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Teriyaki Stir Fry with broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, and shrip, very nice

Shrimp Teriyaki Stir Fry

I must admit, I was thinking about maybe skipping this project this year... and still might, for the most part. But this dish was good enough for an entry all by itself.

It's Stir Fry. In truth, I can no longer remember the specifics... just my enjoyment.

More please.

Many much more...

Beef Stroganoff

I think the trick for tasty Stroganoff is to treat the Beef portion as Steak and cook accordingly; and then (and only then), mix the perfectly cooked steak in with the noodles and sauce.

This was good stuff. I don't think I would have used the Mustard (or use it again). But it was delightful. And the leftovers are a hot (i.e. in demand) item.


I am told it is pronounced punch-key.

The day was Fat Tuesday. And the Paczki manufacturers of the world will tell you this particular item is a traditional food for the day. The Paczki tasted a lot like jelly filled donuts. I would have loved them as a child.

Anyway, a six pack sampler showed up.

Thank You!

A plateful of chutney and cheese sandwiches, french sliced thin, a layer of chopped deli meat with mayonaise, cheese, cheddar or greyeur if I had to guess, and chutney on top, these were tasty, all of it was tasty, well, I did not care for the avacodo or cucumber sandwiches, to come An overall image of the tea spread, individual items listed below, the devilled eggs stole the show, they were the best Let us call this the main plate, consisting of vegetarian tea sandwiches, the ones with apricot jam were good, and I liked the cream cheese and raisin bread for leftovers, the avocado not shown was eaten by others, while I loaded the cucumbers up with more cucumbers and cheese on repeat and those were certainly edible

English Tea
Episode 1

Hey! I know! Let's watch Pride & Prejudice, you know, the six episode BBC Version, starring Colin Firth.

And when we watch each episode, let's have a full scale English Tea.
All in all, it was quite the feast.

English Tea
Episode 2

The second round of the English Tea Series included Cupcake Size Quiches, the remaining Paczki, a bowl of Blueberries & Strawberries, and some store bought cookies. This English Tea Project is working out pretty well... especially considering it's not really my project. I'm just a hanger-on, a side beneficiary.

Roast Pork & Steamed Asparagus in a Mustard Gruyere Cheese Sauce

Now, this was a plateful of gooey delight. The Asparagus were a bit stringy. But the Pork was pan fried to perfection and finished in the oven. While the cheese sauce... well, let us just say, I was expecting cream, but I got a melted gooey bit of perfection with plenty of the stuff sticking to my beard for later consumption.



Thai Beef Salad

Sliced beef in a delightful sauce. It's one of those awesome dishes. Describing the sauce is going to be difficult. Saying it includes soy, lime juice, fish sauce, and whatever does not do it justice. It's a light full-bodies sauce that fills the spectrum. There. That should do it. And along with the beef were cucumbers, red peppers, and lettuce.

Truly, a delight.

Devilled Oven Fried Chicken

Sort of a Shake 'n Bake slathered in a Yogurt Based Curry Sauce.

Hot & Spicy.

Complete with Raisin Carrot Slaw on the side and a handful of chips.

Shrimp, Peas, and Red Pepper in a Butter Sauce, very tasty

Butter Shrimp with Peas

It's been so long since the last entry (over two months), I'd almost completely forgotten about this project. And then, food like this is placed in front of me. And I suddenly remember, as something as wonderful as this deserves to be commemorated somehow.

After all, sometimes a kiss isn't enough.

That is some very nice duck skin, this has been browned to perfection, it was a little raw yet on the inside, but the leftovers get cooked over and over so it was not the end of the world

Two Ducks

I requested Duck for My Birthday. It took a while. But the meal was well worth the wait.

Oh! Butter Tarts were, also, part of the deal. I am going to have to learn how to make Butter Tarts. I like Butter Tarts.

Lemon Caper Sole

I need (or at least, would like) more fish in my diet. And this is the type of fish I have in mind (plentiful and delightful) even if beige on beige doesn't make that great of a picture.

Halibut with Tomato Garnish on a Bed of Mashed Potatoes


Restaurant Quality in The Convenience of Your Own Home.

I am ready to eat like this on a daily basis.

And Out

The last entry for the year (the halibut, above) was made back in August. Either, I spread myself too thin... or I have, myself, become too thin. I can no longer be bothered.

Undoubtedly, meals worthy of note will find mention in The Journal Project, while my personal creations will (sometimes) find a place in Quickies.

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And yet, nowhere else will one find mention of a delicious Pear Tart My Sweetie recently made... along with countless other delectables.

Oh, well.

One must move on.

For, Goose Salad awaits.

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