my cats beg for table scraps; but then, that's probably on account of their training and all around excellent behavior...
Stilletto the Cat Sleeping merrily away, so not begging

...or maybe they just have better things to do.

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