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Leftovers Again

and again... and again...


now, this is a nice place setting, looks to be root vegetables in bowl, bread, kumquates eggs, broccoli, olives, and artichoke hearts on plate

I don't even know what it was anymore

left over lamb chop, most likely, with scrambled eggs, brocolli, tomatoes, all sorts of stuff

A breakfast fit for a king

The important thing in this picture is the cat, sitting at the table, in my chair, no less, where I am about to sit down, to a stack of eggs, I believe the food is shown better in the next

Or a Cat

leftovers, again, eggs, french fries, some bread, and lots of fruit, strawberries, graps, blueberries

No, not really
Not for a cat

Cat, giving me the eye, fruit, cats do not eat fruit

We have other food for you

Top down image of the food, pink stuff in the glass if vitamin fortified lemonade from  mix, what do you know, there were asparagas spears on the plate, as well

This food's for me

Close up of the cat, they do look to be frowning at times

No, not even if you ask real nice

cat looking slightly away, is that degection

'Oh, well. I won't bother then.'

Another cat, this one looking at a laptop computer, who knows what image it shows, a room, I thinl

Meanwhile, across the room,
Business Cat has a new idea.

I should start a blog about food
that's where all the page views are...

more Brett Food please

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