The making of Bagel Pizza Bread Toast, gif created a few years back, 2013 or so, times have changed, not that this sort of gif was any good back then, but they are much better now.gif Broiled Lamb Chops Cherry Salad, take raw lamb chops, broil in a stainless steel pot, add cherries, serve as salad, amazingly delicious.gif Fried chicken, corn, tom kha gai thai sauce, put in oven, and you have got yourself one delicious dish, even if it looks sort of blah fried egg, shredded cheese, on toast with mustard, light salad on the side, quick and easy, the mainstay of bachelorhood the world round Brett Food Crazy Gif Title Screen Shot a graphic stating that this is the crazy gif page, so, probably redundant, the Amazing Crazy Gif Extravaganza Click on Any Image to Continue potatoes, corn, beans, chicken, whatever I had on hand, just thrown together in a pot, call it a stew, works for me, hey, come to think of it, maybe this one is the mainstay food of bachelors the world round Bagels, toasted in oven, cover with pizza sauce, add shredded cheese, put in over right under the broiler for a few minutes and... almost pizza Pulled Pork, blueberries, root vegetables, place on pan, broil, set those crap vegetables aside for your twig eating friends, take bowlful of pork fruit mixture, add pickles, add onions, add vinegar, or some sort of prepackaged barbeque sauce if you are some sort of sweet sauce eating pussy add bread if thats your thing, and you call yourself a caveman, and eat, ravenously, growling on inhale is acceptable, as is wiping your mouth on your sleeve Take on honking big hunk of precooked tri tip beef, cut generously, add to toast pre-lathered with horseradish sauce, eat, share results on the internet, attain worldwide fame for your culinary expertise and simple to follow everyman recipes, bread, meat, sauce equals sandwich

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